Gun Meme of the Day: Wakeup Call Edition

Silly as it may be, these sorts of things have been used against defendants' claims of self-defense in court.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Best Case Scenario Edition

Avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things. The best fight -- yes indeed -- is the one you avoid. Another "meme" that...

Gun Meme of the Day: Thanksgiving Party Game Edition

If you haven't seen these memes before, it's usually a handful of beloved things all related to a single theme (e.g. different foods, movies,...

Gun Meme of the Day: Get Outta Here With That Noise Edition

"Just wish my arm were longer and this map were bigger."    

Gun Meme of the Day: Rhinestone Cowboy Edition

Love me some King of the Hill. Except for the propane stuff. I hope y'all're fixin' to cook over charcoal this Thanksgiving. Don't forget...

Gun Meme of the Day: Klik Belts Meme Dump Edition

Given the advertising nature of these memes I wouldn't have posted any individual one of them here, but over the last week-plus Klik Belts...

Henry Repeating Arms: Die Pumpkins, Die! [VIDEO]

  To paraphrase the former mayor of Chicago, never let a pumpkin go to waste. Since pumpkin pie has long since been determined to be a...

Gun Meme of the Day: Setting a Precedent Edition

So this tweet makes absolutely zero sense in the first place. I don't think "have to" means what Dr. Karin thinks it means.

Gun Meme of the Day: Gunslinger Binger Edition

No caption necessary. Nice.  

Gun Meme of the Day: How The 2A Works Edition

More of this, less of yesterday's "I support the Second Amendment, but..."  

Gun Meme of the Day: That’s a Big But Edition

My reaction is usually along the lines of, "oh boy, here it comes."  

Gun Meme of the Day: I Resemble That Remark Edition

Nothing to see here, folks.