EU’s Proposed Lead Shot Ban in Wetlands Muddies the Waters for Hunters and Shooters

By Larry Keane Shotguns have a deeply rooted history in Europe among sportsmen, farmers and ranchers. Historically these firearms have used traditional components in their loadings that includes lead shot. Anti-hunting groups in Europe and the U.S. have increasingly blamed traditional ammunition for all sorts of evils, with zero evidence that the use has had an impact on human […]

Fun With Data: More ‘Research’ Blames Mass Shootings On Those Who Didn’t Do It

It’s time to play “spot the lousy gun research” again! There’s yet a new “study” out that purports to link high rates of firearm ownership to higher rates of mass shootings. It’s economically entitled Comparing the Impact of Household Gun Ownership and Concealed Carry Legislation on the Frequency of Mass Shootings and Firearms Homicide, by […]

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms Brings Gun Control Cred to Shannon Watts’ Veepstakes

By Larry Keane Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms soared to the national spotlight following her speech to her city’s rioters and looters to “Stay home!” earlier this year. Democrats took notice and she’s on the short list as a candidate to be presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate. She joined Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts for […]

Gun Owners Fight For All Americans’ Civil Rights

The Minneapolis police officer who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck for almost ten minutes deserves the scorn and legal jeopardy in which he now finds himself. He has become a pariah for good reason. In the coming months, he and the others responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death will face face a jury of […]