Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride

Wauwatosa Mayor OUTRAGED That Shooter Didn’t Observe Mall’s ‘Gun-Free’ Zone Policy

A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shopping mall was the scene of a shooting in which eight people were wounded on Friday. Naturally the local media sought...
toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz

Toledo Mayor’s Cancel Culture Gun Retailer Questionnaire is an Epic Fail

By Larry Keane Toledo, Ohio Democratic Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz’s attempts to cancel licensed firearm retailers who don’t accept his purity tests is backfiring on him,...
Joe Biden

Gun Control Orgs Calling the Shots as the Biden Administration Prepares to Take Power

By Larry Keane Voters roundly rejected gun control groups and their anti-Second Amendment schemes on Election Day. That hasn’t stopped these groups from searching for alternatives to...
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders

The Trace: Biden Can Push Gun Control Alone

The Trace recently ran a piece on how "president-elect Joe Biden" can indeed get his gun control agenda through all on his own. After...
Joe Biden

Cook: Relax, Biden Won’t Be Able to Do Anything to Really Restrict Gun Ownership

“Anarchy will reign and I don’t expect any compliance amongst citizens,” said Brian Rafn, a recently retired gun industry analyst from Morgan Dempsey whose...
black gun ownership

America’s Tense Political Atmosphere Is Leading to Increased Black Gun Ownership

Gun ownership is most common among white men, particularly those who live in rural areas and those who describe themselves as conservative, according to...

Georgia Runoffs in January: Gun Rights are on the Ballot. Still. Always.

As you undoubtedly know, the balance of power in the Senate is likely to come down to two runoff elections in Georgia. One of...
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

Alito: Democrats’ NYSRPA Brief Was ‘An Affront to the Constitution and the Rule of...

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito addressed the Federalist Society last week and held forth on a number of topics affecting the Court. One of...
Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg’s Billions Accomplished Nothing in the 2020 Election Cycle

By Brian Sloydysko, AP After pouring more than $1.2 billion of his personal fortune into presidential politics this election, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg...
Barack Obama

The American People Never Fail to Disappoint Barack Obama

One month after the horrifying Sandy Hook shooting, a new bill was introduced in Congress to ban military-style assault weapons like the one wielded in the...
Teacher Training Shooting armed concealed carry

Biden Wants to Prevent Armed Teachers From Protecting Themselves and Their Students

Preventing teachers from carrying firearms is just one of Joe Biden's gun control goals. See his other priorities for rolling back Second Amendment rights...
Biden angry second amendment

Biden Has Told US Exactly What He Wants to Do to Gun Rights. Believe...

By Larry Keane Former Vice President Joe Biden declared election victory, even as President Donald Trump continues to challenge results in several states. Runoffs are slated for...