Challenge to Maryland’s 2013 Handgun Licensing Law Revived by 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

By Matthew Barakat, AP A federal appeals court on Monday revived a lawsuit challenging Maryland’s rules for obtaining a handgun as unconstitutionally restrictive. The unanimous ruling from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond reinstates the lawsuit, which was first filed in 2016 and tossed out of court by a federal judge last […]

Charging The Cops Involved in the Breonna Taylor No-Knock Raid Shooting Will Be Difficult

By Dylan Lovan, AP Despite mounting public pressure to file criminal charges nearly five months after Breonna Taylor’s death, prosecutors may face significant obstacles to bringing homicide-related charges against police officers who were shot at when sent to her house with a warrant, legal experts said. Tensions have swelled in her home town and spread […]

CCRKBA Adds to Their ‘Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists’ List of Anti-Gun Companies

From the CCRKBA: Four more high-profile names have been added to the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” roster of businesses that support gun control by banning guns in their establishments. CCRKBA launched the educational effort earlier this month to identify businesses, and CEOs, who close […]

EU’s Proposed Lead Shot Ban in Wetlands Muddies the Waters for Hunters and Shooters

By Larry Keane Shotguns have a deeply rooted history in Europe among sportsmen, farmers and ranchers. Historically these firearms have used traditional components in their loadings that includes lead shot. Anti-hunting groups in Europe and the U.S. have increasingly blamed traditional ammunition for all sorts of evils, with zero evidence that the use has had an impact on human […]

Another Misleading Study On Gun Ownership And Violence Chases Its Own Questionable Tail

By Elizabeth McGuigan A new study seeks to connect gun ownership levels and concealed carry laws with mass shootings and other firearm homicides. The author, Emma E. Fridel of Florida State University, attempts to compare the impact of gun ownership and concealed carry legislation on the incidence rate of mass shootings and firearm homicide in the U.S. […]