Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Vetoes Constitutional Carry Bill

No one expected Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to sign the constitutional carry bill that's been sitting on his desk. But people who watch...
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Abbott Signs: Texas Becomes the 21st and Biggest Constitutional Carry State

Everyone was wondering what was taking Texas Governor Greg Abbott so long. The legislature passed a constitutional carry bill he said he'd sign a...
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Legislature Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

The Louisiana legislature has sent a bill to Governor John Bel Edwards that would add the Sportsman's Paradise to the ever-growing list of constitutional...
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GOA: Texas Constitutional Carry Will End 150 Years of Gun Control Tyranny

From Gun Owners of America . . . Gun Owners of America (GOA) released the following statement after the Texas Senate followed the lead of...
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BREAKING: Texas Legislature Passes Constitutional Carry, Bill Now Goes to Gov. Greg Abbott

It wan't a smooth process and -- no matter what he says publicly -- Lt. Governor Dan Patrick had to be brought along kicking...
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BREAKING: Texas Legislature Conference Committee Reaches Agreement on Constitutional Carry Bill

When the Texas Senate attached a variety of non-germane amendments to the constitutional carry bill it passed earlier this month, prospects for final passage...

Alabama Sheriff’s Dept. Captain Fired for Supporting Constitutional Carry

Can you be fired for expressing political views that don't align with those of your boss? Increasingly, it seems, you can but more of...
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Does a Graduated Step Toward Constitutional Carry Make Sense for Some States?

We the People of the Gun have debated constitutional carry vs. shall-issue for quite some time. The shall-issue debate breaks along the dividing line...
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Constitutional Carry in Texas Shouldn’t Be Necessary…But We Live in the Real World

By Anner Constitutional carry is very much in the news. Four states have adopted it so far in 2021 and Texas and Louisiana are currently...

Even in a Constitutional Carry State, a Concealed Carry Permit is Still a Very...

Last night's passage of a constitutional carry bill by the Texas Senate has Texans all aflutter. There's still much to be done before it...

Williamson: Texas Constitutional Carry is a Solution in Search of a Problem

Unlike some of my legal-minded friends and colleagues, I think the doctrine of “incorporation” — applying federal constitutional restrictions to the states — is...
texas capitol building republic

Texas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill, But There’s More Work to be Done

The Texas Senate has passed HB 1927 a permitless carry bill that was passed overwhelmingly by the House and Governor Greg Abbott has promised...