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A road rage shooting in Deltona, Florida, last week has left one man dead, with the surviving driver claiming he acted in self-defense, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

The confrontation began when, the shooter alleges, a white Dodge Charger slowed down in front of him. After passing the Charger, the driver of the Charger began to follow him closely, flashing his high beams, then eventually sped up to cut him off, as reported by Fox 35 Orlando and WESH.

The dead man, identified by authorities as 37-year-old Kenyon Ashley of Deltona, reportedly exited his vehicle brandishing a firearm and began yelling. The other driver, who has not been named, told deputies he feared for his life and responded by firing several rounds at Ashley, striking and killing him. He was declared dead at the scene.

A witness supported the shooter’s account of the events, matching his description of the deadly encounter. The incident, which unfolded around 9:11 p.m., also startled local residents.

“I heard what I thought was someone knocking, but it turned out to be several gunshots,” said Rob Redgate to WESH. One of the bullets even struck Redgate’s car.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood reflected on the incident, emphasizing the trivial nature of the dispute and the tragic outcome.

“Thirty-seven-year-old lost his life over something so trivial,” Chitwood said. “Somebody cut somebody off, and somebody died because of that. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Following the shooting, the sheriff’s office consulted with the State Attorney’s Office Homicide Investigation Unit. While it appears the evidence does not support any criminal charges against the shooter, the case remains active. The State Attorney’s Office is set to make a final determination after a comprehensive review of all of the circumstances involved.

Sheriff Chitwood advised against taking matters into one’s own hands during road incidents, suggesting instead that those confronted with aggressive drivers should seek help from authorities. The community is left grappling with the implications of the event, underscoring the often deadly consequences of road rage.

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  1. I’ve been cut off many times in 50+ years of driving. It’s a whole lot more dangerous NOW with everyone & their dog armed. And it’s EVERYWHERE. Had a very young Spanish girl give me the 1 finger salute in my neighborhood when I had the right of way. Yeah I gotta gat. The local 5-O does very little. Oh well🙄☹️

    • “It’s a whole lot more dangerous NOW with everyone & their dog armed“

      Welcome to the glorious freedom that is constitutional carry.

      “got out with a gun and attempted a confrontation“

      The article doesn’t state he pointed the gun at anyone, only that he ‘brandished’ a gun.

      “reportedly exited his vehicle brandishing a firearm and began yelling.“

      So if we see someone waving a gun and we feel threatened, we may kill them. That is proving to make life in our society more… Interesting.

      • Do you think he was making an emotional plea to all of the commuters about high taxes or something? Why would he need his gun for that? That’s a tough one, isn’t it? We should probably play dumb, and ignore the context. That always seems to help.

        Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be idiots.

        • Nah. He was trying to defend that Dodge from the transgenocide that’s ongoing.

          See, Chargers identify as good cars worth buying, you bigot.

          The “Die Cis Scum” thing never really went away, it just *changed* a bit.

          You know, the way Adam becomes Alice or Fred becomes Fred-ette because he can’t spell Freida (I before E goddammit!!!).

          It all makes sense one you put aside your backward hillbilly beliefs and embrace Queer Theory. Once that happens then you too can cut off another driver and wave a gun around in a totally sane and rational manner that any public school teacher can easily understand once they finish dying their hair 82 colors.

      • The shooter was cut off, the driver of the other car came out with a gun in his hand. What should the driver do- wait for the dude to run up on his car and start firing? I’m with the winner in this one. The rager should have just gone home on a different route instead of playing chicken and losing.

      • “So if we see someone waving a gun and we feel threatened, we may kill them.”

        That’s exactly the point. “Waving a gun” shows intent to use lethal force. The only appropriate defensive response is lethal force.

        What is so confusing about this?

    • Indicator lights are there for a reason. Learn how to use then. And note that indicator lights are a notification of intent and not a “damn you get out of my way”.

      Look. Indicate. Move when safe.

      And learn how to do a 1+1 merge. Saves everyone unnecessary aggravation.

      • I have one more addition to your good advice.

        Keep right – pass left.

        It’s simple, courteous, and might keep a crazy person from raging.

  2. Someone died because they drove like a maniac, stopped in front of a car, got out with a gun and attempted a confrontation…… what doesn’t make sense about this guy getting shot again?

