Your Range Bag: 15 Essential Items to Carry

When at last you find the time to hit the range again, make sure you have everything you need to make the most of it. There’s nothing worse that getting there and realizing you’re missing something important (besides your gun and ammo). For you beginners out there who are assembling their range bags for the […]

72% of Americans Expect Political Violence: Take Steps to Protect Yourself From Riots and Violent Protests Now

Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America. U.S. history is characterized by peaceful changes of power no matter the election results. However, in the age of President Donald Trump, things have changed. A new poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent shows some shocking results: almost three-quarters of Americans worry about political violence on election […]

Self Defense Tip: Carry a Spare Magazine

A lot of gun owners worry about their gun going “click” instead of “bang” when they really need it. With basic maintenance and using good self-defense (i.e. jacketed hollow-point) ammunition, the vast majority of modern handguns are incredibly reliable. As long as you test fire your gun and ammo combination on a relatively regular basis, […]

How to Use a Flashlight for Armed Self-Defense

At a recent class, a student asked me about using a flashlight for self-defense while carrying concealed. My first response: are you carrying a good handheld light? My second: do you understand its importance? Let There Be Light! Consider the general utility of a good handheld light for a moment; how you can use it to find […]

You Can Do It: How to Clean Your AR-15 Rifle

Cleaning your AR-15 rifle is an oddly personal thing. Everyone seems to have their preferred way of doing it. Although there are definitely wrong ways to clean an AR, there isn’t necessarily one right way.   In the end, if your AR ends up clean and undamaged, you’ve succeeded. Here I’m going to cover how […]