Latest FBI Data Clearly Shows Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban is Not About Reducing Crime

By Elizabeth McGugian As election day draws closer, Americans should be well aware of the differences between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to their Second Amendment rights. One of the most dangerous pillars of Biden’s gun control platform is a proposed ban and “voluntary” buyback scheme for modern sporting rifles (MSRs). […]

There’s A Possible Problem With the Kyle Rittenhouse Arrest Warrants

Dean Weingarten wrote a column about the politically-motivated prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who defended himself from multiple attackers in Kenosha, Wisconsin last month. Mr. Weingarten referenced a very interesting document: the Illinois Non-Traffic Complaint under which Rittenhouse was arrested for extradition to Wisconsin. Fugitive Justice Said defendant after having been charged in […]

Grand Jury Indicts One of Three Officers Involved in the Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor

From the Associated Press: A Kentucky grand jury on Wednesday indicted a single former police officer for shooting into neighboring apartments but did not move forward with charges against any officers for their role in Breonna Taylor’s death. The jury announced that fired Officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment in […]

Misdirection: Blaming ‘Gun Violence’ for a Loss of Public Trust

By Elizabeth McGuigan A recent article published on The Conversation draws a correlation between the psychological impact of so called “gun violence” on Americans and reduced trust. Victims of violent crime can, understandably so, be psychologically affected by the choices of a criminal’s intent on inflicting harm. However, the article uses outdated data to try and connect […]

Lancaster, PA Court Sets Rioters’ Bail at $1 Million Resulting in Actual Peaceful Protests

By Mark Scolforo, AP Thirteen people who are accused of committing crimes while participating in a civil disturbance in Lancaster on Sunday night sat behind bars Tuesday, with bail for seven of them set at $1 million. The eight for whom charging documents have been made public are accused of being instigators during demonstrations over […]

Brutal: LA County Sheriff Calls Out LeBron James, Wants Him to Match Reward for Deputies’ Shooter

We’ve been critical of LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva in the past as he’s no friend of gun owners or civilian gun rights. But credit where it’s due for a well-played move. LeBron James has taken great pride in cloaking himself in a veneer of social justice credibility. Where Michael Jordan actively avoided politics, noting […]