9mm ammunition ammo

No, 9mm Is Not A ‘One Size Fits All’ Defensive Caliber

There's a tendency among gun owners to follow whatever law enforcement does when it comes to selecting a firearm for defense. When the police carried revolvers, many civilians had a revolver (yes, that's mostly...
the best concealed carry holster for beginners

Choosing The Best Concealed Carry Holsters: A Beginner’s Guide

So, you want to start carrying a gun, and are wondering what to look for in a good concealed carry holster. That's a good thing to think about, to be sure. Not enough concealed...
Silencer or suppressor

Guns for Beginners: Is it a ‘Silencer’ or a ‘Suppressor?’

  A favorite topic among YouTube trolls and pedants everywhere is whether that can on the end of one's barrel -- you know, the one that quiets the report of the gunshot -- is called...

A Guide to .22LR Barrel Care for the Precision Rimfire Shooter

By Gregory J. Roman As anyone involved in the shooting sports knows, precision rimfire is growing rapidly. The internet is full of tons of advice, good and bad, on how to perform better as a...
Wet Suppressor Silencer Ablative Sound Reduction

Silencers For Beginners: Shooting a Suppressor ‘Wet’

Suppressor technology has come a long way, and it's the rare exception, indeed, that isn't hearing safe when shot dry. Even so, you may still want to shoot your suppressor wet. But what does...

Handgun Service Life: What Does It Really Mean?

Handgun service life is something that's often misunderstood. A handgun is, like any tool, just a man-made object that has moving parts. While not as simple as an inclined plane, handguns are relatively easy...
Calibers for beginners .22LR New Shooters

Calibers for Beginners: .22LR

The Calibers for Beginners series is been dedicated to delivering fast facts about some of today’s most common, controversial, and useful cartridges in a way that's easy for new shooters to grasp. Arguably the...

Whats the Difference Between First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane Scopes?

By Pete Nealen There are a lot of optics on the market now, more than ever before — and mostly better than before. From red dots to prism scopes and low power variables to high-power long-range...
A Beginner's Guide to Muzzle Brakes

A Beginner’s Guide to Muzzle Brakes

A question I am often asked is if a person should get a muzzle brake for their rifle. There is some ground to cover in answering that question, so let's start with some definitions. The...

Scopes For Beginners: Parallax Adjustment

Many shooters will never nail a sub-MOA group due not to a lack of skill or a questionable rifle, but to misunderstanding a scope's parallax adjustment and what it's for. Hint: it ain't "side...
Indoor shooting range training

Safety Tip: How to Survive a Public Shooting Range Session

  By Nick Savery When I first started shooting I began at a public indoor range. I wasn't a member of a club and I didn't have any guns of my own to shoot. I practiced...
10mm auto ammunition

Calibers for Beginners: 10mm Auto

The 10mm Auto is a cartridge with an unusual history. It's one of the few that has gained a reputation as both too powerful and not powerful enough for regular use by a variety...