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A thug on parole after serving time for drugs, theft, and a dash of child abuse was found in the home of a recently deceased 93-year-old man in Henderson, Nevada. The homeowner’s son found Dylan Gall in the home at 2:00 a.m. and shots were fired. Gall tried to flee after being wounded, but just couldn’t make it past the kitchen before he succumbed to his wounds.

It’s just the latest case of “obituary burglars,” scumbags who comb the newspaper, then target the homes of the recently deceased, either hitting vacant homes following the death or striking while funeral services are underway. It should prove a lesson to all of us if/when our family members pass away to be extra cognizant of the threat from opportunistic losers.

8NewsNow has the story . . .

Some homeowners are concerned over their safety after a suspected burglar was shot and killed in Henderson. 

They told 8 News Now this wasn’t the first time a burglary happened on their street. 

The attempted theft happened near Sun City Anthem Drive and Volunteer Boulevard on the 1700 block of Sebring Hills Drive. 

Henderson Police said on Thursday, March 2, at around 2 a.m., a man stopped to check on his deceased father’s home and found a burglar inside. 

The 61-year-old shot and killed the intruder police said. 

Anyone want to speculate that the son put a cellular game camera or some other sort of alarm in his dead father’s home?

The Clark County Coroner’s Office identified the suspect as 38-year-old Dylan Gall. 

He was apparently shot in the guest bedroom and died in the kitchen.

Henderson police said the son won’t face charges… 

Neighbors said that the same home had been burglarized the day before the shooting.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Gall died of multiple gunshot wounds and therefore won’t be looting any more homes of the recently deceased.


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    • Thank heavens for cellular game cameras, huh?

      Pass me a tissue. I’m weeping about the loss of a career thug.

      • you can f*** off you guys will get sued the formation of character he is somebody son and Dad how dare you even speak unprofessional yeah he was in the wrong the lowest of the low is you guys don’t you think he suffered by being dead not to hear you guys tear him down make him look like an awful person f*** you guys

        • I doubt he suffered much from the bedroom to the kitchen. He was probably already dead but too dumb to realize it, like a snake that continues to writhe and strike after it is dead. Morale of the story is don’t do the crime if you can’t accept the consequences.

        • the LVNV TV station just posted this…
          “8 News Now checked the background of Dylan Gall and he was on parole after being released from prison last year.”

          “Gall was serving time for drugs, forgery, grand larceny, child abuse/neglect, and possession of other people’s credit cards.””

      • I doubt it. Most papers are charging for obits these days. I doubt his heirs will find it in themselves to spend the dough for an obit.

        • Actually Lefty, I saw a news article of a no-goodnick getting shot during a drug deal gone wrong. A week later I saw his obituary. He was described as young entrepreneur, a loving son, brother, father (no mention of loving husband even though he had 7 kids from 3 women) and a wonderful human being. I started laughing. So that is what a drug dealer is now called… entrepreneur? Anyway, it does happen. I enjoy them for the entertainment value.

  1. Good on the son. Studies show that burglars who are killed in the act never repeat offend.

  2. My family has always had a practice of having someone guard the decedent’s home during visiting hours and funeral hours just for this reason. Twice have had suspicious persons appear on the property during funeral, although no break-ins yet. Buried three family members in 2022…numbers 16, 17, and 18 in ten years. Got the ritual down pat. Getting pretty sparse at family dinners….me, myself, and I now.

    • If immediate family genetics hold out, I’ll be the last of mine…

    • Yes. Nefarious types read the obituary column in the local paper if there is one, or on-line I guess now. Always leave one.

    • Ditto. Done the same for friends. It is a very common, and for the burglar relatively safe, method of burglary. I wonder if this burglar was the same one who’d broken in the day before, and came back to see what else he could find. If so, it was karma. Another method is to have someone in admitting at the hospital to tell the burglar when old people come in and are staying; if there is a partner, the partner will likely be at the hospital.

      • you’re the dumbest mother f***** I think I heard yet you listen to yourself you don’t even know the whole story and you run your mouth f*** off

        • If the comments are so offensive, why are you loitering around this list? Shirley, there is a better way to spend your time — or maybe not.

  3. Get a rope… Oh wait, he’s dead?… Dig a hole, and hopefully no one will rob HIS family’s home while he is being interred…

    • String him up anyways. It sends a message.

      In my youth in WV and eastern KY the church elders made arrangements for folks that were ailing or injured or had deaths to deal with. I’ve helped many times on farms when someone was injured or sick. Helped move families. That sort of thing.

