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Safety Tip: Don’t Try To Catch a Dropped Gun

I confess. I dropped my carry piece one morning last week. It slipped from my grasp and tumbled to the floor as I reached for it to holster it for the day. Fully loaded,...

Stop Shooting Gun Rights in the Foot

We all celebrate the fact that the last two years have broken every existing record for first-time gun owners entering our ranks. We celebrate that permissive concealed carry laws have become the norm, not...

Safety Tip: Never Try to Catch a Dropped Gun

103 We've said it before -- a few times, actually -- but it bears repeating, particularly after recent events...don't try to catch a gun you've dropped. Period. It's far more dangerous to try to grab...

Gear Review: Gatorz Marauder Glasses

Gatorz's newest frame style is called the Marauder, and they look a bit like a full coverage Wayfarer style. Combining my go-to look with a wrap style frame that offers extreme peripheral vision, I...

GATORZ Eyewear: 15% Off TTAG Discount Plus a Free Backpack

Today (July 22nd) through July 25th, GATORZ is including a free backpack with the purchase of any ANSI Ballistic eyewear from their website. As if that isn't enough, you can use coupon code TTAG15...

A Visit to Axil’s Booth for a Hearing Test and Custom Fitting

I shoot quite a lot, as you might imagine. I've also been shooting a heck of a lot of suppressed firearms, which I typically do without hearing protection on/in my ears because I'm often...
ReVive Medical Pouch

Portable First Aid: High Speed Gear’s ReVive and Bleeder Medical Pouches

From High Speed Gear . . . High Speed Gear would like to take a moment to showcase their ReVive Medical Pouch and Bleeder/Blowout Pouch, two compact ways to carry lifesaving equipment. Throughout the tactical community,...
Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting

Police Release Video From Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Movie Set Shooting and Investigation

By Morgan Lee, AP Law enforcement officials released a trove of video evidence Monday in the ongoing investigation of a fatal October shooting of a cinematographer by actor and producer Alec Baldwin on the set...
Kimber R7 Mako

Kimber Recalls Some R7 Mako 9mm Pistols

From Kimber . . . Kimber Mfg. Inc. (“Kimber”) has discovered a quality issue involving the firing pin safety block of certain Kimber R7 model handguns. This recall affects certain Serial Numbers that were shipped...
Ruger SR22 Product Safety Bulletin

Ruger Issues a Product Safey Bulletin for SR22 Rimfire Pistols

From Ruger . . . In rare instances, if the left and right frame inserts of Ruger SR22 pistols are not properly secured together, the firing pin blocker lifter and hammer block can move independently...

GATORZ Eyewear OPz Lenses Are Polarized But Work With Digital Screens

I don't love copying-and-pasting press releases, and I certainly don't recall ever doing it for something as "simple" as sunglasses. However, having dealt with the difficulty ("first world problems" difficulty as it is) of...

Internet Melts Down Over Wyoming Kids Learning to Shoot In Their School Gym

“This is what America needs more of,” one comment read. “Education and responsible firearm ownership.” “This is so awesome! Probably one of the safest schools in the country too,” a commenter wrote. “I need to...