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Dan Zimmerman – Managing Editor

Born and raised in St. Louis, Dan is now a happy Texan, living in the Live Music Capitol of the World. He’s been shooting guns for the last 25 years and writing about them for the last eight or so. While he finds pistols and rifles lots o’ fun, it’s shotguns that have always really floated his boat. He’s happiest breaking clays, but has become a fan of duck and pheasant hunting, too.

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Jeremy S. – Testing & Reviews Editor

Jeremy brings an engineer’s mind and a background in product design and R&D to the gun reviews process. While he’s always looking for objective data, Jeremy has been an avid shooter since childhood and loves getting behind all types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. His safes are full, his ammo shelves are sagging, and he’s coordinating much of TTAG’s gun and gear reviews while attempting to hold down a “real job” as well.

Though Jeremy’s cowboy boots were made by hand in Washington State, he’s now a proud Texas resident after moving to the Austin area in early 2017. Next thing you know he’ll be shooting out of a pickup.

Help fund Jeremy’s objective gear testing (muzzle brake, trigger, flashlight, and other “buyer’s guide” shootouts) via his Patreon page.

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Jenn Jacques – Gun Rights Editor

Jenn Jacques was born and raised in a big Belgian family in rural Northern Wisconsin where she and her husband John still live, raising three little 2A Defenders of their own… which explains that accent of hers. Jenn is an active and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, an outspoken concealed carry advocate, avid outdoorswoman and if you can’t find her on a lake fishing, in the woods hunting, or running like a mad woman on any number of Badger State nature trails, she’s prolly at the gun range.

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Nick Leghorn (a.k.a. Foghorn) – Writer

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Nick Leghorn is a former Department of Homeland Security contractor for risk analysis projects currently living in Austin, Texas. He was born in New York City and grew up in the area, the product of a family that frowned on guns and gun owners. He shot his first gun in the Boy Scouts and was instantly hooked on shooting sports.

While attending Penn State, Nick started practicing Olympic smallbore rifle with the Penn State Rifle team. After only a few months of practice he was performing well enough to begin competing against other schools with the team. During his senior year he started branching out into different types of competitions, including USPSA handgun shooting (production division), NRA/CMP High Power Rifle (Service Rifle division), and eventually 3-gun (Tactical Optics division).

Nick’s main areas of interest in shooting are competition sports, long range accuracy, and scientific  testing. He really enjoys using his knowledge of statistics and analytical abilities to solve questions and do interesting experiments with firearms. To that end he also handloads his own ammunition and is constantly looking for tools and gear to better his score or just simply to test and figure out if it performs as advertised.

In his free time (what’s left after writing for TTAG, at least) he also volunteers as an EMT and is a an instrument rated private pilot. He recently published his first book, Getting Started with Firearms in the United States and also writes about whiskey, woodworking, and other topics at ThirtyOneWhiskey.com.

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Luis Valdes – Writer

First in his family of Cuban refugees to be born in the USA, Luis grew up around an odd mix of Smith & Wesson revolvers, Gen1 GLOCKs, and Remington 870s. Though a Miami native, he has a distinct redneck side in him and loves duck hunting in central Florida.

Following in the family footsteps, he decided to become a government employee in one fashion or another, starting with the US Army, then moving into law enforcement where he is currently. Luis has also flown planes for the Civil Air Patrol.

Luis has burned many personal vacation days to campaign for better gun laws in Tallahassee while trying to remodel a house using Youtube how-to advice. When he isn’t doing that he’s usually at the range turning money into smiles. Or fishing. 

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Johannes Paulsen – Writer

Johannes Paulsen is the nom de plume (nom du clavier?) of a Pennsylvania-based author who writes about current events, philosophy, politics, law, training and personal experiences relating to firearms…as well as a few equipment reviews now and then.

When he’s not scribbling the truth about guns, Johannes spends his free time with his family and working as an attorney, where his practice involves scripting in SQL and VBA far more than he ever thought it would while in law school.

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Logan MeteshWriter

Logan Metesh is an historian, writer, and museum professional who runs High Caliber History LLC. He has worked for museums with the NRA, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Park Service.

Logan’s work has been published in a variety of print and online outlets. He is a frequent guest on NRATV’s Curator’s Corner, and has served as an historic arms facilitator for Mysteries at the Museum, Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna, NRA Gun Gurus, and American Rifleman TV.

He holds a B.A. in Historic Preservation with a concentration in Museum Studies from the University of Mary Washington.

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John Boch – Writer

A few years after graduating from the University of Illinois, John found a tiny group of gun owners relegated to the dreary basement of a restaurant in Urbana. When word of their presence spread in the less than gun-friendly community, the restaurant was torn down. The meeting was moved to another venue in Urbana. That location was later razed as well.

The gaggle of gun enthusiasts got the hint and moved their meetings outside of Urbana, attracting more great people to become Guns Save Life, a regional gun rights group with thousands of members across 40 states, monthly meetings in six cities across Illinois, a monthly journal (GunNews) with a circulation of 20,000, and a highway sign program seen by 600,000 people a day. Education and activism are what GSL is all about and John is passionate about all three, today working as the Executive Director of Guns Save Life.

As a firearms instructor with GSL Defense Training for nearly 20 years, he’’s helped instruct thousands of adults. The GSL Defense Training cadre of over twenty instructors brings cutting edge training to civilians, as one of only a handful of companies nationwide offering force-on-force classes to civilians and a unique personal protection for teens course.  John’s also a Live Free USA Survival instructor, but much prefers sleeping in a bed over roughing it in a bivouac.

He’s a student of the gun, having taken dozens of classes from many top national instructors and schools in firearms, knife, Krav Maga hand-to-hand, and survival studies. Yes, he’s married to guns.  More recently, he also married Wendy (Lund) Boch, a delightful woman who could do better. John’s ferret Nippers is also world-famous thanks to The Truth About Guns and some anti-gunners attacking him personally.

John’s the published author of hundreds of articles on self-defense strategies, firearms use, defensive mindset and product reviews. John also serves as editor emeritus of GunNews Magazine. He’’s also (legally) carried a gun every day since the late 1990s – no small feat as a civilian in Illinois.

He’ has a reputation for being a terrible boat driver, tragically losing most of his guns and ammo in a series of unfortunate accidents, including some in the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Michigan, and, most recently, Lake Bloomington.

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Conner W. – Writer

Conner is a Pacific Northwest sportsman who grew up shooting everything from Smith & Wesson revolvers with his grandfather in Montana to bolt-action rimfire rifles with his father in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. As an obsessively-observant and formally-educated photographer, his detailed reviews on TTAG are sure to include enticing images.

After fourteen years of lacrosse and nine years of football, hunting became Conner’s post-collegiate passion. In particular, he focuses on wingshooting, typically logging at least fifty hunts per year with his left-handed Benelli Super Black Eagle II. He is currently a Tanglefree Waterfowl Pro Staff team member.

Conner volunteers in a variety of emergency management capacities, including lead roles on Emergency Operations Center, Search and Rescue, CERT, Radio Operators, and CEMNET teams. He is also a volunteer NRA-certified RSO. Ironically (and dutifully), about once a year he gets called to help rescue baby peregrine falcons.

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