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A whole lot of Americans pay big bucks to have Uber Eats deliver food to their home or place of work. Most of the time, the worst thing that happens is the food is cold and their wallet is lighter. But sometimes things can take a more ominous turn.

Take, for instance, a woman in Columbus, Ohio who dozed off while waiting for her Uber Eats delivery to arrive. She woke to the sound of her doorknob jiggling and someone trying to force her door open. As it turns out, it was the Uber Eats driver.

Not only did the driver showed up two hours late, he didn’t have any of her food and the order she placed specified that the driver should not knock, just put the food outside the door and leave.

She investigated the situation while armed. That proved to be a wise move, although opening the door was probably ill-advised.

When she opened the door and the driver saw she was armed, he suddenly found religion when staring down the barrel of a gun. His attempt to force entry had suddenly gone awry. She left no doubt that his attempt had ended in failure. Here’s video of the encounter (language NSFW) . . .

The woman called police after he left. Meanwhile the driver marked her as “violence” in the system and Uber Eats blocked her account, making it difficult to gain the driver’s information.

Here’s her story from Black Enterprise:

Shar’Daya Hardin, with the handle @DayxMarie, posted a video of what happened when she caught an Uber Eats driver trying to break into her home. She claimed she ordered some food and, after it took almost two hours to be delivered, she fell asleep. Hardin told BLACK ENTERPRISE she thought she was “bugging” when she heard banging on her door. “All my deliveries are ‘no contact’ so I’m used to them leaving it at the door,” Hardin said. “I heard bumping against my door and him on the handle….But I realized he was pushing his body against the door.”

When she woke up, she opened the door and pulled her gun in order to protect herself. The mother of three said the driver started begging her to forgive him. “He instantly started saying ‘I’m sorry please don’t tell on me…sorry sorry sorry.’”

She also noticed he never had any food in hand.

After trying to report the man to Uber Eats, she claimed they blocked her. “I reached out to Uber and the police and Uber Eats instantly locked my account so I couldn’t get his information,” Hardin said. “I asked them for it to make the police report, but she ended the call saying due to the driver stating it was violence she could no longer talk to me.”

Home carry is a thing, folks.  Because when seconds count, police are just minutes away.

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  1. Notice who the corporation instantly made the “Bad Person” here. Hopefully with the video as supporting evidence the Popo can get more information on the driver for her report.

    I use Uber for transportation when I have to fly somewhere…PERIOD!
    The drivers in Vegas are a hoot to visit with…everyone of them has a full-time job and Uber as their side-hustle. Haven’t had a bad experience yet.

    • AN AMAZON customer has claimed the tech giant locked him out of his smart home devices after a delivery driver falsely accused him of saying a racist remark.

      The homeowner said he suspects his Eufy doorbell’s automated response of “Excuse me, can I help you?” was misheard by the delivery driver, who was allegedly wearing headphones.

      Jackson said he is now questioning his loyalty to Amazon over how the tech giant handled the investigation.

      “In this case, we learned through our investigation that the customer did not act inappropriately” -amazon

      • I remember my mother in the 1970s warning me. About having the power company having control of our thermostat. To “save electricity” they said.

        There have been science fiction movies made about this very subject. Where your house is controlled by a computer. And if that computer is AI, or a devious person hacks into the system. They can remotely unlock your house. or lock it up and then you can’t get in.

        People getting voice activation systems for their homes or their cars. You guys are walking on thin ice. And those “big government Sharks” or “multinational corporation sharks.” are just waiting for you to fall through the cracks.

        • The power company controlling the thermostat became a thing in CO some years back, with predictable results.

        • Old school. There is good reason to continue ueing it.

          I only use metal cylinder type locks,with real metal keys. Just mind where the keys ARE. Wired landline phine with on site voice recording system, cannot be activated from any boilerroom scam operation. No financial stuff on my handheld mobil device. Don’t use it for email even. That tiny screen? Noway. No electronic fobs or clickers for the car..or house. Metal key on a ring, spare meal key in pocket upon my person. No code to unlock or lock. No door cam.
          All of this is simple, hard to hack, robust, never has any subscription fees or ongoing costs.
          I also carry a full sized REAL spare tyre for my car, jack and brace in the car. I’ve seen people waiting at the side of the road for a service truck to come rescue them. I will NOT buy or drive a car that has NO spare of any sort.. as do so many today.
          Yes its all old school but it is cheap reliable hard to hack or foil and it works.

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          Presently is the time for vfd everybody to undertake this work by utilizing this site.

      • @Dude

        “Excuse me, can I help you?”

