Austin Motorist Shoots, Kills Protester Carrying a Rifle When Crowd Surrounded His Car [VIDEO]

An unidentified motorist was in downtown Austin last night at a busy intersection. Unfortunately for him, downtown was also the scene of what the Austin American-Statesman describes as “a protest against police violence.” Here’s the Statesman’s description of what happened: The shooting happened about 9:50 p.m. at Fourth Street and Congress Avenue, EMS officials said. […]

Houston Convenience Store Clerk Dodges a Bullet, Then Shoots and Kills Gunman [VIDEO]

Here’s a tip for would-be stick-up men. A large percentage of the clerks who work in Texas’s stop-and-rob convenience stores arm themselves. We’ve seen this ourselves, time and again. They know they’re considered juicy targets for opportunistic crooks and want the ability to protect themselves if a robber pulls a gun. An un-named Houston man […]

Michigan Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills Man in Black Hooded Sweatshirt Threatening Motorists With a Gun

On Monday morning a man dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt walked down the middle of a busy highway in Delta Township, Michigan, near Lansing, shooting a handgun in the air and pointing the firearm at passing cars. According to, of those vehicles was driven by a concealed carry permit holder. Investigators say a […]

Scottsdale Home Owner Uses Shotgun to Stop Naked Home Invader Caught in His Child’s Room [VIDEO]

Discovering a home invader in your house is frightening enough. Catching one in your child’s room — masked and naked — is probably every parent’s worst nightmare. A Scottsdale physician was working in an outbuilding on his property Wednesday night when the family dog raised the alarm. From The man began to check the […]