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NYC Trauma Surgeon Wonders Why Can’t Politicians Stop ‘Gun Violence’?

A trauma surgeon in New York City, where shootings and murders have skyrocketed in the last eight months, believes it is the job of...
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Obligatory Letter to the Editor: The Second Amendment is Only for Muskets

In another "now where have we heard this before" moment, the Salt Lake Tribune published a letter to the editor recently about how the...
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The Crime Report: Gun Rights Defenders and Anti-Police Protestors are on the Same Side

According to Emily Riley, writing boldly under the title "TCR Staff" over at The Crime Report, those of us who defend gun rights have...

Homeland Security: Illegal, Deadly Firearms are Just a Click Away

With a Biden administration just a couple of months away, the media appear to be helping push one of candidate Biden's gun control agenda...
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Biden’s Gun Control Agenda Won’t Collect the Billions He Thinks Because Americans Will Not...

As we've written here countless times in the run-up to the election, Slow Joe's Everytown/Giffords-produced gun control platform was the most radical anti-gun rights...
Bank of America

Comptroller of the Currency’s Proposed Rule Would End Anti-Gun Banking Discrimination

By Larry Keane The days of corporate banking overlords forcing discriminatory policies on lawful industries is, hopefully, coming to an end. The Office of the...
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Ed Stack, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Anti-Gun CEO is Stepping Down

Unless you've been living under a rock for years you remember how Dick's Sporting Goods quit carrying ARs - among other things - back...

Newsflash: Journalist Realizes FOID Processing Delays Hurt Legal Gun Owners

Journalist Scott Reed over at the Jacksonville Journal-Courier has apparently realized that delays in processing Illinois' FOID cards hurt law-abiding gun owners. Illinois is...
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Student Loans, Fiscal Incompetence and Firearms: A Thought Experiment

Here's a little thought experiment. To be clear, I'm not proposing that this actually be done, but it might be worth discussing it with...
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The Truth About The Distinction Between Military and Civilian Firearms

By Mark Houser It’s a common trope of American political discourse: a politician will emphatically declare his respect for the Second Amendment. He will deny that...
Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride

Wauwatosa Mayor OUTRAGED That Shooter Didn’t Observe Mall’s ‘Gun-Free’ Zone Policy

A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shopping mall was the scene of a shooting in which eight people were wounded on Friday. Naturally the local media sought...
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Toledo Mayor’s Cancel Culture Gun Retailer Questionnaire is an Epic Fail

By Larry Keane Toledo, Ohio Democratic Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz’s attempts to cancel licensed firearm retailers who don’t accept his purity tests is backfiring on him,...