Hidden Treasure: Finding Old Guns in Old Homes

Known as “The Oldest House in St. Augustine,” the González-Alvarez House dates to 1723. It’s an impressive yet simple structure that blends its original Spanish architecture...

The Colt Cowboy: An Example of Why the Consumer Shouldn’t Always Be Listened To

Over and over again, on various online forums, social media platforms, and in the local gun shops. We hear people constantly say, "If company...

Old School Cool: Smith & Wesson’s Model 645 and 745 Second Generation .45 Autos

Believe it or not, back in the day Smith & Wesson made guns that weren't 1911s or striker fired M&Ps. Big Blue was actually...

A History of Gun Regulations in the U.S. (Infographic)

Bear Creek Arsenal has created another cool infographic (Hunt With The Perfect Cartridge infographic HERE), this time detailing some of the more notable firearm...

The Taurus PT-92AF Is Not Obscure, But I Sure Desired It Anyway

In 1974, the Ministério da Defesa Brasileiro (Brazilian Ministry of Defense) awarded Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta the contract for their new 9x19mm service pistol,...
HK VP70Z 9mm pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: HK VP70Z Pistol

The Heckler & Koch GmbH Volkspistole Modell 1970 Zivil, otherwise known as the VP70Z was the firearms industry's first commercially mass produced polymer framed...

Obscure Object of Desire: Something Extremely Ugly, Cheaply Made and Very Expensive

This came across my desk courtesy of Red Hills Arms of Tallahassee. They are a fantastic family owned gun shop with a great selection...
tanfoglio mossad pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: Tanfoglio MOSSAD Pistol

I truly do not understand how so many members of my tribe – that is to say, Jewish folk – can say and mean...

Gun Review: Taylor’s and Company 1858 Remington Conversion Revolver

Remington’s Model 1858 revolver was the primary competitor to the Colt revolver for several decades and a famous and worthwhile handgun in its own...
Cobray Pocket Pal Pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: Cobray Pocket Pal .22 LR/.380 ACP Revolver

  By Jeremy S. Cobray Company, best known for manufacturing versions of the MAC series of pistols and the infamous Street Sweeper back in the 70’s...

Obscure Object Of Desire: 1954 Irish Contract Lee-Enfield Mk2 Rifle

By Chris Dumm I know what you're thinking: Lee-Enfields are about as obscure as Ford Escorts. The Brits made 17 million of them. Between 1895...
Stechking automatic pistol

Obscure Object of Desire: The Soviet Stechkin Machine Pistol

Developed in 1949, the Stechkin is a select-fire, straight blowback pistol chambered in 9x18mm that's capable of firing 750 rounds per minute accurately out...