Ask Josh: Is a 300 BLK Worth It If You’re Shooting Unsuppressed?

Sometimes things get stereotyped for a reason. I don’t see a need to further elaborate on this, as those of us who live in the real world already know it. Guns have the same...

Ask Josh: What Is The Deal With AICS and SR-25 Mags?

Have a question for Josh? Email it to [email protected].  Today’s Ask Josh is about the wide world of rifle magazines. Reader and range addict Matt K. asks . . . What is the deal with all the...

Ask Josh: GLOCK-Type Pistols…Should I Build Or Buy?

Ah yes, the GLOCK 40. Or is it GLOCK Nine? Problem solver? Whichever name you pick, Gaston’s Gat needs no introduction. When it comes to the market for semi-automatic pistols today, GLOCK still holds...
How long do guns last?

Ask Josh: How Long Will a Pistol Last?

Today’s question comes to use from the general TTAG reader base. I recently did three articles with the P365, M17, and Colt M45A1. These reviews weren't so much out-of-the-box write ups, rather they were...

Ask Josh: What’s The Deal With Folding Bolt Action Stocks?

Have a question for Josh? Email it to [email protected].  Competitive shooter and CMP veteran Daniel P. asks the following . . . “Why do all your bolt rifles have folding stocks, man? I’d never use a folder...

Ask Josh: What Does Barrel Taper Do?

TTAG reader and fellow Marksmanship Training Center member Luke Skywalker (not his real name, but he wanted to tell his friends he made me call him that) had a question on barrel taper and...

Ask Josh: Why Are There So Few Modern Semi-Auto Magnum Hunting Rifles?

Today’s Ask Josh comes to us from Mike W. who's a new hunter . . . Why are the majority of semi-auto hunting rifles chambered for weak rounds or small calibers? I want to go...
Are Carbon Fiber Gun Parts Worth It?

Ask Josh: Are Carbon Fiber Gun Parts Worth It?

Today’s Ask Josh comes from Dale R. Dale asks a reasonable question after seeing some of my guns . . . “What makes carbon fiber parts so expensive. I see you like them, but are...
SIG SAUER M400 Tread Predator

Ask Josh: Why Are The Rifle Barrels So Short?

Recently SIG SAUER introduced the M400 Predator, which I believe is actually a very well thought-out rifle that addresses many of the faults of other so-called predator hunting rifles. But some questioned the idea...
rifle ammunition ammo

Ask Josh: Is It Possible To Load ‘Perfect’ Ammo? Should You Even Try?

Have a question for Josh? Email it to [email protected].  Well, boys and girls, today we have a question from frequent TTAG poster and reader EpsteinDIDNOTKillHimself regarding reloading cartridges. Our friend asks: “The question I would like to ask:...
long range rifle scope

Ask Josh: Can I Shoot Long Range With An Inexpensive Rifle Scope?

Have a question for Josh? Send it to [email protected]. Today we are going to be looking at what you get in terms of bang for your buck in terms of optics. Reader ‘Eddie’ is new...

Ask Josh: Is .45 ACP Still The Best 1911 Round?

Today’s Ask Josh comes to us from Dave R., a regular at my local Cabela’s, where I run into him a lot. I somehow always run into him at Five Guys, the range, and...