        Oh, my…running that phrase through my captured enigma cipher machine decodes it to some really awful racist language (remember that perception defines reality and people hear what they want to hear in most cases which gives credence to their perceived reality…and their logic circle is now complete)

        • S­t­a­r­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g f­r­o­m h­o­m­e! G­r­e­a­t w­o­r­k f­o­r-E­v­er, ­S­t­a­y a­t H­o­m­e M­o­m­s O­R a­n­y­o­n­e n­e­e­d­s­ a­n e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e. G­e­t s­t­a­r­t­e­d. Y­o­u o­n­l­y n­e­e­d­ a bgh computer a­n­d a reliable c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r c­o­n­n­e­c­t­i­o­n­ s­o d­o­n’t g­e­t l­a­t­e t­r­y…….

      • I am SHOCKED to learn that thw Whammy Zon actually made some attempt to set things right. My experience with thse creeps as a (former) seller on their platform is they are right. They are always right. They will NEVER actually address any respoinse to their wild and false claims, they put you into an endless loop of robot emails demanding this and that, which I supplied, and they wait a week and demand it again, no possibility of ever being able to talk with a human or get any resolution. After six months and knowing they have a bottomless legal fee stash, I just quit selling there. They do not abide by their contracts,

  2. should have hidden the gun behind her back backed up and after he forced his way in, fill him full of holes and then sue the CRAP out of uber for hiring scumbags.

      • Nah. No big deal. Use COLD water and the red ooze will not harden and stain. Carpet clearns deal with worse all the time.

      • Carbona Stain Devils #4 does an amazing job on blood. I’ve had good results from Era laundry detergent as well.

      • No, Vinny is right. You’ll be finding blood and brain tissue in the apartment for months afterward. That’s not a potato chip stuck to the wall by the front closet; it’s a dried out earlobe.

        Who lost a broken pearl over there by the kitchen? Oh wait; that’s part of a tooth.

        Seriously, ladies and gentlemen. Just call ServPro and let them find and remove all the body parts no longer attached to the bad guy. You can thank me later.

  3. Now if we could just get 8 or 10 million law abiding black people to get guns. That would solve the inner city crime problem very quickly. Unfortunately democrats run cities with gun control are in the way.

    Good for her. She was prepared.

    At my wife’s suggestion we purchased one of those lockable storm doors. It’s reinforced glass very difficult to break. But when you open the inside door, you can clearly see everything. And no one, including the police, can come in.

    Just talked to them through the locked glass door.

    • we have cameras and two way intercoms for that, we stay behind a solid door. A glass door let’s them assess your possible readiness state, weaknesses, physical capability, visually and general inside entryway even of you are armed. Plus their bullets can pass through the glass just like yours can and being able to see you means they have a more visible target to fire at.

      our camera monitors are set up away from the door and we use a two way intercom. that way even though the door is solid we are not right up at the door where they can just fire through and hit us if their bullets can make it through the door, and when we talk to them on intercom its from another part of the house or away from the door behind a reinforced wall section that’s unlikely to let any bullets through.

      we learned our lesson from where we used to live, not going to give them a second chance.

      • We got the glass door 20 years ago. But I agree with. I’ve been looking at outdoor cameras for a while now. In fact trail cameras I think might be just the ones.

        Waterproof, good for year round use. Winter and summer. And they have camouflage.

  4. From the sound of her words any and all forgivness is off the table and a lawsuit will be on the table…Perp stood no chance against a firearm and video…plus he defamed her.

    • That’s an excellent point; “he defamed her”. Sure enough he did, by marking her as “violent”, which caused Uber to cancel her account.

      I hope she has an excellent attorney; this one could have a big payout.

  5. she made a mistake by unlocking the door…but other than that .. Well Done!

    Uber has a history of hiring deranged people. There have been rapes and robberies and various attacks by Uber drivers.

  6. He would have gotten a front straight kick to the face while he was on his knees. He can apologize after that. He hasn’t got a fu—- thing to say with no food and trying to open the door. Those actions demand an ass kicking.

    I’m an old white guy from Montana and that would have made my blood boil, being on his knees making excuses! All that would have done is made it worse. He would have eaten a kick, a few stomps and thrown down those stairs. I don’t believe in gentle.

  7. Wonder if there’s two sides to this story or if we’re safe assuming the one we have been told told is the only one.

    • The possibility exists that what’s offered is a black and white version of a color story. That said, considering all the crime, assaults, rapes and so forth, the story may very well be just what we are reading, the guy had nefarious intentions.

      • MAYBE HAD NEFARIOUS INTENTIONS?? But then again maybe he did NOT and was just late. ‘NEMO MEMORUM HORIS SAPIT; as HOMER would have siad roughly transllated as ‘Men are not wise at all hours’ .
        A for apologising _ i think I’d probably be apologising too with a Bloody Gun pointed at my head.
        Why the sill cow if she was so concedrned for her personal safety could not have installed a battery operated CHEAP /CAMERA/PEEPHOLE /SPEAKER SYSTEM. Here inthe UK that would cost around v$US25/30 Even better at the same time, as is a requirement here in the UK by CONTENTS Insurance Companies, have a proper security door fitted at the same time. Mine cost about in $US terms $900 fitted.

