Why is the Answer to Gun Control Failures Always More Gun Control Laws?

According to Illinois gun control advocates, doing something about massive and pervasive failures in the state’s gun control laws means enacting more, bigger and increasingly restrictive gun control laws. Failure to ensure compliance over so many years has resulted in a now-daunting backlog that would require a coordinated, costly effort to fix. A bill pending […]

Send Us Your Opinions on the Current NRA Controversies

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve no doubt seen our posts (as well of those in the mainstream media) regarding the current controversies surrounding the National Rifle Association, their EVP and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, and Ackerman McQueen, the NRA’s marketing and PR firm. If you need to catch up, start here. In addition to the […]

Anti-Gun Media Slant: ‘Man Shot by Concealed Carrier Dies!’

Want to paint a story about a licensed concealed carrier successfully defending himself in the most negative light possible? Easy. Be a big city newspaper editor. They’re the ones who write the titles for articles that happen to document the effects of criminal predators coming up against lawfully-armed individuals. Take, for instance, yesterday’s post by […]

BREAKING: NRA Sues Ackerman McQueen…Again

Last month, the National Rifle Association sued its longtime PR and marketing firm, Ackerman McQueen for failure to produce detail supporting millions of dollars in billing to the gun rights org. That precipitated a very public fight that resulted in the disclosure of travel, clothing and other spending by NRA EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre. […]

US District Court Judge Paves the Way for Washington I-1639 Lawsuit

Last year, Washington State voters approved a raft of gun control measures collectively known as I-1639. It was a wide-ranging group of Second Amendment infringements including a minimum age of 21 to purchase semi-automatic long guns, “enhanced” background checks, 10-day waiting periods and more. I-1639 got millions of dollars in support from — surprise! — […]