Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Kentucky AG: Cities Can’t Prevent Employees From Carrying Firearms on the Job

Local municipalities in Kentucky with anti-gun political leaders could not prohibit their employees from not only bringing guns to their workplace in personal vehicles,...
Florida Legislature wilton simpson

Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson Illustrates the Problem With the Slow Progress of Gun...

In the upcoming November, 2022 elections, Floridians will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Florida's current Republican Senate President, Senator Wilton...
Free speech open carry protest

TheBear: Gun Rights Activists Need Better PR

TTAG reader TheBear writes: I have a habit of checking out a number of online news sources on a daily basis. I try to stay...
Grocery Store Open Carry

OMG! Open Carry is Legal and I Saw Someone Actually Doing It! OMG!

I have no idea if this guy is stable or mentally ill. Is he bothered by the heat and have a short fuse today?...
Open carry revolver holster

Why Open Carry is a Better Idea Now Than Ever

I had thought that the open carry debate had been beaten to death. But I saw a Fox News segment about homeless camping in...
Bravo Concealment holster concealed open carry

3 Reasons Why Open Carry is a Bad Idea…And Why They’re Wrong [VIDEO]

133 You might expect a man whose company makes concealed carry holsters to preach against open carry. Not so with Bravo Concealment's jefe, Rene Aquirre....
biden joint session congress speech

Biden Talked About Guns for 3 Minutes Last Night…and Got Almost Everything Wrong

By Larry Keane President Joe Biden spoke for more than an hour to a limited Joint Session of Congress for his first major speech since...
Virginia gun owner militia open carry

Washington Bill Would Make Open Carry In Groups A Felony If Someone is ‘Alarmed’

A bill under consideration in Washington State would make a group of at least three four people felons if they're openly carrying a firearm...and...
Michigan Capitol Guns

After US Capitol Siege, Michigan Legislature Bans Open Carry Inside the State Capitol

By Anna Liz Nichols, Associated Press A state panel on Monday banned the open carry of guns in Michigan’s Capitol, a week after an armed mob...

New Hampshire Governor Cancels Outdoor Inauguration Over Armed Protesters

“My first responsibility is ensuring the safety of my family and our citizens” Gov. Chris Sununu said in a news release. “For weeks, armed...
Open carry revolver holster

Harrop: Laws That Allow the Open Carry of Firearms are Insane

If I feared my home could be invaded by what Mark McCloskey said was an "out-of-control mob," I'd be inside, crouched under a window....
North Carolina polling place vote

Legally Armed Man at North Carolina Polling Place Arrested for Trespassing

From the Associated Press: In North Carolina, an armed man loitering at a polling site on Election Day has been arrested and charged with trespassing. Thirty-six-year-old...