Virginia Gun Control Push Shows Why America Needs National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

By Larry Keane The newly minted 2020 Virginia state legislature – led this session by Democrats in the General Assembly and Governor’s mansion – has wasted little time acting to curb their citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Numerous gun control proposals were introduced as legislation, including one particular bill that will lead to widespread confusion regarding the Commonwealth’s concealed carry […]

More Work to Do in 2020 After 2019 Firearm Industry Victories

By Larry Keane The firearms industry had reason to celebrate in 2019. NICS checks are now increasing, opportunity arose and the National Shooting Sports Foundation is marking legislative victories. Industry indicators show a healthy and robust firearms and ammunition manufacturing industry. This year’s NICS checks consistently beat the pace of 2018 each month since April. […]

Bloomberg’s Threat to Pack the Supreme Court With Anti-Gun Judges

By Larry Keane New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is attempting to claw his way up from the bottom of the 2020 Presidential polls by promising to pack the Supreme Court with “pro-gun control judges” if he were elected president. In a Chicago Tribune op-ed, the anti-gun former NYC mayor described his fear that the Supreme Court would do the worst possible thing he could think […]

NSSF: Americans Own 423 Million Firearms…And Climbing

The NSSF, the firearms industry’s trade group, has released some interesting production and other statistics they’ve accumulated from the ATF.  A couple of statistics are sure to cause Moms and media members to lunge for their fainting couches. Imagine the tremors of terror that will reverberate through Giffords and Everytown at the news that Americans […]

Project Guardian: NSSF Applauds DOJ’s Priorities – Enforcing and Prosecuting Existing Gun Laws

By Larry Keane The Department of Justice launches Project Guardian to enforce and prosecute gun laws. As the firearms and ammunition industry, we care deeply about Real Solutions to the problems of criminal misuse and unauthorized access to our products. We take action every day through our programs to promote safe, healthy use of firearms by law-abiding […]

Bernie Sanders Discovers the Second Amendment

By Larry Keane U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders treats the U.S. Constitution like a lost set of keys. He’s suddenly found it and wants the world to know. The Vermont Independent who is campaigning as a “democratic socialist” took questions during a campaign stop in Iowa when he was asked if he supported so-called mandatory buybacks of […]