Dream Gun: The Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum

When Smith & Wesson introduced the now-legendary Registered Magnum in 1935, the United States was in the middle of the Great Depression. Even so, that didn’t stop them from offering what was their most expensive revolver to date. The entire gun was a custom order. You chose the barrel length (anything between 3 1/2″ and […]

7 Cheap Handguns You Would Actually Want To Own

There are lots of cheap (or inexpensive, if you prefer) handguns, but only so many you’d actually want to have in your safe, glove box, car safe…wherever you store it. Or, for that matter, your concealed carry holster. Granted, that involves some qualifications. What constitutes a “cheap” handgun? Materials could be a good starting point […]

The 5 Most Most Painful Handguns to Shoot

If you’re shooting for fun, self-defense, hunting or just training for one of those, the experience is more enjoyable without undue pain. Whether you’re hoping to avoid discomfort or mix it with pleasure (not judging), here are five handguns guaranteed to hurt so good. . . 1) DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol No surprise that a 0.666″-thick, […]

[VIDEO] Bill Frady on the CZ P-10C

You may know friend of TTAG Bill Frady from his Lock N Load radio show that gets 20 million listens a week. I do a regular segment on the week’s news with Bill every Friday at 5:00p central. Bill’s now branching out into video gun reviews and here’s his take on the CZ P-10 C, […]

The Four Best AR Pistol Braces

Best is a strong word — often subjective — and you may notice some decent pistol stabilizing braces missing from this article. So, instead, let’s just call this Jeremy’s shortlist of my favorite pistol braces, whether that’s for an AR pistol or for other large-format pistols. In no particular order . . . SB Tactical […]

Genius: AIWB Holster Hack from Melody Lauer

This holster hack from Melody Lauer is a favorite of mine and a must-share. If you carry AIWB, give it a try. Give the Keepers’ Errand holster a look, too. Spencer Keepers is The Man for AIWB holsters and skills. “I have awesome ear pro! The muffs aren’t foam padded they are gel padded and […]

Gear Review: SilencerCo Threaded Barrel (SIG Sauer P226, 9mm)

SilencerCo’s threaded barrels have been around for about three and a half years now – approximately half as long as it took the company to bring them to market – and they’ve held their own, earning a rightful place as a standard aftermarket option and favorite among owners of SilencerCo silencers. With a newly-inked NFA […]

My Grandfather’s 1943 Union Switch & Signal M1911A1

Within two months of his eighteenth birthday, my grandpa left the Bronx, New York and was inducted into the Army of the United States. His listed civilian occupation was “boilermaker,” but he was on his way to an MOS of Intelligence Observer 518 in the 209th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. He […]