The Mechanics Behind SIG P320 Drop Safety Failures

If every degree on the X, Y, and Z axes is a data point, there are over 46 million potential orientations in which to drop a firearm. Unfortunately, the SIG SAUER P320 has shown an unacceptably high potential for firing when dropped on a hard surface in at least one general orientation: on the back […]

Four Ways to Dispose of an Unwanted Gun — Ask Foghorn

TTAG reader Zak writes “How do you properly dispose of firearms that you don’t want to re-sell such as firearms that are unsafe to shoot or broken and not worth fixing? I realize you can drop it off at a gun buy-back, but what are other options?” Firearms are mechanical devices. Like all other mechanical contraptions they […]

Ask Foghorn: Best Route to SBR?

John P. asks: What is the best approach for an NFA newbie to make a Form 1 SBR? Is it better to start with a rifle, obtain the stamp, and then shorten the barrel? Or should I prefer to start with a pistol and, once approved, add a stock? I’ve done it both ways now, […]

The #1 Most Important Upgrade for Your New AR-15

There’s little doubt that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle design around. Everyone seems to have one, and while the design is solid it can definitely be improved. As a 60+ year old design it has aged extremely well, but there’s one specific improvement that can be made to the average AR-15 pattern rifle […]

Ask Foghorn: Short Stroke Versus Long Stroke Pistons

The piston-based operating system has long been the gold standard for firearms design. Sure there are other methods like roller-delayed blowback and Blish lock designs, but nothing really stands up to the simplicity and raw reliability of a piston. Armalite’s AR-15 rifle was originally designed to use a “gas expansion” direct impingement system for operation, […]