cz colt

Colt Announces the Closing of its Acquisition by CZ Group

CZ Group announced its acquisition of Colt Holding Company back in February. Now, more than three months later, the deal has officially closed. Here's the...
Welcome to Tennessee

More Gun Companies Leaving Anti-Gun States in the Rearview Mirror

By Larry Keane Massachusetts state legislators have thrown a straw on the camel’s back and forced 75 jobs to pull up roots and head to...
Fist Capital Bank

When Big Banks Dump Firearms Industry Customers, Smaller Banks Are Ready to Step In

By Larry Keane Big corporations with “woke” policies are waking up to the fact that smaller businesses are glad to take the business they shun. American...
New York wildlife management

The Gun Buying Boom Means Huge Windfalls for Wildlife, State Agencies

By Larry Keane State wildlife agencies are facing something many haven’t seen for years, even decades. Their seeing flush budgets. Excise taxes paid by firearm...
Newton, Mass gun store

City of Newton, Mass Freaks Out Over a Proposed New Downtown Gun Store

By Jim Hammond Newton, Massachusetts is a wealthy suburb that is only nine miles from downtown Boston. The proximity to Bean Town has always been...
troy industries

Troy Industries Will Relocate from Massachusetts to Tennessee

Another prominent gun industry company is abandoning an anti-gun northeastern state for friendlier climes. Firearm and accessory maker Troy Industries has announced that it...
Thompson/Center Arms

Smith & Wesson Says It Will Sell Thompson/Center Arms

From Smith & Wesson . . . Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc.(NASDAQ Global Select Market: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, today announced that it plans...
EOTECH Holographic weapon sight

EOTECH Issues the Industry’s Most Boring Press Release

From EOTECH . . . I’ve been asked to write a press release on EOTECH’s new offering of a consumer financing option on their website....
Smith & Wesson Factory Springfield

Massachusetts Tries to Drive Remaining Gun Makers Out of the State

By Larry Keane Out of curiosity, are there any governors out there who might be interested in bringing a historic manufacturing business to their state?...

Deal Alert: Safe Life Defense Body Armor’s Five Year Birthday Sale

Nevada-based armor manufacturer SafeLife Defense, a small business that began in its founder’s kitchen, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The company, which was recently...

Remington Ammunition Wants You to Know: Big Green is Back

57 When the Remington bankruptcy sweepstakes ended last fall, Vista Outdoor, makers of Federal, Speer and CCI ammunition was the high bidder for Big Green's...
Governor Mark Gordon

Wyoming Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Anti-Gun Financial Services Discrimination

One of the first things the BidenHarris administration did after taking power in January was to kill the previous administration's effort to prevent financial...