      One thing we did was house sitting a home where a death had occurred and the family was going to be at the funeral. This type of scum, obituary burglars. were known about then.

      • In my part of KY (more north-central) folks didn’t go around breaking into people’s homes and stealing their stuff… different time? different area? Everyone had respect for others personal property, that and everybody had a cabinet full of rifles and shotguns…

    • how about let’s get a f****** hatchet chop your balls off so you don’t pollute the world with your stupidity dum ass comments like yours next you know we’re in here obituary about Mr mad Max himself cuz he won’t shut the f****** up and f*** you John boch, Lefty want to call you left before cuz it’s a handy jack off with the kid p*** I know about you f****Jethro you got to be the dumbest mother f***** I think I heard yet why don’t you go tell Aunt b to bring me some Bean pies and your gay ass buddy Barney you f*****all you m************ are so ignorant with your comments all of have such words of intelligence don’t you guys

      • MADDMAXX March 28, 2023 At 17:41
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Justice? More like Snowflake, anyway, thank you for sharing your AMAZINGLY eloquent grasp of the English language, your input will certainly be put on the schedule for consideration and after EVERYONE has had a real good laugh it will be appropriately discarded and forgotten… You must be trying to out stupid dacian and I must admit YOU (at least for today) are the hands down winner… Bless your little heart…

        Man I thought I was going to make it through another day,,, As usual FUKK your algorithm, don’t see anything wrong with this one but enjoy… OBTW: Did you moderate that crap I’m responding to? Probably not…

      • how about let’s get a f****** hatchet chop your balls off so you don’t pollute the world

        Is THAT a fucking THREAT? Do you understand that a truly petty individual would print this deranged rant and turn it over to local authorities who would then get your email address from TTAG and in short order learn exactly who you are AND where you live, that’s when the RED FLAG laws would kick in and YOU would get a visit from the local FBI office… And man you are in need of some help, I suggest you get some meds to calm you down before you open your dick holster live and in person to the wrong guy… Although you are most likely a sniveling coward living the BIG life through a keyboard and a computer screen… Everyone leaves a trail no matter how smart they think they are… And you do not present a glowing intellect… Bye now…

  4. I’ve seen a lot of obituaries but none gave the full address. So how does the thief know which home to target?

    • Hmmmm, phone book? google? probably 20 different ways to get THAT information with just a name and a location (city, town)….

    • county property files will be searchable by owner’s name, and give full address tax parcel number, etc That practice makes me nervous at times. Supposed to be public and publically available records, for some reason.

  5. Don’t cut to the head of the line darn burglers, the Gubment/probate court/lawers get first dibs on the estate.

  6. Dealing with the death of a loved one is a trying time without some pile of human garbage coming by and making matters worse…Burglar got exactly what he deserved.

  7. “Another one Bites the dust!”

    Good Riddance s-bag ! HUzaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

    Gall died of multiple gunshot wounds ! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I you have a shoot,
    End it there!!!!!! Finito! No worries of back lash when skell boy gets “better” does a week and a half (if that) in jail… END THEM, Good-bye A-hole, Thanks for playin’ ! Say hi to Satan you grave robbin’ POS!

  8. It is indeed lowest of the low to victimize someone who has lost a family member. However, I am not the least bit surprised.

    A few days after my father died back in the 90s, my mother received several calls from people claiming my father had recently ordered some item from their “business”, and they needed final payment before they would ship.

    Problem (for them) was that Dad spent the last six months of his life essentially in a coma, completely nonverbal. And he *never* did business over the phone even when he was healthy.

    Mom gave them an earful, but man, I would have loved to have caught them in a dark alley somewhere…

  9. I am hoping the local law enforcement agencies will be doing some exploring of the goods found at this dead dirtbag’s residence and checking some “significant” items against recent property theft reports. Any bets this family are not his first victims? Could result in closing some crime files and returning some stolen goods. Maybe pay particular attention to matching dates of theft reports filed against dates of death in those reporting families.

  10. You assholes don’t even know if he knew anything about this man being dead or if he knew the man or any more details on this story that was given by no other then the asshole dick squad Henderson police….yet so fast to say all this horrible shit as if he’s family wasnt still just like any other innocent human being hurt going thru And unimaginable amount of pain and humiliation. SMH All of a sudden they’re feelings don’t matter and they’re being hurt by they’re loved ones actions and all of YOUR cruel ass comments as if he’s here to hear them all! He’s not the family of him is though. Bunch of immature Arrogant assholes that’s what you are. Good day Fuk ya very much!

