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Another Word About Our Comment Section . . .

Back in 2019, I published a post on TTAG's comment section and our policy regarding off topic comments, flame wars, etc. All of that still applies and I'd encourage you to read through it...
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Yes, the Old Look and Feel is Back…for Now

As we expected, we got a lot of passionate feedback on the new look and feel of the site that appeared earlier this week. Some of it was complimentary, some not so much. And...
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Happy New Year From The Truth About Guns

As we approach The Truth About Guns' 10th anniversary early next year, we've passed some noteworthy milestones. We passed the two million comments mark within the last sixty days. We also just had our...
Merry Christmas from TTAG

Merry Christmas From TTAG

Here's hoping that that you made the 'nice' list this year and ol' Kris Kringle was good to you. May you spend the day with some of your favorite people, eat lots of your...

A Few Words on TTAG’s Comment Policy

We've always taken a largely hands-off approach to comments posted here at The Truth About Guns. Our readers and their participation with the site are some of its best features and the reason so...
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Happy New Year From TTAG

https://youtu.be/Q8Rvzf4yt5s   Whether you're easing your way into the daylight following a night of partying or just up at your usual time after a quiet night at home, have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 from...
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Merry Christmas From TTAG

Well, were you on the good list or do you have to make do with a lump of coal this year? Again. Whichever side of Santa's ledger you wound up on, have yourself a...

Help TTAG Fight Anti-Gun Propaganda!

Our opponents in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex use wild accusations and appeals to fear and emotion to further their goal of a gun-free populace. That's because they don't have the facts on their...
4th of July Independence Day Sales and Deals

FYI: Worthwhile July 4th Deals on Guns and Gear

A handful of Independence Day discounts and sales worth noting going into the mid-week holiday. Enter others you run across in the comments below. Impact Guns Substantially reduced prices on various firearms and parts, going quickly. VersaCarry Up...

The Truth About the Truth About Guns

Oh, hi there! Well, will you look at that? What the hell am I doing here on TTAG? My goodness, if you would have told me a year ago that I’d be writing an...
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Support TTAG…Buy More Ammo!

As we've seen in the results of our recent reader survey, lots of you would like to support TTAG in ways other than wading through a lot of on-screen advertising. That's an sentiment we...

TTAG Reader Survey Results: You Have Spoken

We asked for it, and we got it. Almost 2,000 of you -- the most knowledgable, opinionated readership in the gunblogosphere -- weighed in when we asked for your opinions in our annual reader...