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Police in Minnesota ruled the use of deadly force over the weekend against a road-raging idiot was justified self-defense. For 40 miles, William Haire — age: more than old enough to know better — reportedly drove like a lunatic, threatening a 30-year-old driver. What an enraged 61-year-old Floyd didn’t know was that the other driver had a carry license and his gun.

Floyd’s anger finally caught up with him in Maple Grove, Minnesota northwest of Minneapolis. That’s where the younger driver fired a single shot to force Haire to cease his aggressive behavior. The rage was finally ended thanks to a little ballistic dissuasion.

As in many self-defense incidents, the victim of the attack didn’t handle things perfectly. That led to an exhaustive police investigation. Ultimately, however, Hennepin County prosecutors ruled it a case of justified self-defense and declined to file charges.

Anyway, KTSP has the story . . .

No charges will be filed against a driver who shot and killed another man in April 2022 near Interstate 94 and Maple Grove Parkway in Maple Grove, as prosecutors say the shooter was acting in self-defense.

According to a news release, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office declined to file charges in the April 17, 2022, shooting that killed 61-year-old William Floyd Haire of Buffalo, Minn.

A road rager who harasses and maintains contact with another driver for a mile or two can be considered potentially very dangerous. But 40 miles? Haire’s hot temper ended up getting him killed.

It isn’t clear why the targeted driver didn’t he call 911 earlier. Shortly after the shooting, the 30-year-old turned himself in and was held for a time at the Hennepin County jail.

All the more reason why anyone who owns a gun, and certainly anyone who carries one for self-defense needs to spend a few bucks for so-called “concealed carry insurance.” A policy like that from US Law Shield can keep a defensive use of force – any type of defensive force – from sending you to jail and/or bankrupting you from the defense costs.

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    • All the more reason why anyone who owns a gun, and certainly anyone who carries one for self-defense needs to spend a few bucks for so-called “concealed carry insurance.”

      If I do that – the libs win. They go around constantly saying people with guns need to buy insurance. Just like a lib to insure everything in their life so they can’t save a dime. Hard pass.

      • That’s silliness about libs winning when you sit in jail when you don’t have to

        • Right. Plus, it’s not really insurance anyway, and that’s why the article put the word in quotes.

      • The libturds want you to have to buy LIABILITY insurance at a level that’s unaffordable, so they can infringe without calling it that. Probably not a bad thing to have, but shouldn’t be mandatory, just like automobile liability insurance shouldn’t be mandatory. What US Law Shield does is pay for LEGAL costs, should you be railroaded. It’s not insurance; it’s a prepaid legal support. The libturds definitely do NOT want you to have legal assistance, and that’s been shown, very clearly, in areas where they’ve actually tried to make it ILLEGAL to get this kind of coverage.

        • You can’t but insurance for deliberate torts. You can buy insurance for accidents and your homeowner’s policy — emphasize — cover you for a shooting accident like Dick Cheney’s. However, where you deliberately shoot even a very bad guy who busts into your house at oh dark thirty and you waste him and his grieving family sues you and you lose, your home owners won’t cover you. As a matter of fact, they won’t even pay for your defense. That’s where the type of coverage that the various shooting incident policies comes in. HOWEVER, be sure to check their coverage as they all differ. Some only pay if you are acquitted. You have to front the lawyer’s fee, expenses and bail money. When I worked in court 40 years ago, the retainer for a run of the mill felony defense was $5,000. That was just to get the attorney to open a file and appear at your arraignment. A three day trial usually ran to five figures. A defensive shooting trial was more, with expert witnesses. Masaad Ayoub doesn’t travel economy class and doesn’t stay in Motel 6. Neither do any of the other defensive shooting experts. You can count on them costing as much as the attorney.

    • Working from domestic, I win $100 each hour. The truth that my closest companion makes $16,000 a month working from a portable workstation is fantastically astounding to me, so she prompted me to deliver it a attempt. I had vbv no thought it was truly conceivable.
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    • Also a “Frequent Flyer” at the Ramsey County Jail and Minnesota Department of Corrections for:
      Disorderly Conduct
      Terroristic Threats

      • Convicted pedophile. If he was still alive he’d be the perfect recruit for antifa.

