MN Congresswoman ‘Apologizes’ for Anti-Semitism By Attacking the NRA, Second Amendment Rights

Rebukes of members of Congress come very few and far between. So when the House Democrat leadership called out freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D, Minnesota) for her anti-Semitic remarks yesterday, it made news.  Omar soon apologized, sort of. Yet in her “apology” she made sure to complain about the NRA’s constitutional right to lobby for its […]

Illinois Would Face Semi-Auto Ban Under New Senate Bill

UPDATE:  At the bottom of this post. Illinois has a new governor in JB Pritzker. Neither he nor the Democrat super-majority legislature particularly like guns rights or gun owners. Really, they dislike gun owners almost as much as they hate President Donald Trump. So it should surprise exactly no one that a Prairie State Democrat […]

Permitless Carry Bill Passes in South Dakota Senate

South Dakota is on a fast track to become the nation’s fourteenth state with nationwide constitutional carry after Senate Bill 47 passed on Tuesday with a 23-11 vote after about one hour of debate. Both the Senate and House currently have Republican majorities, the House even more than the Senate. The reason constitutional carry hasn’t been […]