Apple Security Chief Indicted in Widening Santa Clara County Carry Permit Bribery Scandal

Santa Clara County, California Sheriff Laurie Smith seems to be running quite an operation. She has something that a lot of her wealthy Silicon Valley residents want…concealed carry permits. And judging by the attention her department has attracted from prosecutors, Sheriff Smith and her underlings know how to extract full value for the government permission […]

OMG! Congresswoman Lauren Boebert May Carry a GLOCK in the US Capitol! OMG!

A firearms-toting congresswoman-elect who owns a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, has already asked Capitol Police about carrying her weapon on Capitol grounds, her office has acknowledged. If she does so, she apparently won’t be alone. The practice is allowed for lawmakers, with some limitations, under decades-old congressional regulations. The public is barred from carrying […]

Three Must-Have Gunfighting Skills

As we pointed out in Three Things Every Concealed Carrier Should Always Carry, a gun, a comfortable holster and a phone are the basic tools you need for daily concealed carry. Sort those out and you’re good to go. As for “gun fighting skills,” once again, this article is aimed at newbies. People who need to […]

The Concealed Carry Lifestyle for Beginners

By Jeff Lynch I’ve always been a staunch conservative and firm supporter in our nation’s Constitution, a document that continues to govern our people through Democrat and Republican administrations alike. I am and always will be a strong and vocal supporter of our Second Amendment rights. Our Founding Fathers chose the words “shall not be […]

Biden Wants to Prevent Armed Teachers From Protecting Themselves and Their Students

Preventing teachers from carrying firearms is just one of Joe Biden’s gun control goals. See his other priorities for rolling back Second Amendment rights here. The idea of arming teachers to prevent school shootings burst into the national conversation after Parkland, when President Trump raised the possibility in listening sessions with grieving parents. Shortly after […]

SAF and FPC Sue New York City Over ‘Proper Cause’ Requirement for Carry Permits

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition today filed a federal lawsuit against New York City regulations that essentially combine to ban average law-abiding citizens from carrying loaded handguns outside the home for personal protection. The case is known as Greco v. City of New York. SAF and FPC […]