    • Sounds like killing Haire should have been cited as a public service and the young man who offed Mr. Haire should have gotten a Citizen of the Year Award.

  1. In many other states the shooter would have been charged with murder.

    1. He failed to call 911 in a timely manner.

    2. The other driver was not armed.

    Clearly a case that proves in Capitalvania life is considered cheap and expendable and it is another stone cold case of concealed carry causing more deaths than it saves,

    • “In many other states the shooter would have been charged with murder.”

      Name one, asshole.

      ” …another stone cold case of concealed carry causing more deaths than it saves.”

      Pure speculation without basis — the driver who defended himself, may have been the one killed if he had no means to defend himself.

      And who said that he was carrying concealed, asshole? In many states, including FL where I live, you can keep a gun in your car without a CWP.

      • “In many states, including FL where I live, you can keep a gun in your car without a CWP.”

        Keep it, and use it if attacked. And kill your attacker, if necessary. ‘Castle doctrine’ applies inside your vehicle in Florida… 🙂

        • Geoff — July 1 is fast approaching.

          (I’ve been car-carrying for 25 years — despite my former employer’s insistence that none of us did so. They even made us sign a written statement each year, acknowledging that it was automatic termination if we were caught with one. They had to stop when the law in FL was changed.)

        • “I’ve been car-carrying for 25 years — despite my former employer’s insistence that none of us did so.”

          The exact same thing where I worked, years back.

          For some strange reason, they made a big show out of those ‘signed statements’. It was almost as if a fucking piece of paper with a signature was a magic talisman or sci-fi force-field of sorts that would stop the employees from keeping something in their vehicles.

          I sure am glad I ignored it, because I had cause to reach for it under that seat one day. At a traffic light, someone just decided to open the passenger door and get in my car. As soon as he saw what I was pulling out, he broke speed records exiting my ride as fast as he could. 🙂

          And yes, that day, I didn’t have that door locked. You can bet your ass I have ever since that day.

          That day was one of the two times I have had to draw on someone…

      • I’m willing to bet those states exist, but at the same time they’re the ones where the pols try to make the felons out as victims and then make the victims forgotten about.

        Think Democratic Paradises like Chicago.

        • Basically every metro region from Baltimore to Philadelphia fits that description.

      • “In many states, including FL where I live, you can keep a gun in your car without a CWP.”

        Be careful there. Although you CAN have a firearm in your car, the law BEFORE the “no permit required for CC” still applies…until July 1st, I believe. For another 2 weeks, Floridians are supposed to follow the old/current law, which requires proper storage in the car, out of reach of occupants, “encased”, etcetera. Exception if you have the CWP, in which case you can carry concealed on you and in your car and you don’t need to “encase” the firearm.

        In 2 weeks, all of that will be moot.

        Additionally, I learned last week when I renewed my CWP that it’s no longer called that. Sometime between the date of issue of my first one in 2016 and last week, they changed it to a “Concealed Weapon or Firearm License”, or CWFL.

        Other pieces/parts of the law have no-doubt also changed in the State of Florida, so now I’m looking for a new, up-to-date book on firearm law in Florida. I’ll let you all know what I find.

        By the way, it was a person at USCCA who advised me a few weeks ago to go ahead and renew my Florida carry license…for the purposes of traveling to one of the 38(?) states that has reciprocal recognition of Florida’s concealed firearm license. Renewal costs $45 (plus “convenience fee”) if you go to the Agricultural office in your city and use a credit card. $65 if you let your old CWP lapse. Florida has no requirement for a foo-foo training course or shooting competency for renewal of the CWFL. There was/is a requirement for training and safe operation to get your CWFL first-time.

        I don’t know about today, but in 2016, training was a class where somebody spends an hour going over State of Florida firearm law (and they gave us a packet with current law printed out in a booklet), and showing the attendees how to safely load and unload a firearm, followed by a Q&A.

        There was no “test” to take, but I distinctly got the sense that we were all being watched closely for crazy tendencies, and I have no doubt that the instructor could have and would have deep-sixed any of us if we didn’t show the right level of seriousness about the whole thing. The instructor was former military, I think, and he was NOT going to put up with anybody’s shenanigans.

