Two Sheepdogs Are Better Than One: A Pair of Customers Shoot Armed Robber, No One Else Injured

“We don’t feel safe around armed civilians,” some say. “They don’t have the proper training to defend against criminals!” This defensive gun use story out of Indianapolis proves so much anti-gun propaganda patently wrong. Again. Still. Saturday evening, police were called about an armed robbery in progress at a local convenience store. A 26-year-old man had […]

Concealed Carrier Gets Home in Time to Protect His Neighbor and Her Kids From a Violent Attacker

A Littlefield, Texas woman was getting ready to drive off her property with her kids when an armed carjacker began assaulting both her and her boyfriend, shouting that their car was his. The attacker was Ruben Garcia Lopez, age 25 (pictured above), and the car was, in fact, not his. Terrified, the woman started trying to […]