32% of Dems Support ‘Terrorist’ Label for NRA, 28% Believe in Criminalizing Membership

The Left in America continues its sprint to the outermost radical fringes. Last week, San Francisco officially labelled the NRA a “terrorist organization.” Now, Rasmussen Reports reveals that 32% of Democrats polled “favor declaring the gun rights group a terrorist organization.” Even worse, 28% of them would imprison people for joining the nation’s oldest civil […]

Chicago’s Political Elites Bicker While The Bodies Pile Higher

Chicago’s broken, revolving door criminal justice system has led to trouble in paradise between Chicago’s new mayor Lori Lightfoot and her mayoral campaign opponent, County Board Chairwoman Toni Preckwinkle. Meanwhile, as the two powerful women bicker among one another, the bodies continue to pile higher in the Windy City. John Kass, the well-known Chicago columnist, […]

Walmart’s a Charter Member of Everytown for Gun Safety’s ‘Responsible Firearms Retailer’ Partnership

Walmart’s status as a charter member in good standing of Everytown for Gun Safety’s Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership program almost went unnoticed. Except an eagle-eyed member of the Tennessee Firearms Association caught it in recent days on the Walmart Corporate Policies and Guidelines page. Funny, Walmart didn’t mention that association in their public announcement earlier […]

Walgreens, CVS, Others Also ‘Ask’ Customers Not to Open Carry – Are Open Carriers to Blame?

In a single-sentence statement Thursday, pharmacy giant Walgreens joined Walmart, Kroger, CVS and others in asking customers not to open carry in their stores. Walgreens Statement Regarding Open Carry in Our Stores 05 September 2019 We are joining other retailers in asking our customers to no longer openly carry firearms into our stores other than […]