California Denying 18% of Lawful Ammo Purchases, Only 101 Prohibited Persons Stopped

Well, the California ammunition background check system is working pretty much exactly as the hoplophobic hacks in Sacramento intended. For those of you who aren’t aware, ammunition purchases in the Golden State are subjected to pretty much the same background check requirement as firearm purchases are. Now, some preliminary numbers are in as to how […]

Don’t Worrry, Virginians, Governor Coonman Says He’ll Let You Keep the Banned ‘Assault Rifles’ You Already Own

The burgeoning Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia seems to have shaken Old Dominion Democrats. So much so, in fact, that they’ve come up with a brilliant scheme to try to blunt its momentum. From the Virginia Mercury . . . [T]he proposed ban on particular types of firearms — and the prospect of criminal […]

BREAKING: GLOCK Announces the New G44 .22 LR Compact Pistol

Ending much speculation about what their “legendary news” would reveal, GLOCK announced the new .22LR GLOCK G44, as expected today. The G44 is a 10-round capacity blowback semi-automatic in a GLOCK 19 frame size. The new G44 features a “hybrid steel” slide (with front serrations) made of five pieces combining steel and polymer, making the […]