How to Choose the Perfect Long Gun Safe (With a Few Suggestions)

If you live in and love the firearms lifestyle, you assume the same basic responsibility — to keep your firearms away from people (kids, criminals, crazies) who shouldn't have access to them. A gun...

Strandhogg Pop Art Summer Vibes Limited Edition Shirt: From FirstSpear

Cue the music and the Reagan-era vibes. It's time to celebrate the Strandhogg, First Spear summertime shirt style. This new limited edition tee is a tactical (~ish) tip of the hat to Andy Warhol in...
ReVive Medical Pouch

Portable First Aid: High Speed Gear’s ReVive and Bleeder Medical Pouches

From High Speed Gear . . . High Speed Gear would like to take a moment to showcase their ReVive Medical Pouch and Bleeder/Blowout Pouch, two compact ways to carry lifesaving equipment. Throughout the tactical community,...
XS suppressor RMR height sights

XS Sights New R3D Suppressor/RMR Height Sights

From XS Sights . . . XS Sights is pleased to introduce R3D Suppressor/RMR Height Sights for the popular HK VP9 Optics Ready pistol. These taller R3D sights are designed to allow a clear view...
8.6 BLK Barrel

New 8.6 BLK Barrels from Faxon Firearms

Faxon Firearms has collaborated with Q to build the highest quality 8.6 BLK barrels for Remington 700 and AR10 platforms. It should come as no surprise that Faxon Firearms is developing barrels compatible with the...

Primary Arms Unveils Two New GLx Rifle Scopes

From Primary Arms . . . Primary Arms Optics has announced two new scopes for its GLx® optic tier: a GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope with ACSS Athena BPR MIL Reticle and a GLx 1-6x24mm...

GATORZ Eyewear OPz Lenses Are Polarized But Work With Digital Screens

I don't love copying-and-pasting press releases, and I certainly don't recall ever doing it for something as "simple" as sunglasses. However, having dealt with the difficulty ("first world problems" difficulty as it is) of...

New from KE Arms: Glock Mag Compatible Polymer AR-15 Lower

If the new Glock mag compatible polymer receiver from KE Arms is as good as their AR-15 receiver, I will be buying a few of these, too. At only $159 for the semi-stripped lower...
Russia Ukraine War soldiers army

Patreon Suspends Donations to Nonprofit Providing Body Armor to Ukrainian Soldiers

Come Back Alive, a charitable organization headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine since 2014, recently had one of its largest sources of funding cut off. Providing body armor, medical kits, helmets, mobile surveillance systems, televisions, and...

ATF Goes After Homemade Silencers Through Mass Form 1 Disapprovals

Before manufacturing one's own silencer or other NFA item, one must file an ATF Form 1 for registration and approval and receive said approval. Through a leap of logic, ATF has begun disapproving Form...

Atibal’s New HYBRID12 1-12×32 SFP Medium Power Variable Optic

From Atibal . . . We are literally creating a new genre of rifle scopes with the HYBRID12, never before has a magnification range of 12x been achieved in a true 1x scope. With the...

Elite Survival Systems Roomy Loadout Range Bag

From Elite Survival Systems . . . The new Loadout Range Bag from Elite Survival Systems offers adjustable, movable mag pouches and accessory pouches, in addition to removable firearms compartments and lift-out ammo insert. ELITE SURVIVAL...