Suppressing Hollywood Blanks — Does it Work?

While reviewing the YHM Turbo-K, I was grabbing some .223 and 5.56 from my stash and saw my box of blank ammo. I’ve had two types for years: grenade launching blanks and Hollywood blanks. The latter are designed to provide all of the flash and most of the bang of an actual gunshot, just without […]

10 Best Quarantine Movies for Gun Guys

You’ve been stuck at home for weeks now. If you have kids, well, that hasn’t made it any easier. They’re starting to go stir crazy and how many times can you possibly watch ‘Frozen’ or ‘Cars’ or some other “family friendly flick” again without having a cerebrovascular incident? At some point you have to get […]

Here Are the Guns We’re Willing to Give Up During the Coronavirus National Emergency

By Jennifer Sensiba Major events and emergencies like the coronavirus outbreak and national emergency tend to change the way we think. In the face of a global pandemic, even we libertarians and conservatives are thinking about the collective good over our individual situations. As a result, we’re now tolerating government more control over broad swaths […]

And Now for Something Completely Different

The news hasn’t been good these last few days. It’s easy to get caught up in the hour-by-hour, sometimes minute-by-minute reports of quarantines, shut-downs and shelter-in-place orders and let it overwhelm you. While that’s certainly natural and perfectly understandable, it’s important to manage your intake. Step away from the news and do something else occasionally […]

Still The Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time

  It’s hard to believe that — more than thirty years later — there’s still any debate about this. If you still have any doubts about the greatest Christmas story ever told, watch Fox’s re-cut trailer above. Besides, there’s no reason to argue about this. As Hans Gruber himself notes, it’s a time of miracles, […]

Gabrielle Blair: Clueless In California

If Gabrielle Blair didn’t exist, the pro-rights movement would have to invent her, if only for the comedic relief. She approaches gun people control with all the expertise of an interior designer. Ms. Blair achieved her bit of internet fame the other day with a simple(-minded) tweet. There are far better ways to protect your […]