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Trap Shooters: Stop Resting Your Shotgun Barrel On Your Foot! [NSFW Image]

As much as we try to minimize risk as gun owners, the shooting sports can still be dangerous. Accidents happen -- I've treated at...
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Gear Review: NAR Tactical Operator Response Kit (TORK) First Aid Kit

If you're going to buy a basic trauma kit, the North American Rescue Tactical Operator Response Kit (TORK) is a great one. I got...

Things That [Still] Don’t Suck: Magpul Sunglasses

Rewind to September of 2018 and I had just picked up two pairs of Magpul's then-new sunglasses; a "Terrain" and an "Explorer" model (YouTube...

New From Premier Body Armor: AGILE Level IIIA Soft Armor Inserts

Plate carriers can be handy for carrying spare magazines and all sorts of other gear without weighing down your belt, but adding ballistic armor...
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Handy in an Emergency: Know How to Quickly Train Someone to Shoot Safely

During the past year, I've seen a lot of people argue over whether it's a good idea to lend guns to others in an...
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Welcome to Guntopia Where Firearms Will Decide If and When You Can Use Them

I ran across a new "smart gun" proposal, AI Can Stop Mass Shootings, and More. Yes, these people -- three superior intellects who toil...

10th Mountain Division Investigating Dangerous Room-Clearing Training Video

A video is making the rounds on Facebook that has sparked an investigation within the US Army's famed 10th Mountain Division. The video shows...

The Truth About: Hollow Point Bullets [Video]

Over on TTAG's Rumble channel we'll be doing regular "The Truth About..." videos. I promise with better audio quality than the first one, The...
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Real World Preparedness Lessons From the Big Texas Chill of ’21

I've been getting a lot of calls and texts over the last few days asking how we made it through the Big Texas Chill...

AR500 Armor Offers Black Friday Style Sales All Month: Body Armor, Targets, and More

Black Friday not enough? How about Black November. AR500 Armor has rolled out sitewide discounts on body armor plates, carriers, packages, AR500 targets, shooting...
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A New York Hospital System is Building a Gun Owner Registry One Patient At...

Northwell Health, New York State's largest healthcare provider, is beginning a pilot program ostensibly intended to determine their patients' "risk for firearm injury." Starting later...
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

And why didn't the safety mavens at the National Rifle Association catch it?