    • Pretty sure no one in this dirtbags family is an avid reader of TTAG, and you know what? It really doesn’t matter if the POS knew the guy was dead or not, even if it was just your average every day random B&E the asshole still needed to be fucking shot for trying to enrich his miserable life at the expense of someone else’s labors… I guess you would conduct a tour of the house pointing out all of the valuables for that lowlife, maybe even help him carry the junk out to YOUR car and give him the keys, maybe even throw in a couple bucks for gas… So yeah Fuck YOU very much… Play stupid games win stupid prizes…

    • Troll, anti 2A or family member? Meh, not worth the time or comment. Pay stupid games, win stupid prizes. What happened to Dylan was karma.

    • it’s still breaking and entering you criminal loving lackwit.
      probably had a screwdriver or something dangerous in hand so he was armed and dangerous.
      your dunning Kruger is showing.

  11. One day, not in the near future, society will become tired of coddling career criminals. When that day comes, I hope to see a federal law that says conviction of three separate felonies makes you a career criminal and is a capital offense.

    • I hope to see a federal law that says conviction of three separate felonies makes you a career criminal and is a capital offense.

      Three Strikes law, it’s been done: They are also known as habitual offender laws and are enacted in 26 states and the federal government…

      • Except Kallyfornikadia voters emasculated the three strikes law. Personally, from having worked in CA courts for 25 years I was highly in favor of the three strikes law even though it might have put my job at risk. I finally quit working in court because I couldn’t stand seeing the same creeps back time and time again to be continued on probation because the county received extra money from the state for each state prison candidate that the county maintained on its roles.
        California Youth Authority candidates — The CYA is the Kallyfornikadia version of state prison. You no longer go to CYA for being a truant or runaway if you are a girl. You go to CYA for felonies such as murder, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, you know, the usual teenage high-jinks that we all committed when we were 16, 17 and 18 . Well in Kally, if a school district accepted a CYA commitee, they got extra money for him or her. As long as the commitee continued in class he or she stayed out of CYA and the school district, not the teacher, got extra cash money. How would you like to teach a class with nine or ten felons who only had to show up. They didn’t have to do school work or take tests, all they had to do was show up for roll call. Is it any wonder teachers get assaulted in school like the teacher who was beaten to the ground by a “14 year old” notice the heavy emphasis on “14 y.o” little mention that he was 6’6″ and weighed over 200 pounds, but a 14 y.o. He was playing with his toy in class and she took it from him. Or we have the 6 y.o. who took a pistol to school with the express purpose of shooting his teacher. No court proceedings for him. He is “too young” to know what he did was wrong. In my jaded view, any 6 y.o who takes a pistol to school with the intent to shoot his teacher puts him in the adult category. Mark my words, that 6 y.o. will be back in court for another felony before he is 8 y.o.

        • it might have put my job at risk

          Not really much RISK of that, there will always be crime and if it drops off trial lawyers will get with legislatures and create new “laws”…

  12. The deceased homeowners sone administered the only cure to habitual criminal behavior. Great job of doing so. Sorry for the perps family because now they have to deal with the loss of a family member etc. And I’m sure someone in his family did love him. The problem is evidently no one in his family loved him enough to teach him stealing what others have worked for, or going out to cause intentional harm is not an acceptable behavior.
    All in all while it may be a tragic loss for the perps family, it is a win for the rest of the world. 1 less criminal to feed and house or possible Democrat voter eliminated for just cause.

    • yes I miss you too Dylan f*** these people who make rude comments and know nothing about nothing talking out their ass

      • Poor Dylan, he was just heading to the local baptist church to practice his choir part at 2AM.

        Dylan was just confused over the joy of his Mensa application approval


        the LVNV TV station just posted this…
        “8 News Now checked the background of Dylan Gall and he was on parole after being released from prison last year.”

        “Gall was serving time for drugs, forgery, grand larceny, child abuse/neglect, and possession of other people’s credit cards.””

        He sure had “gall”, now he’s “gone’.

        Now he can try out for a shooting practice dummy on the set of the Alec Baaaadwin “Rust” set!

        Glad he wasn’t “missed” while he was breaking into a home at 2am looking for precious metal…like lead.

  13. Two things worry me here. Was the shooter under any immediate threat at the time- inother words was the intrudewr armed?? Two. That multiple shots thing – Was that nessessary? and perhaps the most important of all the BLOODY TRIUMPHALISM of the reporting SOMEONE DIED here and that is NOT a bloody reason for triumphalism. What this guy ghad or had not done iis absolutle irrelevent the shooter knew nothing about it did he? Reading beytweenthe lines the suggestion is that the victim should have been incarcerated. . America already has the highest percentage of it’s populatiion behind bars as it is intheedevelopoed world so that’s not much of a deterrent is it? |And neither is the DEATH PENALTY –
    A simple attempted burglary, A panic strick fool who has to shoot another man to pieces and you lot thinks it’s somehow right. Is every body in America wandering around tooled up in the hope that they will get the chance to slot somebody!!