        Then there was a shooting competency test at their indoor range. You had to get all 10 of your shots inside the outer ring of a target at…I don’t know, some medium range. Breaking any of Cooper’s rules or shooting anywhere outside of the biggest ring would get you denied, although you could come back on another day to try again.

        It was actually a good class, and I’d like to take a similar one as a refresher. Unfortunately, that range/store closed a couple years before Covid, and with the new law beginning in July, other ranges have seen a sharp drop in CC training, so they are starting to cease their own classes. Still looking, though.

    • As is often your case, you once again failed to research the subject before commenting:

      ●William Haire had a weapon
      ●”[Haire] followed the subject of the investigation for over 40 miles, while driving erratically and using racial slurs,” according to Shawn Daye, executive assistant to Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty.”
      William Haire also made

      Hennepin County Attorney Clears Shooter in Fatal Road Rage Incident – CCX Media

      • ”[Haire] followed the subject of the investigation for over 40 miles, while driving erratically and using racial slurs,”


        Now it’s starting to make sense. A Black (or other ethnicity) driver, followed by an enraged knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing (possibly sister-fornicating) redneck, didn’t immediately report it, likely believing he wouldn’t be believed by the police.

        Sad, but it makes more sense… 🙁

        • How do you know he was a redneck?
          Do you have a bias against rednecks?
          Asking for a friend or two.

        • “How do you know he was a redneck?”

          We know our own.

          (Cue the theme from ‘Deliverance’ playing… 🙂 )

        • “Do you have a bias against rednecks?”

          Remember that ‘Smarter Every Day’ video on see-through silencers?

          Destin’s buddy in the video who owned the SOT licensed company that made them was quoted saying “We be rednecks” with a smile on his face… 🙂

      • Geoff
        Good enough answers on the redneck questions. Just checking. You know how rednecks can be when the wrong people start talking 💩

    • All drivers are armed, stupid. How many times does it need to be demonstrated that an automobile is a deadly weapon?

      Doesn’t much matter how quickly he calls 911 – the call was already made. The shooter’s primary concern was probably to put some distance between the stalker, and himself. If I had to shoot you, I would drive 40 miles away from the scene before calling an ambulance, so that you couldn’t get up and shoot me back.

    • The only thing proven by your comment, dacian, is that you are mentally ill.

      But we already knew that. Thanks for playing.

    • Got news for you, Dacian- if it happened in Keith Ellison’s Minnesota, and the dead sucker has “Floyd” in his name, and the defender STILL wasn’t charged with some form of homicide; said shooter would not be subject to prosecution ANYWHERE. (And I live in MN for half the year.)

      One shot?

      No bystanders fragged?

      Good job.

    • “2. The other driver was not armed.”

      Wrong again. The ballistic coefficient and terminal energy of the 4000 pound vehicle the now-deceased was driving out performs a 9 mm by about one million to one.

      • Fuck it, tried to post, got senselessly MODERATED for the THIRD fucking time today… Deleted the post, FIX this shit and I might be back, til then FUCK this KOMMIE shit…

        • I was moderated 3x yesterday for daring to raise the possibility of v0ting out Dem0crats.

    • I’m not sure but it have been illegal to use the phone while driving, a law in many other “civilized” nations, or inconvenient at the time.

      And it depends on your definition of armed. A 1.5-2 ton vehicle moving at road speed Carrie’s a lot of kinetic energy and is still a weapon.

      Life is cheap in your Capitalvania where doctors can kill 10x more people than are killed by firearms, including suicides. Watch out, the doctors are plotting against you.

    • Guess you wouldn’t consider a 3000 lb. plus vehicle a possible deadly weapon.
      So when do we see nearly every state drop vehicular homicide or the equivalent off the books?

    • In many other states the shooter wouldve been pulled out of his car and pounced to death because he couldn’t carry a gun

  2. “It isn’t clear why the targeted driver didn’t he call 911 earlier.”
    That’s an easy one.
    “Minnesota’s cell phone law prohibits all motorists from using a cell phone while driving”

    • A law in my part of the world. We even have special cameras set up to catch people using phones while driving. Proudly sponsored by the Office of State Revenue.

