GUILTY! Hunter Biden Convicted On All Charges

A federal court jury in Delaware has found Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, guilty on all three federal felony gun charges stemming from buying and possessing a firearm while he was addicted...

U.S. Rep. Introduces Measure To Ban Gas-Operated Semi-Autos

It will probably come as no surprise to most TTAG readers that a gun-ban advocate in the U.S. Congress has once again introduced a measure to ban many semi-automatic rifles used commonly and legally...
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Second Amendment Foundation Vows To Fight For Trump’s 2A Rights

With former President Donald Trump’s recent conviction on felony charges, New York is preparing to revoke his gun license and Trump haters are calling for all of his firearms to be confiscated. But one pro-freedom...

Florida School Proves Arguments Against Armed Teachers are Off Target

When Eddie and Claire Speir founded Inspiration Academy 11 years ago, not arming teachers wasn’t even a consideration. “It was because of Columbine. We were in a spiritual war – we still are – and some people...
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NRA Files Brief In Cali One-Gun-A-Month Lawsuit

Further bolstering the case against the state of California for restricting gun purchases to one a month, the National Rifle Association has filed a brief with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal in the...
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Hunter Biden Trial Continues With Prosecutors Citing Drug Abuse

With the jury in place, Hunter Biden’s trial for allegedly violating federal firearms laws kicked off Tuesday with opening statements in a federal courtroom in Delaware. In 2018, Hunter Biden, now 54, purchased a firearm...

Several 2A Wins & One Loss In Minnesota

While the Minnesota state legislature recently adjourned with nearly every gun control measure failing, Gov. Tim Walz has signed a measure relating to triggers that make it easier to fire more rapidly. HF 5247, the 1,494-page omnibus...
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Opening Statements Begin Today In Hunter Biden Trial

A jury has been selected and opening statements will begin today in Hunter Biden’s trial for allegedly violating federal firearms laws. The jury of six men, six women and four alternates was selected by late...

Turks, Caicos Update: Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty to Ammo Possession

In the ongoing injustice of Americans being imprisoned in the Turks and Caicos Islands for accidental possession of a few rounds ammunition that they could legally own and transport in the United States, an...
California DOJ Assault Weapons Registration

California Lawmakers Advance 3 Bad Gun Measures

With the deadline looming to pass bills out of their respective chambers this legislative session, anti-gun lawmakers in the California House and Senate approved three anti-gun measures that would infringe on the rights of...

Hope For Gun Owners? Majority Of Dems Want Biden Off The Ticket

Could vehemently anti-gun President Joe Biden’s time in the White House soon be coming to an end? Judging by a wane in support among members of his own party, the president’s four-year war on...

Portlanders Dump Soft-On-Crime District Attorney

If recent happenings out in the liberal bastion of western Oregon are any indication, Americans are continuing to become more fed up with soft-on-crime prosecutors allowing crime to run rampant. Last week, voters in Portland...