The 6 Best AR-10 Rifles For The Money

You can find AR-10 rifles that are very expensive, and you can find some that fit more modest budgets. But what are the AR-10 rifles that give the shooter the most bang for the buck? What gets you into a quality rifle for a reasonable amount? There are some real winners out there, to be […]

Is the Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) Obsolete?

Could it be that the short barrel rifle has had its day? Here’s the thing. The current proliferation of AK and AR pistols, especially when equipped with a forearm brace, more or less satisfy all the same reasons that most people wanta a short-barreled rifle for. And without all the pesky NFA hoops to jump […]

EZ Accuracy’s New Offset Fiber Optic Sights

Do you have a scope mounted on your AR-15? When targets get closer, lots of shooters don’t want to take the time to adjust magnification down to 1X. That’s when a set of offset iron sights can be awfully handy, allowing the shooter to simply angle the rifle and engage quickly. EZ Accuracy has rolled […]

CMMG’s 9 ARC Magazine – Convert an AR15 to Shoot 9mm

CMMG’s BANSHEE and RESOLUTE uppers let you quickly convert your standard AR platform lower from .223/5.56 to 9mm Luger. Now they’ve announced the new 9 ARC (AR conversion) magazines designed to feed them. Here’s their press release . . . Boonville, MO – CMMG Inc. innovates the AR platform yet again with the introduction of […]