Everest Launching New Firearms and Outdoor Gear Merchant and Community Site

As the range of firearms-related products Amazon allows retailers to offer dwindles and YouTube de-monetizes more and more gun-related content, the increasingly ghetto-ized firearms business is in need of more online options to reach consumers. Enter Everest. Everest intends to be the go-to site for hunters, shooters and other outdoorsy types by featuring retailers that […]

Vista Outdoor Beats Third Quarter Earnings Estimates, Shows Positive Ammunition Revenue Growth

Press release . . . “We are pleased to see continued stabilization of the ammunition market, alongside year over year growth for many of our brands.  Notably, our Ammunition business delivered positive revenue growth for the first time in eleven quarters,” said Vista Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz.  “While the external environment remains fluid, we […]

Gun Companies Ready to Increase Production as Election Season Heat is Turned Up

“Under the current Republican-dominated political narrative, gun enthusiasts have not engaged in nearly as much panic buying as they did in previous cycles, following mass shootings or in the aftermath of heightened Democrat party rhetoric on tightening gun ownership laws,” analyst Scott Stember said in a note. “While the lion’s share of industry players prefer […]

TOMS Discovers That Gun Control Doesn’t Sell Shoes

By Joe Bartozzi TOMS Shoes is getting a lesson in Business 101. The anti-gun corporate virtue signaling they have been deeply entrenched in doesn’t pay the bills. According to recent news, the Los Angeles-based company’s creditors are taking over TOMS in exchange for restructuring its debt. In a letter to employees, TOMS CEO, Jim Alling […]

Gun-Friendly TUSC Cryptocurrency Launches New Blockchain

TUSC announced today that over the holidays they successfully launched their main net, opened their chain to public block producers, and resumed trading on the Altilly cryptocurrency exchange. Rob McNealy, TUSC’s Cofounder, said: “We are excited to finally bring this project home and get launched. Our volunteer team has worked very hard over the past […]