Kelly: The Coronavirus Emergency Has Created a Receptive Audience for 3D Printed Guns

There’s a big push on right now by gun controllers, Democrats and the media (BIRM) to raise the alarm about the looming threat posed by 3D-printed guns (and 80% firearms, too). The prohibitionists are liberally tossing around the term “ghost gun” wherever they can. It’s just the kind of terrifying term the Civilian Disarmament Industrial […]

Vague and Arbitrary is No Way to Write Laws, But That Hasn’t Stopped Anti-Gun States So Far

Massachusetts’ “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine ban (Worman v. Healey) is just one of 10 Second Amendment cases the Supreme Court relisted last week. Fingers crossed that we’ll be getting some good news on one or more of these cases before the Court adjourns for the summer. Joyce Lee Malcolm, a law professor at […]

After Gun Sales Surge, DOJ Asks for More Money to Fund NICS, Pay for ATF Gun ‘Retrievals’

As gun sales surge during the coronavirus pandemic, the Justice Department is asking Congress for more enforcement resources — including to confiscate guns from people who shouldn’t legally be able to own them. In recent outreach to Capitol Hill, DOJ made two requests related to the spike in gun purchases, according to two sources with […]