Oregon Poachers Facing More Than $162,000 in Fines for at Least 27 Big Game Animals

By Travis Smola The Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division has charged four people with poaching at least 27 big game animals in a case that may result in huge fines. In a press release, the OSP F&W said criminal citations were issued to 34-year-old William Hollings, 39-year-old Nicholas Lisenby, 33-year-old Eric Hamilton and 37-year-old Amanda Hughes for […]

Montana Senator Steve Daines Paints a ‘Big Sky’ Picture for NSSF Members

By Matt Manda Montana Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines is rightfully known as one of the most conservation-minded senators in Washington, D.C. The senator recently joined NSSF’s Larry Keane for a virtual townhall hosted by NSSF PAC, where he told firearm and ammunition industry members a particularly special story about why the outdoors, conservation and […]

Field to Table: Are Wild Hogs Safe to Eat?

By Greg Ray As wild hog populations increase and continue to expand their ranges across the Southern United States, landowners are looking more and more to hunters to help keep hog populations in check. While hunting hogs is a fun endeavor, it can also produce tasty table fair with lean and tasty protein. From smoked […]

Hunting is the Perfect Social Distancing Activity

By Larry Keane Another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic that no one saw coming: hunting. While consumer demand for firearms is at record level, and while non-essential activities have been shut down in most states, it is no surprise that Americans would be looking forward to hunting seasons. Hunting is a perfect opportunity to be […]