New Jersey Moms Demand Action Gun Demonstration Expert Breaks Laws in Two States

Moms Demand Action recently held a Firearms 101 Presentation in the great state of New Jersey. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society helpfully documented some interesting apparent law violations that the Moms’ firearms expert committed during the educational event. It’s almost as if guest speaker Scott Pappalardo wants to go to prison for the rest […]

Beware: ‘Assault Rifle’ Shoots OK Hunter Twice and Throws Him Out of Tree Stand

Oklahoma News 4 puts a rather blatant slant on a Thanksgiving Day hunting accident in a story they titled ‘Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Warns Against Hunting with Assault Rifles.’ Granted it would have helped if the DNR/DoW guy they interviewed hadn’t also thrown around the phrase “assault rifle” like it was pepper on mashed potatoes. […]