CMC Triggers Announces Their New KRAGOS Slides for GLOCK 17 & 19 Gen3 Pistols

From CMC Triggers: CMC Triggers’ new KRAGOS Glock compatible slide symbolizes victory and strength, much like that of the Greek God in which the name was inspired. The KRAGOS Slide solidifies CMC’s reputation for producing premium aftermarket Glock® parts and accessories. The aggressively sleek design and enhanced aesthetics of the KRAGOS improve accuracy and performance […]

My Grandfather’s 1943 Union Switch & Signal M1911A1

Within two months of his eighteenth birthday, my grandpa left the Bronx, New York and was inducted into the Army of the United States. His listed civilian occupation was “boilermaker,” but he was on his way to an MOS of Intelligence Observer 518 in the 209th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. He […]

Caliber Comparison: 9mm vs. .38 Special

When we look at different cartridges there is often a focus on the disembodied numbers that describe them. All too often there’s a mental disconnect between the numbers and reality, and in many cases the numbers are skewed to make one cartridge look “better” than another it ostensibly competes against. Reality is far different than […]

Gun Review: Rock Island Armory AL9.0 9mm Revolver

By Dan Thurs Armscor/Rock Island has made some fantastic firearms over the years and I’ve had the pleasure of shooting several of them. But recently I got to try out something a little different…their new AL9.0 9mm revolver. Why a 9mm revolver? Many gun owners like to simplify and own a range of guns that […]

Gun Review: Cimarron Pistoleer by Uberti

Cimarron Firearms and Uberti of Italy have well-earned the reputation for great guns at great prices. Head to any Cowboy Action Shooting match and you’ll undoubtedly find the guns from these giants of the industry very well represented. That goes doubly so for Cowboy Action Mounted Shooting. For their newest release, the Pistoleer, Cimarron Firearms […]

Pennsylvania Superior Court Rules the PLCAA is Unconstitutional

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was designed to keep predatory trial attorneys and anti-gun billionaires like Michael Bloomberg from bankrupting America’s firearms industry through constant and repeated vexatious litigation. Congress recognized that an industry that manufactures legal, beneficial products and sells them to citizens who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to keep […]

Gun Review: FIE Titan .25 ACP Pistol

By Brendan Nadeau There are some guns that gun lovers pine for; a Wilson Combat 1911, a Colt Python revolver, a highly tuned M1 Garand…maybe even a SIG Legion P229? There are also guns that are workhorses; an M&P15 Sport, a boring, yet reliable GLOCK 17, a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Then there are the guns […]