American Tactical’s New 60-Round AR-15 Magazine

Capacity is king, or so they say. Well, somebody says that. Wasn’t me, but I’m happy to go along. I mean, why run 30 rounds when one can run 60, right? Other than the large size of most bulky drum-style magazines that are out there, that is. So instead of going round, Schmeisser and American […]

Timney’s New Remington 700 Hit Trigger

If you’re a long-range shooter, you know the importance of a good trigger. And while the Remington 700 platform is a popular choice for many long-range shooters, one of the first upgrades to a stock rifle is a new trigger. Or, if you’re putting together a new build based on the Model 700 platform, one […]

We Knife Co. Now Making Titanium 1911 Grip Scales

If you’re a knife knut as well as a firearms fan, you may have heard of We Knife Co. They’re a Chinese knife manufacturer that turns out some incredibly well-made and nicely designed blades. Thanks to a tip from Clay Aalders (former TTAK editor and now digital editor of Knife Magazine), we hear that We […]

Gun Gear: Watch Out for Cheap Chinese Knock-Offs

An upstate New York man got a knock on the door recently. While the delivery man may have looked like a Big Brown Truck driver, he was really a federal agent. Why? Because Jonathan Roberts of Canandaigua had been buying cheap, knock-off gun accessories from China. Roberts had bought gear to make a GLOCK into […]

EZ Accuracy’s New Offset Fiber Optic Sights

Do you have a scope mounted on your AR-15? When targets get closer, lots of shooters don’t want to take the time to adjust magnification down to 1X. That’s when a set of offset iron sights can be awfully handy, allowing the shooter to simply angle the rifle and engage quickly. EZ Accuracy has rolled […]