Ask Josh: Why Are There So Few Modern Semi-Auto Magnum Hunting Rifles?

Today’s Ask Josh comes to us from Mike W. who's a new hunter . . . Why are the majority of semi-auto hunting rifles chambered...
Feral hog hunting hunt ar-15 MSR caliber

Is .223/5.56 Enough to Hunt Feral Hogs?

By Bryce Booher Over the last couple years, I've been on numerous hog hunting trips in Texas. Naturally, as a gun guy, I'm always interested...
National Park Service Buffalo Bison hunt Grand Canyon

45,000 People Applied for 12 Spots to Hunt Buffalo in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park has itself a bison problem. The population of the big herbivores has grown to over 600 and the National Park...
Post Impact Accubond (image courtesy JWT for

Africa Hunt: The 3-Gun Gnu

“Ah, the poor man's Cape Buffalo.” And with that simple quip, George described both my fantasy and my reality. On our way north from Pretoria, our...
Bald eagle

Local Media Use Bald Eagles to Push a False Anti-Hunting, Anti-Gun Narrative

By Larry Keane The Department of the Interior announced that America’s bald eagles have come soaring back. Outdoorsmen and women have been celebrating this for...
father dad son hunting shooting

The Kids are Alright: Covid Pandemic Sparks a Surge in Youth Hunting

By Larry Keane The priceless memories created from a hunting trip with dads or moms can stay with sons and daughters for a lifetime. Creating...
deer hunt hunters hunting

Pennsylvania’s 2020 Sunday Deer Hunting Trial Run Results in Huge Harvest

By Larry Keane Pennsylvania hunters racked up big numbers during the 2020 deer season, packed their meat freezers a little fuller and are already eyeing...

Hunting with Hill People Gear Packs

I’ve been using Hill People Gear products in my work in various forms for a number of years now. For my part I have...

Is the Tesla Cybertruck the Ultimate Hunting and Personal Protection Vehicle?

Truck Buyer: So, you're telling me I can dodge bullets? Elon Musk: No, I'm saying that when the Cybertruck is ready, you won't have to. (apologies...

Nosler Launches Project 48 Mission for New Gun Owners With Colion Noir, Tim Kennedy

From Nosler . . . On the heels of a year where new hunter participation increased dramatically and more than 8 million people became first-time...

Gear Review: TKC Architect Field Buddy Customizable Knives

Modularity and end-user customization is all the rage these days. Precision manufacturing has revolutionized much of the gun industry, but seldom has that level...
wild feral hogs snow winter

5 Winter Hog Hunting Tips and Tricks

By Travis Smola Deer season is now just a memory. We can hear some of you sighing that your chance at that big whitetail buck...