Remington SMKW Baby Bullet Knife Prospector

A New Classic: The Remington Prospector Baby Bullet Knife With Jigged Bone Handles

From Remington . . . Remington has announced a licensing partnership with Smokey Mountain Knife Works (SMKW) to develop and distribute the 2021 Remington Bullet Knife, “Prospector”. Originally introduced in 1922, the Remington Bullet Knife series...

Everyday Carry: Always Have the Fundamental Four When You Leave the House

Thanks to the internet and social media, EDC or everyday carry have become ultra-popular terms. Thousands upon thousands of Instagram users hashtag their EDC photos on a daily basis. Rather than consider the pros...
GLOCK 43x everyday carry pistol gun search

How I Ended My Search for the Perfect Everyday Carry Pistol

Remember the old "In Search of..." TV show with the late Leonard Nimoy? It didn't matter what it was they were in search of, you were certain to end up with an ambiguous ending...
5.11 rush 2.0 backpacks

5.11 Announces the New Rush 2.0 Series of Backpack for Everyday Carry and More

From 5.11 . . . 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, gear, and footwear, has announced an updated line of its iconic RUSH™ Series Backpacks with the release of a new RUSH™ 2.0...
KA-BAR Jarosz Folder

Things That Don’t Suck: KA-BAR Jarosz Folder EDC Knife

KA-BAR makes some of the best, most useful affordable EDC folding knives on the market. Their $20 Dozier is a lightweight, easy-to-carry knife that's made with a decent steel and you won't be kicking...
Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne

Things That Don’t Suck: Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne Folding Knife

Benchmade's 940 Osborne design and a few variants have been among the Oregon knife maker's most popular designs for the last 20 years. If there's an EDC knife hall of fame, the 940 with...
stealthy EDC carry blades

The Stealthiest Disguised EDC Knives We’ve Ever Seen

You can assume that if a knife can somehow be concealed in an otherwise unassuming pocket-sized object, someone's selling it. By combining these remarkably sneaky knives, you could easily have upwards of ten separate...

What I’m Carrying Now: A VP9 and a Leatherman Juice

David S. writes . . . This is my going to church/summer carry edition, based on the H&K VP9 and a spare magazine. The holster is an Alien Gear ShapeShift IWB and an Alien Gear belly band....

What I’m Carrying Now: A Wilson Combat EDC X9S and an Inkosi

Chris writes . . . I keep my EDC pretty light: Gun is a Wilson EDC X9S. Holster is from LSI Knife is a Chris Reeve Inkosi Sunglasses are from Oakley Watch is a Rolex Daytona  

What I’m Carrying Now: A P220 and a ZT O350

Jared T. writes . . . Here's what I'm carrying these days: Gun: SIG Sauer P220 Carry Elite, Model W220-45-SP, 8 round magazines (x3) & a 10 round magazine Ammo: Federal Punch .45 Auto 230 Grain Holsters/Magazine Carriers:...

What I’m Carrying Now: Kahr CM45 and a Montecristo Edmundo

JT in upstate New York writes . . . Never realized how much stuff I carry in the course of a day. Here's my list: PISTOL: Kahr CM45 with an extra magazine AMMO: Federal HST 230 grain KNIFE:...

What I’m Carrying Now: A M&P40c With Winchester PDX1 Defender

Q. James writes . . . Smith & Wesson M&P 40c with full-size 15 rd. magazine with XGrip Winchester PDX1 40 S&W 165 grain Bulova Watch DeSantis Holster Samsung J3 Prime Mobile Phone