Leftist ‘Anti-Fascist’ Groups are Arming Up and Carrying Guns to Provide Security and Defend Themselves

Fascists beware…leftist self-described anti-fascist groups are arming themselves and patrolling demonstrations and neighborhoods to ensure their own safety. “After Charlottesville, there was this recognition that there has to be somebody who’s not on the right who is willing to be in places that law enforcement either isn’t willing to be, or where law enforcement is […]

Big Physician Groups Ignore a Much Bigger Health Threat Than Guns – Their Own Members

Physician errors and negligence kill about seven times more Americans every year than do firearms (not to mention that two-thirds of gun deaths are self-inflicted). And yet the big doctor groups are very vocal about the “public health crisis” posed by civilian gun ownership. Where are the high profile campaigns, studies and press releases by […]

A Few Words on TTAG’s Comment Policy

We’ve always taken a largely hands-off approach to comments posted here at The Truth About Guns. Our readers and their participation with the site are some of its best features and the reason so many people frequent the site. We only have a couple of no-go policies around here, namely no racist comments or threats […]

Video Games Should Replace Shooting Things with Sorting Laundry or Cuddling With Your Cat

We present the following without further comment. Shooting things in games is intrinsically compelling. Firing, watching something blow up, and then seeing our score ping higher on the screen creates an exciting feedback loop that gives us immediate agency and power. Shooters are the most popular genre of video game in the U.S. and account for […]

Dallas Presbyterian Church Ordains First ‘Minister of Gun Violence Prevention’

First-known minister of Gun Violence Prevention ordained in July: The Rev. Deana Hollas will work for Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. – https://t.co/1wscS4c0nB #PCUSA pic.twitter.com/iBykpKqJIH — Presbyterian Church (@Presbyterian) July 16, 2019 The Grace Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church USA, has congregations in north and northeast Texas. The Presbytery recently ordained its first minister of gun […]