‘Experts’ Surprised and Horrified Californians Buying Guns for the Same Reasons Everyone Else Does

The two most common reasons for recent firearm acquisition, according to the report, was “lawlessness” and the early releases of people from California prisons. The survey found that the fear of being attacked in one’s neighborhood was a prime driver of gun ownership among those who got a gun due to the pandemic and its fallout. […]

Don’t Disappoint the Founding Fathers…Buy an AR-15 Rifle Today

Contemporary legislators have the hubris to believe that the Founders hadn’t envisioned any kind of technological advances in firearm technology. It’s an argument tantamount to claiming that free-speech protections are not operable because James Madison couldn’t foresee the incredible speed with which information can be disseminated on the Internet. Not only did legislators in the […]

Martha McSally Finally Attacks Mark Kelly on His Gun Control Record

A show-stopping moment during last week’s Senate debate between Republican Sen. Martha McSally and her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly came when the senator accused Kelly of having a part in a “radical political organization” tied to the “extreme left” fringe of the Democratic Party. Without explaining the nature of the group or naming it, McSally charged that Kelly, a retired NASA […]