One Perp Dead, Another Wounded in Early Morning Philadelphia Home Invasion and Robbery

Philadelphia’s mayor isn’t a fan of civilian firearms ownership. After a recent shootout between a drug-dealing armed felon and police, he 1) blamed it on the NRA, and 2) called for more gun control laws and an end to Pennsylvania’s preemption law that keeps him from disarming more law-abiding Philadelphians. Members of one Philadelphia family […]

Legal Gun Owner Stops Virginia Beach 7-11 Robbery in Progress, Killing One Suspect

“One person is dead and another injured after a robbery turned shooting early Thursday morning at a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven. The two men shot were the suspected robbers.” That’s the report from about an early morning defensive gun use. Three armed men were out for a night of serial Stop-N-Rob hold-ups in area. They’d […]