The American Express EDC (Don’t Leave Home Without It): Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Daniel Hoffman sends his American Express Carry – as in don’t leave home without it for today’s everyday carry post.  Courtesy Everyday Carry. Yes, the basic tools for when the world turns upside down.  Look closely. It’s pretty Spartan, I’ll give him that.  A big-butt SOG multitool.  A equally robust Olight S10R light. And a […]

Shannon Watts Is Coming for Your First Amendment Rights, Too

Good old Shannon Watts. She likes to claim to the fawning media that she was simply a little ol’ housewife who decided to get active promoting gun control after Sandy Hook. If only. Now she’s branching out. She’s advocating not only for curtailment of Americans’ Second Amendment rights, but our First Amendment rights as well. […]