    • One of the peons (which is property of the state) protected themselves with an icky gun and destroyed other state property. How dare he take responsibility for his own defense. He shouldn’t be thinking in such an independent manner as that also decreases his value to the state; so a double whammy here.


      • LOL living in NY that wouldn’t be sarc but for Florida I think this should be quick enough.

        • Wait we went on to the step before seize the kulak/kill the boer stage already? Here I thought we were still on the seizure of power and weaponized show trials.

        • The show trials started very nearly immediately after the Bolshies seized power. They just got more elaborate as time went on because, well, there was something to sell.

          As Lenin pointed out, the Revolution doesn’t have a fixed start and end or even a set of defined stages, it’s an ongoing *cough* organic *cough* process. So, it all kinda bleeds together and trying to keep it completely straight isn’t really worth your time.

          But yeah man, we’ve been in “seize the kulak/kill the Boer” mode for a while. Like years, honestly. Most people will remain ignorant of this until it really ramps up, just like every other Commie revolution/attempted revolution.

          What did you think all those riots were in 2016? Or the targeted arresting of Trump supporters who were attacked in public by Antifa, er, pardon me, “were attacked by the idea of Antifa”?

        • Good point and did kinda figure things were at that stage with the Jan 6th stuff but also like the commie takeovers there is a push pull to not make it look like a steady seizure of control to keep everyone hopeful and complacent. I hope (naively) that it isn’t that bad but yeah do plan for it.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

      “The community is left grappling with the implications of the event”
      Nah they really aren’t.

  3. If the guy continued to follow him, why did he stop? If it was obvious he was going to continue following, do not stop and call 911.

    • “If the guy continued to follow him, why did he stop?“

      Because the shooter wanted a confrontation.

      The shooter initiated the confrontation, then killed the other driver.

      Yep, clearly ‘self-defense’ in the gun-shine state.

    • Per the linked article:

      After some time, the Charger backed off and continued on his way. The Charger then reappeared, speeding up and pulling up in front of the other driver to cut him off.

      The Charger driver then got out of his car and began yelling with a gun in his hand. When the alleged shooter saw the Charger driver raising the gun, he told deputies he feared for his life and fired several rounds from his own weapon.

  4. Someone ranting and raving while waving a gun in the air at them. Is a dangerous threat.

  5. Sheriff Chitwood advised against taking matters into one’s own hands during road incidents, suggesting instead that those confronted with aggressive drivers should seek help from authorities.

    Sure, if everyone (including the road rager) is on a leisurely drive to grandma’s home for Sunday dinner.

    Quite often in real life the road rager who was driving in a (ahem) “rude” manner suddenly goes berserk and descends upon the victim. In that scenario there isn’t time to call police and wait for them to show up. At that point the victim is welcome to call 911–and die. Or, the victim can produce a firearm for righteous self-defense.

    • I keep hoping someone’s going to one-up that guy from 15 years ago who had the cinder block on a piece of rope as his “car defense weapon”.

      Jesus did he fuck the other guy up.

      A morning star or a legit warhammer would be cool. People should do that just for the WorldStar clout.

        • Jacked black guy with a cinder block on a maybe six foot piece of rope.

          He swings it like a medieval weapon, the way he can get it moving from a stop tells you he’s ridiculously strong. He warns this other guy to calm down a few times but the guy insists on flying off the handle, so he swings this giant brick on a rope around once or twice and then whacks the guy with it.

          Just destroys this other guy in one shot. I mean, seriously destroys him.

          It’s old. Maybe 15-17 years ago. It was on Ebaum’s World or something similar back in the day. Kinda gory, sorta disturbing, 100% hilarious.

        • Wait we wuz gladiators nsheet gave the guy a fair chance at de-escalation first? Ok you had my interest now you have my attention.

  6. … but but but, he was flashing his lights, which universally indicates an emergency so everyone else has to yield. Miner 49er said so.
    Well, at least in his private little world anyway.

    • Well, at least he won’t be doing anymore tire burnouts at the tire shop. Waste of good tires.

      • Not to mention all that heavy, black, burning rubber going up into the atmosphere and contributing to the “Climate Change Crisis” Lol!

