Biden Repeats the Same Lies About Gun Manufacturer Liability…Again

By Larry Keane The first Democratic primary debate between the final two candidates found former Vice President Joe Biden repeating misleading claims about firearm manufacturers, and sadly it’s one of his favorite attack lines that he tees up time and again. Hillary Clinton tried the same tactic in 2015. Politifact labeled it “false” then, and it’s still false now. […]

What Constitution? Champaign, IL Passes Sweeping Emergency Powers Ordinance Including Banning Gun, Ammo Sales

With less than 18 hours’ notice, the Champaign, Illinois city council passed an emergency powers ordinance Friday morning, which Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen signed. The ordinance grants sweeping powers to the mayor, including the ability to order a ban on selling, transferring, or even giving away firearms or ammunition. Some would-be authoritarians at the home […]

In an Election Year, Gun Control Becomes Political in New Zealand and Jacinda Ardern is Losing Her Support

By Samara McPhedran, Griffith University Immediately after the Christchurch massacre in 2019, the New Zealand government pledged dramatic gun law changes. A year later, amid an ongoing elevated terror level, the government has quietly dropped its promises the laws will prevent future mass shootings. It has shifted instead to platitudes about never wanting to see […]