Olympics Wants to Remove Bullets from Shooting Sports ‘To Attract TV Audience’

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Shooting sports have been a staple of the modern Olympic games since they started back up in 1896. It’s a skill that demands a huge amount of practice and preparation —…

CZ Custom Releases Own Frame and Slide at SHOT Show 2017 (and more)

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Angus Hobdell from CZ Custom provided us with another one of his always-entertaining SHOT Show booth tours. This year, we were surprised to learn of some big news out of CZC: they’ve…

Gear Review: K Rounds Pancake-Thigh Conversion Rig

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K Rounds, located just outside of Seattle, is a purveyor of high-quality, American-made Kydex holster solutions and has slowly been entering the public soft goods market. They’re known for the…

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AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #3

Welcome to the third installment of our 5.56 muzzle brake testing series. This time around we’ve put 42 new muzzle devices to the test, measuring the recoil reduction performance of…

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Pecos Run ‘N Gun 2016: Silt Kills All

I just returned from my third outing to Pecos, Texas for the annual Pecos Run n Gun. While newer, shinier, longer, and “harder” biathlons have come online in the last…

New From Atibal Sights: XP8 1-8×24

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Atibal Sights is a relative newcomer to the market, looking to provide high quality sights for competition, hunting, and defensive use at competitive price points. Nick reviewed their Velocity 1-4x,…

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Dear Moms Demand Action: Send Us Your Strollers

Dear Shannon and Moms Demand Action moms: More and more People of The Gun are picking up baby strollers on Craigslist and retasking them as gun carts. Isn’t that just…

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A Family-Friendly Zombie Shoot Just 60 Miles From Chicago

The Aurora Sportsman’s Club, not even an hour west of Chicago in Waterman, Illinois, held its tenth annual Zombie Shoot on Saturday. With ten stages and opportunities for everyone, it…

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are Pro Shooters Even Human?

After the course of fire above, pro shooter Max Michel says a bunch of words, indicating that he’s a human being capable of human speech. But I wonder . ….

SIG P226 Legion vs. Arex REX zero 1 Torture Test

Earlier this year I reviewed the Arex REX zero 1 S, giving it four stars. Bottom line: it’s every bit as nice as a SIG with more features at just…

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Older Generation of Women Dominate in Air Rifle Bench Matches

TTAG often pokes fun at OFWGs. (If you don’t know what that stands for I’m not going to tell you). Truth be told, OFWGs are the gun rights movement’s silent…

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Multiple Medalist Rhode, Other Shooters Snubbed By Big Name Corporate Sponsors

“‘The big mystery is how someone like Kim isn’t part of the Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and the Olympics sponsor push,’ (Rhode’s agent Patrick) Quinn said by phone from Chicago….