Shannon Watts Claims Another Non-Victory Over Guns Carried in Public With Subway Open Carry ‘Ban’

Michael Bloomberg’s star employee, Shannon Watts, has remarkably low standards when it comes to “progress” in her mission to disarm law-abiding citizens. America’s anti-gun Karen crowed like a rooster when she mau-maue’d Starbucks into requesting that their customers not carry firearms in their stores. Watts proclaimed the alleged “victory” to every media outlet that would […]

Open Carry Black Lives Matter Protestor Has Negligent Discharge, Shoots Himself in the Foot [VIDEO]

BLM Soyboy has a negligent discharge when flashing his firearm around Police — I,Hypocrite (@lporiginalg) June 29, 2020 We missed this when it happened last week. This video was from a protest that took place in Florissant, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb just north of Ferguson in St. Louis County). An open carrying protestor […]

POLICE NEUTERED: Armed ‘Protesters’ In Lansing, MI Obstruct Traffic, Point Guns At Motorists [VIDEO]

An armed former prison inmate led a “peaceful protest” in Lansing, Michigan in recent days for “civil rights.” In reality, the “Free People of Lansing” obstructed traffic and brandished firearms against motorists while police looked on from nearby. Inaction by the local police should surely raise questions aplenty for both local residents and people nationwide. […]

Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s Rough Week Includes Seeing ‘Men With Automatic Rifles’ Outside Her Home

Poor Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan’s gun rights-hating authoritarian governor has suffered through some bad days of late. Her most recent cry for help? On Tuesday, she bemoaned how her family can see men with “automatic rifles” from the front window of her home. And she’s not talking about the Michigan cops on her protective detail. […]