The 3 Best Arguments for Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry has come a long way. We’re now up to 14 states in which the only permit you need to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Progress is currently being made in Kentucky (where a constitutional carry bill has passed the Senate) and Oklahoma (where a constitutional carry bill has passed […]

Conclusive Proof: Even Journalists Are Intelligent Enough to Carry Firearms

The Kentucky Senate passed a constitutional carry bill last week. Constitutional carry, if you’re unaware, means that Americans don’t need a government permission slip to own, keep and bear arms. It applies the Second Amendment as it was written and intended, acknowledging every American’s innate right to armed self-defense. That Senate vote, however, was a […]

Kentucky Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill, Moms Demand Action OUTRAGED!

The Kentucky Senate made the local chapter of Moms Demand Action very unhappy yesterday. As reports, “This is how our state decided to mark that anniversary of the deadliest high school shooting in our nation’s history — pass more gun legislation, making it easier for people to carry weapons in our state,” said Connie Coartney, […]

What Oklahoma and South Dakota can Teach Florida’s Gov. DeSantis About Constitutional Carry

In November, Florida narrowly elected Ron DeSantis as governor of the former Gunshine State. Along with governor-elect DeSantis taking office, the House and Senate will also have Republican majorities. In just about any other state, that would mean good news for gun owners. But as Florida’s past legislative history has shown, that isn’t the case. The […]

Mainstreaming Mob Violence: Yet Another Reason To Carry A Gun

The more President Donald Trump wins, the crazier the rhetoric from the left. Maxine Waters, the face of today’s Democrat party, claims God is on the left’s side in encouraging mob action against Trump administration members. Others post missives not-so-subtly encouraging political violence, including bombings against Trump supporters. Only a fool would ignore such warnings. […]

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Vetoes Constitutional Carry Bill

As Dean Weingarten had reported, the Oklahoma legislature had overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 1212 by veto-proof majorities. If it became law, SB1212 would have made Oklahoma the 14th constitutional carry state in the nation. However, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill late this afternoon. And since the legislature has adjourned for the year, they won’t […]