Gun Control is the Modern Temperance Movement

By Theresa Inacker 100 years after Prohibition, it’s still a doomed proposition There is an uncanny parallel between anti-gun rights groups like Moms Demand Action, which continually seeks more ineffective gun control laws, and the infamous women of the temperance movement, which brought about the failed experiment of Prohibition. In 1920, Prohibition outlawed the sale, manufacturing […]

California’s Doctors Should Start Writing Prescriptions for Firearms

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom shared some deep thoughts on the state’s exploding homelessness problem. The Golden State, which already has something of a spending problem, is laying out about a billion dollars to do something about its burgeoning homeless population of almost 160,000 people. Newsom’s solution: enable doctors to prescribe housing. Doctors […]

Bloomberg School Study Finds ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans are Useless…and it Won’t Matter One Bit

As Breitbart first reported yesterday, a Bloomberg School of Public Health (heh) study has found that “assault weapon” bans do nothing — zero, zip, zilch, nada — to stop mass shootings. It must have been difficult for the school’s primary gun control advocate, Daniel Webster, to approve publication of that press release. But Webster did […]

Science: Gun Owners Aren’t Any Happier Than Non-Gun Owners

Finally, we have an answer to the burning question that everyone’s been asking for decades: are gun owners happier than those who don’t own firearms? Researcher Terence Hill, an associate professor of sociology in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Arizona, recently found that despite claims, gun owners aren’t any measurably happier […]

Trump’s Budget Proposal Includes Funds to Support Hunting, Recreational Shooting

By Larry Keane In a welcomed sign for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts across the country, the Trump Administration this week submitted its 2020 budget proposal to Congress, and it’s chock full of good news for outdoorsmen and women. President Donald Trump – an ardent supporter of law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights – included in […]

Doctors, Guns and You

By Dr. John Edeen What do you do when your doctor asks if you own a gun? You are at the pediatrician’s office for a routine well child visit. Maybe you just moved to a new town. The nurse hands you the standard paperwork with the questionnaire pertaining to your child’s health. You start filling […]