California DOJ Submits Proposed Regulations on Upcoming Ammunition Background Check Requirements

By NRA-ILA Beginning July 1, 2019, all ammunition transactions in the state of California will be subject to a background check requirement.  But in order to implement this requirement, the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) must first adopt necessary regulations which, as of yesterday, have been submitted to the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) for […]

Judges Matter: Contrasting Decisions Demonstrate Importance of the Judiciary to Second Amendment Rights

By Chris W. Cox I’ve said it before: President Trump’s nomination of conservative judges may well be his most important legacy. Here, “conservative” does not refer to political ideology. It means a legal philosophy that seeks fidelity to the Constitution’s original meaning and the plain text of our laws. This contrasts with “progressive” jurisprudence that […]

Buyer Behavior: Why Ammunition Sales Are Down

By Southwick Associates Based on public reports filed by manufacturers, demand for ammunition has been in decline. Several possibilities have been cited as driving this trend, including a firearm-friendly White House and U.S. Senate which has reduced the fear-driven sales seen prior to the 2016 election. Many in the trade speculate that consumers previously purchased […]

Ammo Range Report: Federal Syntech Range and Match 9mm Ammunition

Reader Jason Bayne writes: I don’t know about you, but my least favorite aspect of shooting is cleaning my guns. Anything little thing that can make cleaning them easier is always welcomed. Ammo being the main culprit, I’m always interested to hear about advances in clean-burning ammo. Federal’s new Syntech ammunition not only uses cleaner-burning powders to reduce fouling, but the entire bullet is encased in polymer. […]