Remington factory Ilion, New York

BREAKING: Remington to Move Headquarters from New York to Georgia

Remington has been building firearms in New York since the early 19th century. But much has changed over the last two centuries, not least...

Primary Arms Partners with Credova, Letting You Buy Now, Pay Later

From Primary Arms . . . Primary Arms now offers order financing with Credova, a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option that emphasizes quality of service,...
store closed sign

Businesses Leave and Crime Increases While Massachusetts Legislators Pass More Gun Control Laws

By Larry Keane A new study confirms Massachusetts gun control laws achieved “no effect” on reducing violent crime even though legislators promised they would. Politicians earn support by...

NSSF: Another 1.4 Million Firearm Background Checks Were Processed in October, Second Most Ever

The NSSF's Mark Oliva tells TTAG that . . . Background checks for gun sales continue to be strong and steadily rising. Background checks in...

Primary Arms Names Brett Stewart as Director, Business Development

From Primary Arms . . . Primary Arms has named accomplished industry specialist Brett Stewart as its new Director of Business Development. Originally from the United...
Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry

More States are Telling Anti-Gun Big Banks They’ll Take Their Business Elsewhere

  By Larry Keane Louisiana is known as the Sportsman’s Paradise for good reasons. Taxpaying outdoorsmen and women there won’t tolerate Second Amendment shenanigans, and Republican...
california ammunition background check

TAP: High Ammunition Prices Are the Result of a Conspiracy By Monopolists…Or Something

DESPITE ALL THE ISSUES with the small arms market, there are steps that can be taken to help. As in other industries, the Federal Trade Commission...

Please Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists: Make Informed Decisions Before You Buy

by Lee Williams Do you watch movies at AMC Theaters? Was the film produced by Bad Robot? Do you eat at Chipotle, Shake Shack, Panera, Burger...
Vista blackhawk manhattan montana factory

Oklahoma Acts to Attract More Firearm Businesses to the Sooner State

By Larry Keane Oklahoma has its fair share of prime hunting. The most prized trophy for state lawmakers, though, might be getting their hands on...
Henry Repeating Arms Ladysmith Wisconsin

Henry Repeating Arms is Expanding Its Wisconsin Manufacturing Capacity

  Here's a newsflash: the firearms business has been pretty good the last 18 months or so. But good as it's been, if you're on...
North American Arms PUG-T revolver

North American Arms Owner Apologizes For Contempt-Ridden Rant Against the Unvaccinated

North American Arms produces those miniature .22 revolvers that are so small they will fit on a belt buckle. Or in a hat. Or...
Seattle homeless city crime

Seattle Businesses Discover the Real Costs of Woke Politics and Defunded Law Enforcement

  Seattle businesses have a problem on their hands. Ongoing political violence from violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter types, coupled with increased criminal violence...