Gun Review: SIG Sauer Virtus Patrol Rifle

The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol rifle. Seven thousand rounds. Eleven months. Modular. Minute of angle groups. Not an AR-15. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The evolutionary divergence of SIG’s flagship semi-auto carbine goes back 60 years, to innovation that originated from one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of the firearms industry. Armalite, […]

Gun Review: KelTec P17 .22LR Pistol

I have been interested in the KelTec P17 for several months, and have finally managed to get my hands on the pistol and give it a thorough test. Verdict: I like the pistol a lot. That doesn’t mean it’s a great all-around handgun or exceptionally accurate. I am at the age that every handgun in […]

Gun Review: GLOCK 44 .22LR Pistol

By Dan Thurs GLOCK has finally jumped into the .22LR market with the G44. There’s plenty of demand for semi-automatic rimfire pistols because of the affordability of ammunition and the guns’ low recoil. But is it worth it? I put this one through 1000 rounds using ten different types of ammunition so let’s see what […]

Gun Review: Mossberg 590 Retrograde Shotgun

Just a short while back, I reviewed the pump action Mossberg 500 Retrograde and found it to be a fun, lightweight, easy-shooting gun. It was as simple as shotguns get. But the 500 is not the only Retrograde model, Mossberg also introduced two 590 Retrograde models. I got my hands on the manlier version of […]

Gun Review: Ruger LCP II in .22LR

The Ruger LCP didn’t make the first .380 ACP pocket pistol. Not by a long sight. No, but the Ruger LCP made the .380 ACP cool again and the People of the Gun should be grateful for that. It’s a great cartridge, just capable of being “enough gun” in the hand of the inexperienced, and […]

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 69 .44 Magnum Revolver

By Austin Knudsen In 2014, Smith & Wesson introduced the model 69, a 5-shot .44 Magnum revolver built on S&W’s slightly-larger-than-medium-but-slightly-smaller-than-large “L” frame. I love the L frame. I’ve owned an L-framed 686 in .357 magnum since I was 18. As a guy who spends time hunting in the Montana mountains, an L-framed .44 magnum […]