Murphy Closed New Jersey’s Gun Stores Because of Hoplophobia, Not Public Health

By Theresa Inacker New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently used his personal dislike for the Second Amendment as justification for closing New Jersey gun shops during a national emergency. Governor Murphy unilaterally decided that gun shops and NICS background checks are not essential, but liquor stores and garden centers are. When asked at a COVID-19 […]

Anti-Gun Politicians’ Emergency Strategy: Release Inmates and Stop Firearm, Ammo Sales to Good Guys

Under orders from government officials, many local jails and state prisons across America are sending bad guys  — allegedly non-violent offenders — out into the community and not arresting some criminals. And all too often, so-called “progressive” politicians are working to simultaneously stop firearm and ammo sales to good guys amid the Chinese coronavirus emergency. […]

Now is the Time for Hunters to Share the Harvest

By Mark Oliva Hunters hunkering down through the COVID-19 quarantine might be tempted to look at their freezers full of butcher paper and shrink-wrapped wild game from last season and think this is exactly what we’ve prepared for. It is. Except, it is not just for you. That frozen wild game is the perfect opportunity […]

Illinois Governor Pritzker Gets it Right, Designates Gun and Ammunition Suppliers as Essential in Emergency

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation applauds Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker for including firearm and ammunition suppliers on the list of “essential businesses and operations” that will remain open during the Prairie State’s “Shelter-In-Place” emergency due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus emergency. “When an anti-gun Democrat governor declares that essential businesses include […]