VIDEO: Florida City Official Shoots, Kills Alleged Shoplifter

From CBS News: Authorities in Lakeland, Florida, released surveillance footage Monday showing a city commissioner fatally shooting an alleged shoplifter earlier this month outside a military supply store he co-owns. Michael Dunn, who took office in January, fired a gun after seeing a customer taking a hatchet and trying to leave without paying, the Lakeland Police Department […]

Groundbreaking: The Trace Uncovers Why Chicagoans Carry Guns

We suppose that any time a couple of notoriously anti-gun organizations spend their cash on utterly useless, blindingly obvious “research,” that means fewer dollars down the road to push anti-gun ballot initiatives, lobby squishy elected officials and fund the campaigns of hoplophobic candidates. Which is why we’re just fine with a recent study being pumped […]

What Makes a Mass Murderer?

The following is a presentation that was given at this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference.  By Robert B. Young, MD I thought we might talk about mass murderers, who they are and why they kill. Most use firearms, but the issues are the same regardless of the methods. This is not a major cause of mortality, […]

“No, He Did Not Have the Right to Kill My Son,” Says Mother of Student Shot by Campus Security Guard

At 10:00pm on September 17th, 23-year-old DeAndre Ballard was fatally shot at his off-campus apartment complex. A student at North Carolina Central University, Ballard allegedly walked out of his apartment without a phone, shoes, keys, or identification and began trying to break into cars in the parking lot. The last car he tried to enter […]