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Louisiana Man: Persistent, Grass-Eating Would-Be Burglar Stopped by Home Owner With a Gun

Image via Ascension Parish Sheriff's Dept. (Viw FB.)
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Quitters never win. That’s the old saw that a grass-eating, would-be home invader must have lived by. He absorbed multiple rounds before he finally ceased his violent attempt to force entry to a home in Ascension Parish, Louisiana early last Sunday morning.

In the end, if Kameron Serigny, 20, had gone to church instead of apparently taking recreational drugs, he might not have died with a belly full of someone’s lawn clippings.

That’s right. Video surveillance showed Serigny eating the grass (after trying to break into one of the homeowner’s cars) and beating on his chest before he tried to punch his way through the glass of the rear door of the residence. After Mr. Serigny punched one hole in the glass door, the resident used his pistol to punch a hole in Serigny.

That didn’t seem to phase the determined vegetarian, who got back onto his feet and proceeded to continue battering the glass with more punches. The homeowner shot him again.

After Serigny got up again and broke through the door. The homeowner, obviously fearing for the lives of those inside, then fired multiple rounds at the criminal, finally ending the attempted invasion.

WAFB has more . . .

According to officials, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to an attempted break-in around 6 a.m. at a home on Tiggy Duplessis Rd., in Ascension Parish.

Deputies said when they arrived Serigny was found in the rear entrance threshold of the home. The homeowner told deputies he fired several shots at Serigny who was attempting to break in.

Investigators say the suspect first tried to break into a car in the driveway, setting off the car alarm and alerting the homeowners.

The home is equipped with several security cameras which showed the suspect eating grass and beating on his chest, investigators said.

Video shows the suspect punching a hole in the glass on the home’s door, investigators said at that point, the homeowner fired one shot and the suspect fell to the ground. The suspect then reportedly got up again and punched another hole in the glass.

The homeowner then shot him again, sending the suspect back to the ground. The suspect then got up and slammed himself into the door, breaking it open, the video shows. At that point, the homeowner fired 3 to 4 additional shots, killing the suspect, investigators said.

For what it’s worth, we’re glad the homeowner wasn’t physically uninjured. It isn’t clear if Serigny was originally from Florida, but that wouldn’t surprise us.

At the same time, we don’t think it would have taken four or five rounds of rifled slugs or 00-buckshot to dissuade Serigny from continuing his attempt at busting into the home that Sunday morning. But that’s another topic for another post.

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  1. “we don’t think it would have taken four or five rounds of rifled slugs or 00-buckshot to dissuade Serigny from continuing his attempt at busting into the home…”

    people on drugs need a lot of ‘persuasion’ sometimes.

      • when the story first came out I posted about it a few days ago in another comment section. in the sheriff statements then he mentioned some kind of mushroom.

    • More proof that the purpose of a handgun is to give you opportunity to get to a real gun/rifle. In your HOME start with the rifle.

  2. Too bad. The dead guy would have been a perfect recruit for antifa.

    Well, at least he can vote dem for the next 100 years.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the perp was from lil’d’s antifa troop. Definitely scraping the recruitment barrel.

  3. it would be amusing to read the tox panel from the autopsy. Bet he had a boatload of something besides lawn clippings in his system.

    Nice assessment, too — had he been in church that sabbath morn he would most likely yet be alive. Maybe he even would have heard some life changing news, instead of the life-ending lead he earned.

    He had his chance, and muffed it. big time, and permanently.

    Maybe somene else will learn from his bad choices. Maybe………..

  4. Obviously the home owner wasn’t using “Joe Biden 9mm”, otherwise we would be discussing how the grass eating quarter wit was vaporized. Although vaporizing your enemy does make cleanup way easier.

  5. Well sure beats biying a lawnmower. Maybe the home owner should have offered him a job. Guy might have even been a felon. Home owner would have got a kick back from .giv for hiring him.
    This was a bad shoot.

        • “Wait… for themselves?”

          The Possum has implied on several occasions he enjoys munching on the ripening remains of various critters that somehow end up in his current ditch of residence… 🙂

      • I’m getting over that. Change the things you can and accept the things you cant.
        Still pisses me off they hide them under a rock even grizzley cant dig up.

  6. Home invasion is a very big no-no especially in tight knit South LA, such perps used to be food for gators.

      • Y. And in IA, particularly in the southern 2 tiers of counties as well as Jackson County, we don’t need no steenkin’ gators. We feeds em to da hogs.

        • neiow the centrally located northern tier states are expected to see feral hogs coming down from Canada in the next five to ten years.

      • “Gators prefer corn fed.”

        Gators don’t fucking *care*, if it moves, it’s a potential lunch…

  7. Multiple hits from a handgun before he stays down. See previous article on “stopping power”. Maybe if we had more details on caliber, bullet design/weight, etc. WZW could calculate the stopping power with his proprietary, empirical, scientific formula. I just want to know what bag of feed to take to the range.

