Hornady: We’re Committed to Maintaining Production [VIDEO]

From Hornady . . . Hornady Manufacturing Company is still in full operation and will endeavor to conduct business as usual through the coronavirus crisis. We are committed to keep production going during this situation. We encourage our partners and vendors to continue to supply our operations. Please keep us abreast of your status and […]

Is This the Beginning of Ammogeddon II?

This photo was snapped this morning by TTAG contributor Luis Valdes at his north Florida neighborhood Academy Sports store. As he reports, he “went to go get a set of weights and the ammo/gun department is being stripped clean.” We all remember the run that took place after Sandy Hook as the Obama administration took […]

Emergency Preparedness: How Much is Enough?

  Preparedness for contingencies goes a long way to turning chaos into mere inconvenience. Finding one’s self unprepared when life throws you a curveball sucks. Hopefully, like many TTAG readers, you maintain some level of readiness for a variety of emergencies. If so, congrats. The question quickly becomes how much is “enough” though when it […]