Henry Repeating Arms Issues Safety Warning and Recall Notice of Henry Single Shot Rifles and Shotguns

From Henry: Henry Repeating Arms Company announced that it is voluntarily recalling all H015-series Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns manufactured prior to July 1, 2020. Henry has recently discovered a potential safety issue wherein, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these models may discharge without the trigger being pulled if […]

5 Great .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifles

Why wouldn’t you want a .357 Magnum lever action rifle? The .357 Magnum round is pushed to greater ballistic performance (add about another 600 fps and another 500 ft-lbs of energy, give or take) as well as a wealth of ammunition choices. You can even shoot .38 Special for some of the easiest long gun […]

Lefties: Savage Adds to Their Southpaw Precision Rifle Lines

Savage has debuted new left-handed models of its Precision Series rifles. Seven new left-hand Model 110 Elite Precision models and five new left-hand 110 Precision rifle models will be available this summer. “Savage has built an extensive catalog of left-handed firearms, quite possibly the largest in the industry,” said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing for […]

Savage Rolls Out Six New 300 PRC Bolt Gun Chamberings

Savage has chambered several new rifles in 300 PRC that allow hunters and marksmen to make the most of the new round. Two of the new models are set up for left-handed shooters.  The new 300 PRC models are:  110 LONG RANGE HUNTER, 26-inch barrel, $968 (57495) 110 PRECISION, 24-inch barrel, $1,499 (57593 RH and […]

Obscure Object of Desire: SIG SAUER 556R Rifle

The SIG 556 rifles didn’t have a great run in the United States. They lasted around ten years and came in various calibers and configurations over that time. They died an uneventful death in 2017. Throughout their lives, they were plagued with issues. Early guns had accuracy and reliability issues and weren’t well regarded, especially […]

Gun Review: Remington Model 700 SPS-T in 300 Blackout

Getting a threaded muzzle on a factory rifle saves a lot of time and trouble (and some money) for shooters who want to add a suppressor. Count me in. I like silencers on my handguns, and I’m considering selling a car to fund a silencer purchase for a long gun, so I’ve been shooting bolt-action […]

Gun Review: SIG Sauer Virtus Patrol Rifle

The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol rifle. Seven thousand rounds. Eleven months. Modular. Minute of angle groups. Not an AR-15. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The evolutionary divergence of SIG’s flagship semi-auto carbine goes back 60 years, to innovation that originated from one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of the firearms industry. Armalite, […]