Atlanta Mayor: Enough Shooting is Enough…But Don’t Send In the National Guard

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Bill Torpy wrote last week, “Violence is off the chain in Atlanta.” And that was before the holiday weekend’s mayhem which included 31 people shot, five of them fatally. One of those was an 8-year-old girl whose death prompted Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to pronounce that “enough is enough.” “You can’t […]

Federal Ban Bill Would Take Home Gun Manufacturing Back To The Stone Age

Back in May, one of the Senate’s most dedicated anti-gun members, Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal introduced S.3743, the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2020. The target, of course, is those scary objects of gun-grabbers nightmares…ghost guns. Blumenthal’s bill would, among other things, ban the possession of programmable manufacturing devices like CNC mills and 3D additive printers…unless you’re […]

Let’s Look at HR 719, the Oddball Federal Microstamping Bill in the House

Last year, Rep. Anthony Brown, [D-Maryland] filed HR 719, the MICRO Act. In typically brilliant legislative fashion, MICRO stands for “Making Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious.” I didn’t pay it too much attention to the MICRO Act, thinking it just another microcephalic microstamping requirement which I didn’t expect to go anywhere. Microstamping, after all, is a […]

Feckless Chicago Mayor Oversees 18 Murders, 48 More Wounded This Weekend

Here’s a newsflash: Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a violent crime problem in her city. Last week, when President Trump offered to help solve the horrific violence on Murder City, USA’s streets, Lightfoot rudely rebuffed him.  “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump,” she tweeted. Then this past weekend, gang-driven violent crime claimed 18 […]