Illinois State Police Director Wants FOID Fee Increase While Legislature Siphons Off Millions in Gun Owners’ Money

As we’ve reported, the state of Illinois has siphoned off tens of millions of dollars of revenue from the Illinois State Police that was designated to fund the processing of firearms owners ID cards and concealed carry licenses. That money was diverted from its authorized use to into other parts of the Land of Lincoln’s […]

Trump’s Budget Proposal Includes Funds to Support Hunting, Recreational Shooting

By Larry Keane In a welcomed sign for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts across the country, the Trump Administration this week submitted its 2020 budget proposal to Congress, and it’s chock full of good news for outdoorsmen and women. President Donald Trump – an ardent supporter of law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights – included in […]

After 50% Tax Failed, CT State Rep. Proposes 35% Ammunition Tax to Fund ‘Gun Violence’ Prevention

My first bill of the 2020 session is a proposal to increase funds for gun violence prevention & reduction efforts in CT cities by establishing a 35% excise tax on ammunition. #gunsense #enough — Jillian Gilchrest (@Jilchrest) February 10, 2020 Last year, Connecticut State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest proposed a 50% ammunition tax, but that […]

Donald Trump, Second Amendment Warrior

By Aamer Madhani, Associated Press After the Parkland school shooting in Florida two years ago, President Donald Trump chided Republican lawmakers for being too “scared” of the National Rifle Association to tighten gun laws — then backed away from the idea. After back-to-back mass shootings in Ohio and Texas in 2019, Trump embraced calls for “strong background checks” — […]

ASA: Virginia Suppressor Ban Passes House With Grandfathering

From the American Suppressor Association . . . This afternoon the Virginia House of Delegates voted 51 – 48 in favor of passing House Bill 961, Delegate Mark Levine’s (D-45) “assault firearm” and suppressor ban. All 45 Republican Delegates voted against the bill. They were joined by Del. Lee Carter (D-50), Del. Steve Heretick (D-79), and Del. Rosalyn […]

Arizona’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Bill Is A Doozy

Arizona Democrats have filed yet another “assault weapon” ban bill. This one is Senate Bill 1625. At first glance, with two notable stand-outs, it’s pretty much par for the gun-grabbing course; a ban on assaulty-looking guns with grandfathering. But the first notable item is just how inclusive this bill is. All semiautomatic rifles that take […]

Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Spoil Bloomberg Campaign’s Arlington, VA Gun Control Rally

By Jeff Hulbert Once upon a time in Virginia, a little emperor named Michael Bloomberg threw a gun control party, but gun rights advocates crashed it…bigly. And what a party it was. Unfortunately, we neglected to RSVP. Spoiler Alert: this story has a happy ending with Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign bus veering off into a […]