    • Once again you blather on about something you know absolutely nothing about… It is so cool that you think nothing of presenting you ignorance to the world without concern for your own dignity…

      • And another dumbass joins the fray, OBTW: I am NOT a POC (yeah even your deleted crap makes it out into the ether when you hit the post button)…

        You said, quote: “careful what you say buddy with your ignorant ass I bet you’re a n***** too f*** you” and I reiterate GFY racist moron…

      • And then you had to double down with your racism? quote: “but you’re a n***** f****** nerd mad Max you stupid f*** watch what you say”… You really are a racist moron, GFY idiot… OBTW: it’s Mr. MADDMAXX to disgusting fucking idiots like you… Take a lot more than YOU to instill that kind of fear in me… Fuck you, I’m amazed that people like you can actually compose any kind of thoughts since the one functioning brain cell you have is busy reminding you to breathe…

    • Simple attempted Burglary?

      The perp was scum from a family of scum surrounded by scum friends.

      The prep got what he deserved.

      Please identify the caliber and bullet weight so we can consider using that load.

    • Actually, Al, being in jail does cut down on the amount of crime the felon can perpetrate his unlawful actions on law-abiding citizens. Instead of being out on parole, one of the provisions of which is that the parolee commit no further crimes, had the deceased been in prison where he obviously belonged, two things would have not happened. One, the victim’s house would not have been broken into and the son would not have the possible guilt of having killed someone. As for the perp, society is no longer burdened with the financial cost of apprehension, prosecution and incarceration of a career criminal. As for the large criminal population, that is due mainly to the useless war on drugs that we have been losing for fifty or more years — actually. now that I think about it a bit, the first laws against drug use were passed very shortly after prohibition passed into obscurity. One would have thought that passing similar laws with regard to drug use would have resonated with the proponents. Isn’t insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    • You a F*****G moron. You’re posting about something you have NO IDEA about, so YOU are reading between the lines. Do you know what firearm he used? No? So, you obviously won’t know what kind of bullets, hence why maybe there was multiple shots. He was checking on his dad’s house at 2am because theft’s stole the night before. How TF was he to know if someone was even in the house upon arrival and if they had guns or weapons? Dylan Gall was in someone’s house, stealing at 2am. Breaking and entering and rushing the homeowners son. He got what he had coming to him. It’s fraud here in Vegas and it’s an inside job within the hospital systems/thugs. ALSO don’t speak on his behalf of “guilt” for killing the intruder. In my eyes it’s a glorious day. Don’t F****G steal because there ARE consequences.

      The second intruder in the house with Dylan Gall shouldn’t have been so lucky. He should have joined his friend in the dirt.

  14. When my grandmother died the local newspaper saw fit to run a news story including the information that she “lived in a house full of valuable antiques.” (Not really true as she had sold the originals and replaced them with good replicas). Needless to say, we posted a security guard there for the day of her funeral.

  15. 8 News Now checked the background of Dylan Gall and he was on parole after being released from prison last year.

    Gall was serving time for drugs, forgery, grand larceny, child abuse/neglect, and possession of other people’s credit cards.


  16. @Albert “Little Jerkauf” Hall:
    This is how it goes:
    I bought property in New Mexico soon after I was disabled. $100 a month was close to impossible, but we did it. Went to pick up the deed and the Secretary (Organizer’s wife) said Oh, we have three projects and I put your money into the other two”. We ALL lost our land, she got divorced. Three YEARS of my life.
    Bought three acres in Northern Arizona. Spent FIVE YEARS using half my meager disability each month paying it off. Honestly, we couldn’t afford the money, we did without a lot of things. Filled it full of locked and chained tools and materials to build a micro cabin with all the systems. Went to start the foundation and it had all been broken into and stolen. Satellite photo actually showed a large full sized van camping there while they hauled it away. Hauling Trucks were so big, you could see their tire tracks from space!
    Sheriff just laughed and said “It’s all in Mexico by now!”
    I’ll be dead soon, thanks to some business genius micro mental D-bag having approved spraying us with toxic weed killer. I’ve tried for 52 years to get help from the VA, they just delay til you die. Standard business response…
    I don’t have another FIVE YEARS OF MY LIFE to give some refuse-to-work scruple-less doper.
    Don’t you DARE tell me that burglary is some kind of cute little crime. Simply a slight deviation from actual Sainthood that we should forgive ‘cause “He had things rough”. No, he was FATALLY LAZY!
    Take your Toxic Liberal Psycopathic jive talk and shove it up your A&&! Push it up good with a broken Coke bottle and twist, til you feel it in the back of your throat. Creeps like you are the reason this happened, and will keep happening.
    Please put a “We don’t have any guns” sign on the parking space outside your 1951 single-wide with the five chihuahuas yapping in the front window and the rainbow flag flying over the garbage can where you disgustingly display the National Emblem.
    You are in sore need of a Tune-Up, Boy.

