What Is Your Firearm Personality?

OK, your long gun personality. This was posted at the Spikes Tactical book of faces page (h/t DrVino). Here are the blurbs in a more readable type size: AR-15 Almost invariably a manchild with delusions of imitating...
father's day shooting range

What Guns Will You Be Shooting on Father’s Day?

Maybe you'll be lounging at a beach or by a pool today, cold frosty one in hand. Or maybe your idea of a perfect Father's Day is hunkering down in front of the tube...
ammo ammunition feat

What Will You Buy With Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check?

The first federal Chinese virus stimulus payments went out yesterday and already our friends in the media are recoiling in horror at how Americans are choosing to use their own money. The urban sophisticates...
Ammuntion shelf empty ammo

Is This the Beginning of Ammogeddon II?

This photo was snapped this morning by TTAG contributor Luis Valdes at his north Florida neighborhood Academy Sports store. As he reports, he "went to go get a set of weights and the ammo/gun...
Pro Gun Rally Virginia

The New Yorker Reminds its Readers that Gun Rights is Ultimately About White Power

It was Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, but there were few references to the icon of nonviolence, who was killed by a sniper. Contrary to the beliefs of many at the gun rally, with...
Palmetto state armory no beto ar-15

If an AR-15 Lower Isn’t a Firearm Under the Law, Why is a Semi-Auto...

There has been much notice taken lately that judges are having a bit of trouble with the ATF's interpretation of the law by which AR lower receivers are firearms in and of themselves. By...
christmas gun present

Did You Get a Gun or Other Gear for Christmas?

We hear the jolly old elf was awfully busy last night, putting plenty of ballistic goodies under trees for all the really good boys and girls. via GIPHY The little elves at the FBI have been...
Portrait Of Worried And Sad Woman Looks Stressed, Bites Finger N

Will Your Christmas Gifts Encourage Good Will and Problem Solving This Year?

While it may seem that there is plenty to be happy about this holiday season -- a booming economy and record low levels of violent crime -- that doesn't seem to be a universally...
Diamond K Brass bullets cartridges

How Do You Choose Your Ammunition?

Gun buyers tend to do a lot of research before buying a firearm. They read reviews, talk to their friends and borrow or rent the model they're considering if possible. At a minimum, when...

Do You Correct Other Shooters at the Range?

We've all seen it. Someone holding a gun incorrectly at the range. Or, more alarming, someone failing to follow one or more of the four rules of firearm safety. As in the photo above. If...

Would You Name Your Dog After a Gun? What’s Your Favorite?

Being the dog-crazy people we are, we watched the first night of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show last night as we do every year. We don't pay much attention to the toy group,...

Will NRA Hats Be Branded as the Next KKK White Hood?

By John Dingell III The Washington Post's fashion critic declared last week that "wear a MAGA hat is to wrap oneself in a Confederate flag." It was a transparent attempt to justify the media's vile disinformation...