Running The Wolverine 5K: Choosing a Precision Rifle

Last year I did poorly on the carbine and precision rifle sections, the former because I brought a precision rifle-weight carbine and the latter...
Laugo Alien Review

Gun Review: Laugo Arms Alien Signature Edition Pistol

By William Collier This is not a gun review in the usual sense. This one is more along the lines of watching 'Top Gear' to...

Running The Wolverine 5K: Choosing a Carbine

In my last post which you can find here, I detailed my pistol selections for the W5K. You can find my introduction article for...

Running The Wolverine 5K: Pistol Selection

For my introduction post on the TTAG Wolverine 5K series, click here. This will give you some backstory on what this event is about. To...

Ask Josh: What’s The Deal With Folding Bolt Action Stocks?

Have a question for Josh? Email it to [email protected]  Competitive shooter and CMP veteran Daniel P. asks the following . . . “Why do all your bolt...

Training and Competition: Doing The Wolverine 5K

A while back -- probably five or six years ago -- I remember first hearing about the Wolverine 5K Tactical Adventure Race and thought...

Situational Awareness Pays Off at the Comp-U-Dopt Clay Shoot Fundraiser

By LKB As previously reported, a TTAG contingent was at the Comp-U-Dopt annual sporting clay shoot fundraiser at the Blackwood Gun Club north of Houston...

Bergara Announces The New Premier Competition Rifle

From Bergara . . . BPI Outdoors / Bergara Rifles is pleased to announce their Premier Competition Rifle. This gun is the most accurate and...
trap skeet shooting shotgun vintage

Trap Shooters: Stop Resting Your Shotgun Barrel On Your Foot! [NSFW Image]

As much as we try to minimize risk as gun owners, the shooting sports can still be dangerous. Accidents happen -- I've treated at...
awcy Scz0rpion EVO

GFEN Announces the First Shooting Competition for DIY Gun Builders

There are thousands of shooting competitions held across the country every year for competitors shooting a huge range of calibers -- .22 up to...

The Renaissance of America’s Great Outdoor Pastime

By Larry Keane America’s outdoor pastime experienced a renaissance in 2020 and signs indicate the trend will continue in 2021. Hunting and recreational shooting sports...

New from Rock River Arms: “R5 Competition” 3-Gun AR-15

Rock River Arms is at the SHOT Show displaying their new R5 Competition 3-gun rifle. It comes with a nifty handguard and the option...