        I just cannot get my head around the fact that in America THE first reaction IS TO SHOOT>.
        Don’t tell me about bbloody WARNINGS either- just pointing a firearm IS and intention to SHOOT

        • ‘nother liberal Brit apologist, blaming Amercan gun rights. I’m not going to what if you Al, y’all Brits had gun rights back when you were mostly free. When you regain any testicular fortitude, and start handling your groomer problem-amongst others- then we can talk.

    • so tell us.. whats your theory as to why a Uber driver who was suppose to deliver food shows up with out the food ?

      Uber drivers don’t show up to say ‘hey, I’m here to not deliver your food.”

      there is no reason for him to even be there without the food.

      • My theory is I leave open a possibility, since I don’t know the exact story as I wasn’t there. What I believe to be the truth is the scum-bag was up to no good, didn’t have food, was trying to open the door and apparently had no explanation to what he was doing and the apologizing would have pissed me off. Okay, you’re sorry, SORRY FOR WHAT??

        However, as I said, since I wasn’t there I leave the possibility open that there’s more to it although I seriously doubt it.

      • by the way. this is not an unknown thing for Uber drivers who are suppose to deliver food to show up with or without the food and just walk into a home unannounced and without permission.

        we had one here do that to a neighbor. show up without the food and just walk into the persons home. he too was met with potential ‘ballistic’ ejection. he didn’t beg though, turned and ran.

        • My hesitation to jump on the bandwagon with the initial reporting comes from seeing how badly good people have initially been maligned before all the facts come out. We’ve all seen it. All I’ve seen of this story is the word of this woman and a cell video that gives no context. Just saying we may not have all the facts.

      • not to mention, let alone factor in, his two hour late arrival…… it ALL says dirtbag.

        • A BLOODT DIRT BAG because maybe his vehicle had broken down ARE YOU DELUSIONAL MAD or just plain bloody ignorant beyond belief?? I suppose you are one of those people to whom no misfortune, however minor occurs withouit it ALWAYS being someone elses fault.
          TRUE DISCIPLE> Could not agree more.!
          See my entry below> Some poor bugger deserves to be SHOT for being late on delivery and is a DIRT BAG., How low can you sink!!

        • Dude, calm down. Say it, don’t spray it. Oh wait, you’re another one of the trolls.

          Well, Tionico is right. And you’re not even a US Citizen, so your opinion doesn’t matter.

  8. She shouldn’t have opened the door if it was my delivery guy I would have reported him for being late and not having my order then called the cops for him trying to break CYA on two fronts.

  9. The one thing that I noticed is she handled her pistol properly. She never put her figure on the trigger. The only place you’re figure on the trigger when you’re ready to fire.

    • There would be nothing wrong with having your finger on the trigger in this situation.

      • It’s borderline for me. I wouldn’t have been upset if she DID have her finger on the trigger in this case. I actually wouldn’t have been upset if she had shot and killed him either. He was breaking in. That’s good enough for me.

        Unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t call me to be on the jury. I would have found him guilty for killing himself, Uber for being an @sshat of a company, and his mama for raising a criminal.

        Call me biblical. Old Testament, of course. 😀

  10. Hmmm…we just had deep dish (Beggers)Chicago Pizza delivered. I have several gats & weapons at the ready. Woe to anyone trying shifty chit…🙄😀

  11. What is Uber Eats? Not where I live. I have to ask, what kind of person can’t cook for themselves? A lazy one. Have you ever seen the type of people that take these food delivery jobs? Would you ever eat food delivered by them? Yea, I think not. Common sense is like a superpower now days.

    • Wally1,

      Common sense is like a superpower now days.

      I resemble that remark.

    • I get you, Wally. But I’m really curious. What state do you live in and how recently did you and your state vote to make lazy a crime? That’s so progressive, every state should do it!

      Where I live, lazy is not a crime; at least not yet. If you want to order a pizza for delivery, you can. Oh the HUMANITY!

      And you know what, we’re so edgy here, nobody asks you WHY you want your food delivered. This unapologetic lack of means testing is just so BRAZEN!

      To make matters worse, they just ask you if you want “no contact” delivery and if you would like to leave your delivery person an online tip! I don’t know how people can tolerate such blatant ENTREPRENEURISM!

      I know I know…freedom and liberty is frightening. Just like hot pizza can be terrifying! I always go to pick up my pizza, because we can’t be having hot pizza at night. And being able to order wings too? And breadsticks? The amount of choice available is just not sustainable in America these days.