      Welcome to Australia. Fines apply.

      • @SC
        Good evening (Montana time).
        Any use of a phone or is BT “hands free” allowed?

        • Hi OG.

          Hands free is allowed but you can only touch the phone when parked and either park brake applied or engine off.

          A real nanny state downunder.

      • Exactly. The insurance covers defensive gun use. If it was ruled defensive and you are not charged, why would you need insurance. If it was ruled (before going to court) that you were the aggressor, and you are charged and you go to court and are convicted (whether or not you actually were the aggressor), the insurance isnt going to pay.

        • To Jimmy James,
          If there is a defensive Shooting, you should say nothing to the police and contact a lawyer.
          So you will need at least $10,000 for the retainer for that lawyer before you even say one word to the police.
          If you are innocent and they charge you anyway, which is possible, you will need $300,000 for an adequate defense.
          If you are found not guilty fine, the insurance paid $300,000.
          If you are found guilty, an appeal will be another $300,000.
          If the appeals court sets aside your conviction, good for you, and you’ll need another $300,000 to defend yourself in your second trial.

  3. Kudos to the armed driver for being armed and placing his shot!

    In that situation, should you continue driving? Instead, find a busy place with a lot of people, a retail place since they always have security cameras? Call 911, park, and wait, watch the road rager, and have your firearm at the ready.

    I know a busy parking lot has the possibility of collateral damage during an attack, but so do two moving vehicles in a chase.

    Just thinking it through.

    • And if you’ve parked and he uses his car as a missile to hit yours?

      Something about getting off the X.

    • I’d stop thinking… the DA agreed with the defender already.

      Ever been chased by a maniac like this, LS? Didn’t think so.

      • Craig:
        Ever been chased by a maniac like this…
        I was once on a freeway in suburban Detroit. I hit the brakes hard and he sailed past me going like hell. Then I got off at the next exit and never saw him again.

  4. I am always armed and always have at least a half tank of gas so I can drive a good distance if necessary. I have been road raged twice. Both times I drove to the local police station and pulled into the parking lot. End of problem.

  5. Wonder if he didn’t have a cell phone. All the “call 911” people seem to forget that some folks still don’t have em.

    • My wife refuses to carry a cell. And calling 911 while playing dodge cars at a high rate of speed might be the one more act that causes a catastrophic wreck.

  6. Tantrum throwing hot head drivers really look stupid hitting their brakes, weaving, smoking tires, etc. Well it seams after 40 miles of stupid one of them was put out of their misery.

  7. Why did this go on for 40 miles? If you are the target of road rage, roll up your windows and lock your doors if they aren’t already, don’t interact with the rager and, if he persists, call 911. Report your location, direction of travel, that you are the target of road rage and request police to rescue you. Stay on the line with the operator giving them updates on location, direction and the rager’s behavior. The ideal is for a cop to catch him in the act. If you’re armed, keep your gun out of sight, saving it for a deadly force attack by the rager.

  8. The shooter didn’t call 911 immediately.
    Half the time I forget my cell phone on the desk, still on the charger.
    Many businesses will not allow you to use their phone anymore. And few people will just hand you their phone. You might get someone to call 911 for you, but many people today would rather just get video in hopes of getting paid for news footage. Or to send out on their social media feeds.
    If the shooter wasn’t sure of the ragers condition, he may have exited the scene to get himself to a safer location.
    Not sure how this went on for 40 miles. Would it not be better to get off the road and find a local cop shop or more populated area to try to get help?
    Older white guy using racial slurs. As I have mentioned several times in other posts here, the so liberal, dementiacrat controlled states in the upper mid-west are much more racist than anything I’ve run into here in the old south. There are more independent groups calling themselves KKK in places like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan than are in the oh so racist south. many in my generation in those states still think the KKK is too mild.

    • Most of us have no idea what type of terrain the 40 miles covered. It might have been quite rural farm land with the farm buildings set back quite a distance from the road. It may have been that phone coverage in the area was sketchy. Not everywhere has complete cell coverage. A friend of mine still has dial up for phone service where they live. That’s in her home. I don’t know what exists out on the road or driving through thick forest.

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