81% of Black Americans Want the Same or More Police Presence in Their Neighborhoods

Gun control laws are rooted in racism in this country and disproportionately affect lower income people. These restrictions make keeping and bearing arms more expensive and difficult for people most often affected by crime. Those two facts probably play a large part in Gallup finding that, despite cities defunding and cutting back police services nationwide, […]

Herman: Austin Shooting May Have Involved Two Law-Abiding People With the Legal Right to Attempt to Kill Each Other

“We simply ask that anybody who might want to criticize Sgt. Perry’s actions, picture themselves trapped in a car as a masked stranger raises an assault rifle in their direction and reflect upon what they might have done if faced with the split-second decision faced by Sgt. Perry that evening.” The most important part of […]

The Intersectionality of ‘Gun Violence’ Is Presenting a Challenge to Anti-Gunners’ Ability to Concentrate

The activists who organized after the Parkland shooting say they have built up their organizing capacity since then, and they remain committed to making at least as significant a difference in 2020 as they did in 2018. But this year, they say, a big part of that will mean building solidarity with organizers confronting racial […]

Minneapolis Police Tell Citizens to Give Up Their Property, Give In to Criminals

This is a natural result of hamstringing and defunding police departments. We’ve seen a similar situation in Seattle when the chief of police notified businesses that, given new prohibitions on the use of less lethal tools, Seattle cops are virtually helpless in stopping property crimes. Business owners are therefore on their own. Cities like Minneapolis, […]

Attention Gun Grabbers: People of All Colors and Political Persuasions Can and Do Own Guns

Huh. We’ve been making this very same argument right here for the last decade. You need not endorse the tactics or ideologies of [the Three Percenters and NFAC] to recognize that both are relying on a legal legacy that makes mainstream Democrats like Biden uncomfortable. As the Supreme Court recognized in its landmark 2008 decision overturning […]

Lightfoot: Chicago Can’t Stop Gun Crimes Because Other States Don’t Have Gun Control Laws

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: “We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.” pic.twitter.com/vGLKClYHYW — The Hill (@thehill) July 26, 2020 If you open the upper right drawer in the desk in the Chicago’s mayor’s office, […]

Bloomberg, Ballmer Pouring Millions Into Online Advertising to Push 2020 Anti-Gun Democrats

[Everytown for Gun Safety’s] focus on digital advertising comes during what its top political aides said was the fastest change in media consumption habits since the dawn of the digital age. With millions of Americans homebound because of the pandemic, nearly half of all television consumption is now on streaming platforms. “2020 looks more like […]