For Bloomberg, the Constitution is a Secondary Concern Where Guns are Concerned

Do you get the feeling that there’s an increasing groundswell of opposition to a Bloomberg nomination from, well, every part of the political spectrum? Bloomberg wants to require “background checks for all gun sales,” a policy aimed at enforcing legal restrictions on gun ownership that have little or nothing to do with public safety. If the system […]

Science: Gun Owners Aren’t Any Happier Than Non-Gun Owners

Finally, we have an answer to the burning question that everyone’s been asking for decades: are gun owners happier than those who don’t own firearms? Researcher Terence Hill, an associate professor of sociology in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Arizona, recently found that despite claims, gun owners aren’t any measurably happier […]

Virginia Protests Highlight the Debate Over the PR Value of Open Carry

On Monday, the House of Delegates advanced the assault-style ban to its final reading, with Democratic lawmakers contending that it will not infringe on anybody’s Second Amendment rights. Republicans argue otherwise, saying it would criminalize ownership of some magazines, even after Democrats tempered penalties to a misdemeanor. At one point, police escorted protesters out of […]

After 50% Tax Failed, CT State Rep. Proposes 35% Ammunition Tax to Fund ‘Gun Violence’ Prevention

My first bill of the 2020 session is a proposal to increase funds for gun violence prevention & reduction efforts in CT cities by establishing a 35% excise tax on ammunition. #gunsense #enough — Jillian Gilchrest (@Jilchrest) February 10, 2020 Last year, Connecticut State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest proposed a 50% ammunition tax, but that […]