Gun Meme of the Day: Touché Edition

Ahha! Ball's in your court now, loser. Also, do books on Kindle count? Asking for a friend.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Carry vs Range Ammo Edition

Ugh, we've all been there!  

Gun Meme of the Day: Fine Edition

Just fine.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Kitty Flap Edition

I originally used "the P-word" instead of "kitty" and I was just laughing out loud all alone in my town's community center while my kids are taking a cooking class and all the retirees...

Gun Meme of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Gun Meme of the Day: Gotta Have It Edition

Ooooh, ahhhh, I absolutely need that!  

Gun Meme of the Day: Just Rewards Edition

Don't be the poor blonde girl.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Equal Treatment Edition

There are a lot of versions of this meme (different "comebacks" to the protestor's sign) and this is my least favorite of them all. But it's the one I have available LOL. I'll do...

Consumer Virtual Reality is Almost Ready For Serious Firearm Training…Almost

I know some readers, especially the more "old school" ones, will laugh at the idea of firearms training with VR headsets. I get it, because on the surface it sounds silly. In the days...

Gun Meme of the Day: That’s How it Works Edition

Standard operating procedure.