Illinois Governor Pritzker Signs Gun Dealer Licensing Bill

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed the Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act into law yesterday. The bill enacts all manner of onerous and expensive regulations upon dealers, with up to $10,000 in civil penalties for each and every violation. The bill’s advocates claim that Illinois gun dealers need more supervision. “40 percent of guns used in crimes […]

Feinstein: We Have to Outlaw Pistol Braces Because They Increase Accuracy

Senator Diane Feinstein’s proposed new “assault weapons” ban goes much farther than any of her previous efforts at civilian disarmament. She and her co-sponsors, Connecticut Senators Richard “Saigon” Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, have authored a bill that outlaws more than 200 specific firearms, and bans the manufacture, sale, transfer or import of standard capacity magazines […]

Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Rally in Pittsburgh

Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting mayor Bill Peduto (who rejected the idea of armed guards in houses of worship) announced his intent to defy Pennsylvania’s state-wide preemption law and enact an “assault weapons ban” and red flag law in the Steel City. In response, hundreds of gun rights supporters held a rally at the city-county building […]

Florida Democrat Files Universal Background Check Bill, Would Outlaw Private Transfers

Florida Democrat state representative Margaret Good has filed House Bill 135, the latest gun control bill to be introduced in the Sunshine State. In some respects it’s your typical universal background check bill that would outlaw all private transfers of firearms and require that sellers and buyers use a federally licensed dealer as the middle man to […]