The Case for Continued Support of the NRA

Duane Liptak is executive vice president of Magpul Industries and a member of the NRA board of directors. He’s published an open letter to the gun community at Ammoland making the case for unity and continued support of the National Rifle Association by those of us who value our gun rights. As some have said […]

NRA Releases Statement on the Trump Bump Stock Ban

The National Rifle Association has issued an official statement on the Trump bump stock ban. Now that the ATF has complied with President Trump’s virtual order to reclassify bump fire stocks as machine guns, the NRA claims that it was either “let ATF review its prior determinations” or risk even more restrictive action…from a GOP-controlled congress…that […]

NRA-ILA Praises White House School Safety Commission Recommendation for Red Flag Laws

Chris Cox, the executive director and chief lobbyist of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, has publicly praised the White House School Safety Commission and their recommendation for gun confiscation. As a NRA life member, I’m disturbed by the trend. First was the NRA’s support for bump stock regulation, followed by their flip-flopping on the matter. […]

BREAKING: NRA Files Lawsuit Challenging I-1639 in Washington State

[reviewadinsert] Here we go, Washingtonians. The NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation have filed a lawsuit in Seattle in U.S. District Court. Plaintiffs involved in the challenge to I-1639 include gun store owners and younger residents of the Evergreen State who will be negatively affected by I-1639. One such resident is competitive shooter Luke Rettmer, […]

FedEx Drops NRA Relationship After Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

FedEx was one of the major companies that chose to stick with its National Rifle Association affinity program following the Parkland shooting, unlike an array of firms including United Airlines, Hertz, SimpliSafe, Symantec and host of others. Now, though, the Memphis-based shipping giant is dumping the NRA. But FedEx claims it has nothing to do […]

NRA Announces New Line of Officially Licensed Coolers

The NRA had a nasty break-up with YETI Coolers earlier this year when the Austin-based company — much like Delta, Enterprise, Symantec and Simplisafe, among others — dumped their affiliate deal with the Friends of the NRA after Parkland. Now the NRA has announced that they have a new partner in the premium cooler space, […]

Police Report: IL State Rep Marty Moylan Caught Peeping Into Windows, Then Threatens To Beat Up Constituent Over Stance on NRA

On September 13th, Des Plaines, Illinois police responded to a call from a man who reported an altercation. What made the call newsworthy had to do with the suspect: Illinois State Rep. Marty Moylan (D – 55). The call, as reported by the North Cook Times, says that the three-term Illinois state representative began yelling […]

NRA Finally Endorses Brian Kemp for Georgia Governor

As our readers know, the National Rifle Association did not originally support Brian Kemp during the Republican primary in Georgia. Back in April and up to the election, the NRA backed his rival, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, a man with a horrible Second Amendment record in Georgia politics. Here’s an abridged timeline of Cagle’s 2A record: […]