5 Easy Steps to Cheating Your Way Into the One Mile Long-Range Shooting Club

By Paul Erhardt I cheated. That’s right, I’m a cheater, and it’s about now that you’re expecting me say something like, ‘and I’m not proud of it.’ Well, too bad. I am proud of it, so...
Riton 3 Tactix 1-8x24 LPVO

Gear Review: Riton 3 Tactix 1-8×24 LPVO

The low-powered variable optics market is hot and tight. Much like the red dot market, over time, they've become the new norm and with mass production, we are seeing an impressive mid-tier of optics...

ZeroTech Optics New Trace Advanced 3-18x50mm FFP Rifle Scope

From ZeroTech Optics . . . ZeroTech Optics is pleased to announce our new Trace Advanced riflescope, born from the success of the globally popular 4.5-27x50mm, the Trace ADV 3-18x50 FFP illuminated Long Range Hunter...
Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15x44 Riflescope

Optic Review: Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15×44 Riflescope

It looks like Riton Optics is making the best budget optic in the business. That's certainly been my experience after a couple months and a few thousand rounds through the Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15x44. The...
Swampfox Saber 5X Prism Optic

Gear Review: Swampfox Saber 5X Prism Optic

During my time in the Marine Corps, our optics of choice were Trijicon ACOGs. These were 4X fixed power prismatic optics. At that point, I thought this was the best option for infantrymen. With...
Shield RMSc Micro Red Dot Sight

Gear Review: The Shield RMSc Micro Red Dot Sight

The micro-compact pistol market has gained lots and lots of steam in recent years. Small guns with higher capacity go a long way, and part of that micro-compact appeal is the modern capabilities they...

iRayUSA Announces New Bolt-C Series Thermal Rifle Scopes

New from Texas-based iRayUSA is the InfiRay Outdoor BOLT-C Series of thermal rifle scopes optimized for bolt action rifles. With the looks of a normal rifle scope and compatibility with standard 30mm rings, the...

Primary Arms Optics Launches New Line of Affordable SLx HUNTER Rifle Scopes

From Primary Arms Optics . . . Primary Arms Optics has just launched their first SLx HUNTER Rifle Scopes, starting with their 3-9x40mm and 3-9x50mm SFP models. The SLx HUNTER 4-12x40mm and 4-12x50mm SFP Rifle Scopes are...
Leupold VX-3i LRP I'll Just Leave This Here: A Good Scope is a Durable Scope

Pro Tip: A Good Scope is a Durable Scope

While organizing my safe recently, I placed a Leupold VX-3i LRP rifle scope mounted in a ZRODelta DLOC mount on top of an upright rifle box. While leaning down and diving back into the safe, I...
Armasight Contractor 50

Armasight Announces New Contractor Theremal Optics

From Armasight . . . Trailblazer and Category Leader in Thermal and Night Vision, Armasight debuted the “Designed & Built in the USA” Contractor series of weapon mounted thermal optics at SHOT Show 2022. The...
ZeroTech Thrive Optics binoculars

ZeroTech Optics Announces the New THRIVE Line of Mid-Level Best-In-Class Binoculars

From ZeroTech Optics . . . What do hunters, hikers, campers and sports event enthusiasts around the globe have in common? They all require a high-quality set of binoculars to view and observe their passion...

Whats the Difference Between First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane Scopes?

By Pete Nealen There are a lot of optics on the market now, more than ever before — and mostly better than before. From red dots to prism scopes and low power variables to high-power long-range...