  17. Here is some info that was not reported. Dylan was setup. The son planned a robbery to steal from the estate that was in probate. Then decided to silence anyone who could tell the truth. That is the story.

  18. @Neverabasicb STFU with your nonsense info. You obviously don’t know shit, so sit down.

    • listen you dumb mother fucker I happen to know more than any one of you shitbags. So you shut the fuck up unless if course you were the one who also planned it with the shooter. since you wrote about a second intruder and that info was not included in any of these comments or any of the news reports, I would say, yes, you were a part of the original conspiracy to steal from the estate. sorry you got cut out. not sorry

  19. ok I guess you are in third grade or so. why don’t you get your head out of your ass and ask where did “sons of a hero” get the info about a second intruder?

    • I give zero fuks about where he got his information, my concern was YOU with your “I’m the smartest motherfukker in the room” and your STFU bullshit… You come in here with a grade school mentality and you get treated like a fukking grade schooler… You get NO respect from acting like some superior being, just ask dacian how that shit works out for him… Want to be mocked and ridiculed just keep acting the way you are right now… That clown wants to act like a moron that’s his his business, you want to “spat” with him that’s yours, but leave the rest of us out of it… I personally doubt that that you know more than any one of us “shitbags”… Take your attitude and GFY…

      • thank you for showing me the way I was handling myself and treating people that had no part in the conversation. I’m sorry.

  20. well first I never said I was the smartest mother fucker in the room, get your shit straight and stop spewing misinformation. second I was talking to him and you joined in. I was wrong to call everyone a shitbag, so I apologize. that was my mistake and I own it. I did not intend to offend everyone. I had just started by stating what I know about the situation and was attacked by the poster for voicing my opinion, just like everyone else. he has no reason or right to tell me to shut the fuck up. In my first post I attacked no one. I am very aware of this whole story from a personal experience and I too probably would have shot an intruder in my home to protect myself and my family but the story didn’t start nor stop from there and I just thought people should know. the fact that this person stated there was a second intruder should cause concern that this person may have been a part of it. that possibly this person is still out there, robbing other people. And I thought this whole post of comments was about dealing with these types of criminals. anyway, I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else. I do not know you but I do know none of you are shitbags.

    • “well first I never said I was the smartest mother fucker in the room, get your shit straight and stop spewing misinformation.”

      YOU said, “listen you dumb mother fucker I happen to know more than any one of you shitbags.”

      Your words, how would YOU interpret them…

  21. we are all capable to voice our opinions without being told that we are shitbags or to shut the fuck up. I realize calling everyone a shiybag was no different than getting told to shut the fuck up. this is to everyone I offended, I am sorry. everyone’s opinions matter and I had no right to call any of the commenter anything. my apologizes to all if you whether I agree with you or not I respect your rights to voice your thoughts. actually I learned a valuable lesson from this and from just truly listening to Madd Max when he replied to what I wrote.

  22. I know the Gall family they are wonderful people. Sure they had some issues with their children but all became fine members of society. All are working individuals. Dylan was a great man to talk too. He was a good dad when he was there. He was funny and can make you laugh.
    You can say what you want Dylan was a good person that did bad things and only to bad people.Rest in peace my friend’

    • that did bad things and only to bad people

      So you are saying that the family of the 93 year old DEAD guy are BAD people, funny thing they are not the ones that broke into and tried rob the family of a recently deceased person at 2AM… I’m having a bit of trouble understanding your rationale… On the other hand I’m also having a bit of a problem believing that someone who actually KNEW that dirtbag (who was on parole after being released from prison last year and was serving time for drugs, forgery, grand larceny, CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT “great father figure”, and possession of other people’s credit cards (a lot of “bad people” does that include his kids?)) just happened to FIND this website…

  23. Like I mentioned the son of the homeowner set up the robbery to steal from the estate. Then he decided to setup Dylan and shot him. I also knew Dylan, he made some serious mistakes in his life, but the shooter got away with much worse.

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