Gun Owners: Be Goodwill Ambassadors to Your Neighbors, Community

When most folks think about emergency preparedness, they think about having guns, ammo, food and water themselves and their families. In reality though, any well-rounded preparedness plan has at least as much to do with building personal relationships with neighbors and city officials as building a super-sized ammo stash in your basement. In fact, by […]

Anti-Gun Politicians’ Emergency Strategy: Release Inmates and Stop Firearm, Ammo Sales to Good Guys

Under orders from government officials, many local jails and state prisons across America are sending bad guys  — allegedly non-violent offenders — out into the community and not arresting some criminals. And all too often, so-called “progressive” politicians are working to simultaneously stop firearm and ammo sales to good guys amid the Chinese coronavirus emergency. […]

How Do You Handle People Who Suddenly Want To Borrow a Gun?

Now that our world has become a significantly more tension-filled place with the spread of the Chinese coronavirus affecting almost every aspect of daily life, a lot of non-gun owners have reconsidered their opinion on firearm ownership. Feeling less safe and secure during a national emergency makes people reconsider how they’d protect themselves and their […]

What Constitution? Champaign, IL Passes Sweeping Emergency Powers Ordinance Including Banning Gun, Ammo Sales

With less than 18 hours’ notice, the Champaign, Illinois city council passed an emergency powers ordinance Friday morning, which Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen signed. The ordinance grants sweeping powers to the mayor, including the ability to order a ban on selling, transferring, or even giving away firearms or ammunition. Some would-be authoritarians at the home […]

NYPD Saves The World…With An Airsoft Arrest

America’s law enforcement do face risks everyday.  However, it seems a bit far-fetched to suggest that an airsoft gun or two wielded in a non-threatening manner poses a great danger to anyone. Days ago, the New York Police Department’s 77th Precinct posted a photo of what looks like an impressive array of firearms and hardware.  […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Dumps Gun Sales At 440 More Stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods has thrown in the towel on gun and ammo sales at another 440 of its stores. Because, for Dick’s CEO Ed Stack, losing $250 million in sales from implementing anti-gun measures simply wasn’t woke enough. That’s right: At last March’s stockholder’s meeting, Stack claimed his company had lost $150 million as a […]

What’s the Worst Self Defense Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

Between gun stores and the internet, gun owners both new and old can learn a lot. Great information is widely available about gun ownership, maintaining firearms and their use in competition, recreation and self-defense. Unfortunately, the quality of that information can vary widely. Some bits of advice and information that are often repeated are particularly […]