      Think of all the starving children in China!

  12. Somna delivery guy cvannot get an answer so he rattles the DOORKNOB to attract attention. He is NOT ARMED and has made no over threat but has merely NOT OBEYED a MINOR INSTRUCTION not obeyed instructions to leave the FOOD on the doorstep.
    The entry makes no mention of whether he had OR did not have the food delivery in his vehicle, He then FULLY EXPECTED to get shot fell to he knees and asked not to be reported for NOT LEAVE the food on the doorstep to get BLOODY COLD. .
    This deliovery guy came within an ace of being SHOP and all mthe HEADLINE ENTRY can do is toCONGRATULATE a stupid,stupid stupid woman who if she had had any real concern about her PERSONAL safety would have had a bloody BATTERY OPERATED DOOR ANSWERING KIT installed like I Have in the UK A CHEAP CAMERA or PEEPER and a cheap SPEAKER system that together cost me in the UK AROUND 25 bucks WE also have BRITISH STANDARD doors [ mine cost about in $US 900.00 fully installed] that will resist and kind of casuall shoulder force and which without it’s virtually impossible to get CONTENTS INSURANCE>
    WHY? Because we also have all kinds of HOUSE DELIVERIES the days and we also all kinds of CON-ARTISTS trying their luck. Surely to god it’s far better to taKE NON-VIOLENT PRECAUTIONSthan to shoot some poor bugger that was probably only doing his job a tad over -enthusiastically. How would this uttely stupid woman have reacted if it was HER PROBABLY WHITE SON or HUSBAND RATTLING the DOOR of an AFRO/AMERICAN WOMAN and she had shot him. Thought about THAT ??
    But HEY the guys BLACK so he’s obviously a murdering madman high of recreationals -RIGHT??

    • Al. she is black.

      That simple misstatement belies the rest of the errors of what you posted.

      • Albert is an idiot, his views colored by confirmation bias and anti-rights agenda and liberal indoctrination and not understanding what ‘context’ means and that hes a flat out liar to begin with. He’s like dacian and Miner49er (he probably is actually dacian, both share the exact same thought pattern flow in their posts and although that thought pattern flow is common in the left-wing liberal mental illness there are specifics between the two that are the same).

  13. This is not an uncommon thing with UberEats.

    we had one here do that to a neighbor. show up without the food and just walk into the persons home. he too was met with potential ‘ballistic’ ejection. he didn’t beg though, turned and ran.

    And if you look at the twitter link with the article you see other events too, for example:

    “Uber guy gave me an order he said was correct. Ok, cool. He comes back moments later and tried to push pass me. My son, who is a big 6’5, another family and my big ass dog were ready to make a move. He quickly turned his butt around.
    — Terry Louie (@TerryLouie5) June 13, 2023”

    “Happened to me last month. Knocked his ass out and now he in jail
    — A Bruxha (@BrazillyGotIt) June 13, 2023”

    “Had a @UberEats delivery man come back to my hotel room after 2am,my food was delivered at 10pm.Uber did nothing.
    — Meeka Meek (@Vy6nmeek) June 13, 2023”

    “At this point it’s sad as hell I’ve seen women have to change their names to a man name on food service apps to feel safe on even using it ..💔 @UberEats
    — ✨TheeAnimeShawty✨ (@TheeAnimeShawty) June 13, 2023”

    “This happened to me .. literally he wrote his number on my food bag along with coming back later that day .. and I reported him and they gave me 5 dollars Uber credit 😴
    — 𝒟𝒶 𝒹♡𝓃♛ (@323DES) June 13, 2023”

    In the last few years its been a common tactic in some areas for food delivery people to attacked by groups of young criminals, then a member of that group try to deliver the food and when the resident opens the door the group rushes in for a home invasion.

    And with Uber drivers in general there have been many assaults, sexual and otherwise, and robberies and attacks committed by Uber drivers (for example, the Uber driver who killed six people and wounded another two). But also there have been Uber drivers that have been heros (for example, the Uber driver who drew his own firearm and stopped a mass shooter in Chicago).

    This is not to say that all food delivery people are bad guys/gals. And there have been hard working honest food delivery people robbed or beaten or killed by criminals.

    • correction for: “In the last few years its been a common tactic in some areas for food delivery people to attacked by groups of young criminals,…”

      should have been…

      In the last few years its been a common tactic in some areas for food delivery people to be attacked by groups of young criminals, …

      • I always answer the pizza delivery guy (or gal) with my firearm riding on my hip. They never see it, but surely if they were to try something, they won’t see THAT coming either. 😉

        Luckily for all, my pizza delivery people are hardworking and nice. Oh and they ACTUALLY bring the food. And one of ’em is a pretty cute young lady. I hope for her sake, she too is armed.

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