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When Will Republicans Stop Killing Constitutional Carry in Florida?

By Matt Collins When government requires a permit to exercise a right, it is no longer a right, but a privilege. That’s why Florida Gun Rights...
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It’s Always Been Antithetical to the Spirit of the Constitution to Require a License...

By Hannah Cox As of September 1, you no longer have to pay the government to carry a gun in Texas. Most people think of Texas...
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GOA: Compromise Is Hurting Gun Rights in Florida

By Tim Macy This week, a Florida gun group launched an attack on our state director Luis Valdes and, by extension, on Gun Owners of...
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Florida Kerfuffle: GOA’s Luis Valdes Attacked For Calling Out an Allegedly Pro-Gun Politician

TTAG contributor Luis Valdes, in his role as Florida Director for Gun Owners of America, called out a so-called pro-gun Republican for blocking five...

Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced Again in Florida…Is the Third Time the Charm?

Gun Owners of America and Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini held a press conference on August 23rd at the Florida state capitol to bring...
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21 States: Happy Texas Constitutional Carry Day!

From Gun Owners of America . . . Today, Texas takes a giant step forward to legalize the carry of handguns by honest citizens and to repeal...
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Wackos Dial Up the Fear, Disinformation As Constitutional Carry Becomes Law in Texas Wednesday

“When it comes down to it, it’s just a sense of disappointment that the bill ultimately was passed,” Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the...
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GOA, Rep. Anthony Sabatini Rally at Florida Capitol to Pass Constitutional Carry

Yesterday a few dozen people gathered on the steps of the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee in support of gun rights and constitutional carry in...
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With Texas On Board, the Media Decide That Constitutional Carry is Now a Real...

Now that Texas is set to become the 21st constitutional carry state next month, the media are generating more concerned think pieces on the...
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3 Reasons You Should Still Have a Carry Permit in a Constitutional Carry State

Governor Greg Abbott recently signed HB 1927, also known as Texas constitutional carry, into law during a ceremony on the grounds of the Alamo,...
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Always Be Thinking: Put That Gun Away, ASAP!

Any firearms instructor worth his or her salt will try to teach their charges to break tunnel vision during a criminal attack. Heaven knows...
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BREAKING: Louisiana Legislature Fails to Override Veto of Constitutional Carry Bill

This was always a possibility. The constitutional carry bill that Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards vetoed last month had passed both the House and...