  8. “For what it’s worth, we’re glad the homeowner wasn’t physically uninjured.”

    WHAT? Uninjured? (Could barely get that one past the spell check 🙂 )

    Maybe Louisiana permits recreational grass and the perp got into a lawn with too much Weed Be Gone.

    And the irony is: It all happened in Ascension Parrish but have a feeling Mr. Serigny may eventually end up descending. Not one to judge; just sayin’.

      • There’s a long line to wait in there…

        I think glyphosate is now found in trace amounts in nearly everything made from any grains; from bread and crackers to beer.

        • That’s correct, there are even glyphosate-resistant strains of seeds available, if the farmers want them…

        • Patented by Monsanto? The swastika of Agriculture.

          No wonder Shannon Watts worked for them. Their ethics align.

  9. Definitely not from Florida. When those boys go crazy they eat someone’s face.

    This much salad sounds suspiciously like his origin is California.

      • When I saw “grass-eating”, I thought this was going to be a humorous piece about an overly curious deer getting harvested off somebody’s back porch. But no, that would be too normal.

    • “Definitely not from Florida.”

      Not so fast, son. Let’s get the details, first…

      • Calculating aggregate face consumption rarely yields incorrect results.

        Trust the science.

        (And don’t you dare bring up p-hacking! There will be consequences if you do!)

  10. Curious as to what the Tox Report says.

    These days the smart money is on Meth. Back when PCP was a thing it was not uncommon for folks to take multiple buckshot and slug rounds to stop their aggression.

    Sometimes people stop when you shoot in their general direction. Sometimes they keep going until you sever the spine. And everything in between.

    • PCP is still a thing (barely) it just has fentanyl edging it out for the mixed in cutting drug to give users that extra experience.

  11. Poor boy — trying to turn his life around.


    “…a beloved great grandson, grandson, son, brother and friend passed away Sunday, June 4, 2023 at the age of 20. … He was funny and kindhearted, with the biggest smile always on his face. Kameron enjoyed listening to music, playing xbox and basketball, and spending time with friends.” — https://www.churchfuneralservices.com/2023/06/08/in-loving-memory-of-kamreon-joseph-serigny/

    Guess they forgot to mention his “pharmaceutical hobby.”

  12. So was the grasseating guy ARMED / It seems likely that he was not? Why would it take five or six shots from ANY firearm except one in the hands of an utter d Dick-Head to put down a MENTALLY disturbed man ?.
    Why does it seem perfectly OK for Americans to use Ultimate Force FIrearms as a FIRST OPTION on a man so disturbed that he’ eating bloody GRASS and then GLOAT ABOUT IT and this columnist making sick fucking JOKES about a sad, mad guy being SHOT five or SIX times by a totally incompentent Dick-Head.
    Have you any idea as too how absolutely stark raving CRAZY this make Americans appear to the rest of the world?.
    A handy baseball bat or one of those sodding great TORCHES can understand . A broken leg or arm I can undedstand a TASER I can undedrstand ,a PEPPER or any IRRITANT spray Ican understand but a six shot shooting? Nah Nada . Nope Speaks of utter uncontrolled PANIC I only hope this incompentent foold has bloody nightmares for the rest of his life !!

    • Albert L J Hall, ROFLAMOBT! You seem to think (LOL) You can counter a gun with a baseball bat? You need to have your head eszmined.

    • You are wrong. A person so tweaked he eats grass then punched holes through glass and charges through the door after taking a bullet will not stop because you hit his arm. I know this for fact. You have to mechanically disable them and a bat is not good at that. The only place a hit will stop someone tweaked into bath salts psychosis is a blow to the head hard enough to reset the brain, which is a nuanced amount just below what is required to kill. If he gets his arm up and blocks the bat, he will kill you and quite possibly begin eating your face. Read up on bath salts. Pepper spray might get him to close his eyes, maybe , and 100% will not stop.

  13. I’ll start this off with, you live the life you choose, homeowner did what he had to, but Jesus Christ, show some compassion, I know the suspect from high school. He was a good dude. I know for a fact his life wasn’t all peaches, nobody knows what he was going through at the time he took whatever he took… remember this is someone’s brother, son, grandson, boyfriend, friend. How would you feel if this disgusting ass post was made about your kid, who did this, WHEN THEY WEREN’T IN THEIR RIGHT MIND??

    • The description of his behaviour don’t align well with psychosis. Extreme focused violence is much more aligned with drug induced psychosis ( bath salts seem to produce extremely bad focused rage with occasional cannibalism but much more self harm such as the man who severely damaged his penis when attempting to have sex with a tree). Yes, I lack sympathy for those who choose absurd drugs, compared with “ordinary “ psychotic breaks where we see people babbling at hallucinations etc.

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