A Fixed-Blade Friday on a Tuesday: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Live from Nashville, Business Manager Robert Duncan sends us his “Fixed Blade Friday” EDC submission and we present it on a Tuesday.  How’s that for fun? First off, that is quite a fixed-blade.  Bawidamann Blades: Pogn-L Tanto.  MSRP $345.  I really like fixed blades.  Quick to deploy, they perform quite well.  Especially in skilled or […]

Florida Mayors Suing to Invalidate State Preemption Law

On Monday ten Florida mayors joined six other plaintiffs in filing a lawsuit against Gov. Rick Scott and other state officials. No, they’re not raft of new limits on Second Amendment rights just enacted after the Parkland shooting. Instead, they’re fighting to invalidate the former Gunshine State’s 2011 preemption law that imposes strict penalties on any […]