Gun Meme of the Day: Slippery Upward Slope Edition

It's a slippery slope, but at least we're moving in the correct direction.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Concealed Carry Virgins Edition

Probably pretty accurate during one's obligatory "Walmart Walk." The second time, too. Takes a while, eh?  

Gun Meme of the Day: Lung Blower 9mm Edition

I mean, you know, this is how it works in the President's mind. Apparently.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Big Bills Edition

I mean, it ain't getting any cheaper, that's for sure! Thankfully everything else we all buy has set all-time year-over-year price increase records. So...we got that going for us.  

Gun Meme of the Day: 9mm AR-15s Edition

I mean, if you believe the media and the gun grabber politicians then the math definitely checks out on this one.  

Gun Meme of the Day: High Powered Rifle Edition

You know, according to the anti-gun types who know less than nothing about guns or ammo.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Why Won’t You Compromise Edition

Keep sharing little slices of your pie and eventually you won't have any pie. They'll never stop eating it. In the immortal words of Dilated Peoples, "Give 'em an inch they'll take feet. Give...

Gun Meme of the Day: Weekend Vibes Edition

Heading into the weekend all like...  

Gun Meme of the Day: Educated Arguments Edition

The anti-gun side knows less about what they seek to regulate than I do about what's on the other side of a black hole. Presumably, though, that's where I'll find "the shoulder thing that...