  7. I drive very conservatively. I sometimes set the cruise control on the interstate to prevent me from driving too slow. I’m not kidding. A couple of guys I used to work with called me “Driving Miss Daisy”. I give everyone plenty of room. Want to move over? Let me touch my brake. Did I make a mistake? Let me give you a wave and mouth “sorry”. Usually all it takes. I had a couple of guys try to step it up. Once when I was working plain clothes and driving an unmarked SUV. My opening line was, “My, we’re having fun now, aren’t we?” Again once when I was retired. A stop sign was down following Hurricane Michael. I cut him off. He layed on the horn, went around and forced me to stop. I should have done a U turn, but I haven’t been wired that way for a very long time. Instead, I exited my vehicle, room to maneuver, as he exited his. He was cursing as I was apologizing. With my hand on my weapon. Nothing obvious. I think they call people like this Karen and Ken now. Anyway, this guy fit the profile. It was kinda funny. His face changed. I could see he didn’t understand the dynamics of what was actually happening. He began to sputter, got back in his minivan and sped away. I continued to my friend’s house, told him the story over a beer. We laughed and moved on to firearms and custom knives. No sense in wasting too much time on idiots.

  8. Once again proof that veehickles need to be banned. They are the cause of more crime then any other thing world wide.
    How’d you get to the bank you robbed, how’d you get to the Bar shootout. It’s hard to kill people by running them over with a pair of tennis shoes.
    More children are killed in veehickle accidents then any other child catastrophe.
    Look at the dead on the highways, a possum over there, a deer over here, theres a skunk, an owl, a blue whale(oh yum, not a blue whale just a fat girl wearing Levi’s). Come to think of it veehickles ain’t so bad after all.

    • You should take your show on the road (pun intended). Vegas, maybe. You would put those Blue Collar guys out of business. Kidding aside, you’re right.

      • Problem is, most of us who appreciate his humor live in pickemup truck country, where F150s and turkey vultures roam…

  9. They Didn’t Need To, But ATF (Murdered) This Guy Anyway. (note: need to log in to youtube to view this video).

      • Perhaps Maniloski had said things like, “From my cold dead hands”, or “Come and take them”.
        That would have given the ATF what they needed to pull this off the way they did.
        Most of us see this for what it really is, a dire warning to any citizens of America that own a firearmn or believe they have the freedom of speech.

  10. Would you give your info to an app to track your gun? (note: Oh heck no! is my answer)

    • The only app I got was the one from the Google Play Store that blocks Google adds, trust them, it works.

  11. BOMBSHELL (Gasp!): AG Garland (gets a clue, says what the 2A community has been screaming for years, and) Announces GANGS ARE “PRINCIPLE CAUSE OF GUN VIOLENCE”.

  12. Most of us older folks (schooled in 50’s & 60’s) find this behavior shocking because, unless threatened, we wouldn’t engage in it. Here’s what I’ve observed and you have a right to disagree. The government school system is turning out self absorbed, everyone gets a trophy, narcissistic, spoiled little brats, who believe the world revolves around them. Now they’re driving cars and if you perform the simple act of passing them you’ve taken their rightful position at the head of the line so to speak and they take on the Greta Thunberg attitude of…”How Dare You?” Silly…yes, to a normal person, but to a narcissist, it’s enraging and we’ve come to call them “Karens” or “Darens” and you cannot reason with them. So you must record them or you’ll be prosecuted when you’re forced to defend yourself.

    • Theory: more broken homes (families) which leads to more broken people which leads to the degradation of society. Social media helped to speed things up. The [various] mind virus is contagious. Broken people are especially susceptible.

      • But Uncle Joe presides over utopia.

        How can people be unhappy in utopia!? It’s fucking utopia!

        Are you telling me we have wreckers to ferret out?

        • Yer crackin’ me up…and I forgot…yes we have utopia…where all we need to worry about is the butt hurt feelings of socialists and not disturbing the habitat of little furry forest creatures. Let’s all join hands and sing…I think I just threw up.

  13. Calling the authorities in the face of such an event is all well and good. As long as there’s time, and the aggressor doesn’t escalate things to a point where a self-defense shooting incident becomes unavoidable and thus necessary. It always comes down to the old tried and true adage: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

    • Good…you beat me to it. “Call the authorities”…yeah, so they can either toe tag you or toe tag the aggressor!

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