The Virginiad

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD An embattled Governor tried to revive his career with a slate of “gun control” bills that would do nothing to relieve the atrocities they claim to address. The Republican assembly dismissed these in Special Session after the Democrats refused to consider crime or mental health. Seeing an opportunity, Billionaire Bloomberg bought the mid-term election and the Democrats brought back all those bills, and more. […]

The UK’s Guardian Stokes Fear of Armed Insurrection in Virginia and the Start of the ‘Boogaloo’

The effort to discredit those in Virginia who happen to disagree with the flood of anti-gun laws being pushed by newly-empowered Democrats is well under way. Anyone challenging the gun-grabbing proposals under consideration in the state legislature is being portrayed as a racist, a white supremacist, or an anti-government militia type. Or some blend of […]