Gear Review: Pnuma IconX Heated Core Vest and Pants

I'm a total sissy for the cold. According to all the genetic tests, I'm about 4,000% Scandinavian, but whatever noble traits my hearty ancestors developed to live in the cold skipped right over me. Hating...

Gear Review: Gatorz Marauder Glasses

Gatorz's newest frame style is called the Marauder, and they look a bit like a full coverage Wayfarer style. Combining my go-to look with a wrap style frame that offers extreme peripheral vision, I...
Riton 3 Tactix 1-8x24 LPVO

Gear Review: Riton 3 Tactix 1-8×24 LPVO

The low-powered variable optics market is hot and tight. Much like the red dot market, over time, they've become the new norm and with mass production, we are seeing an impressive mid-tier of optics...

Things That Don’t Suck: New Crossbreed Modular Belly Band 2.0 and Purse Board

A few weeks ago, Crossbreed Holsters released a new version of their modular bellyband holster, so I decided to give it a try. I also decided to give another part of their modular system,...
Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15x44 Riflescope

Optic Review: Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15×44 Riflescope

It looks like Riton Optics is making the best budget optic in the business. That's certainly been my experience after a couple months and a few thousand rounds through the Riton Optics 3 Conquer 3-15x44. The...
Blackhawk T-Series L2C Overt Holster

Things That Don’t Suck: Blackhawk T-Series L2C Overt Holster Kit

As I mentioned in another article, I've been struggling a bit to find accessories for my M&P 10mm. It turns out that, at least for most things, the key is to buy things that...

Things That Don’t Suck: GuardTech Plus Universal Cleaning Kit

I have a goodly amount of gun cleaning gear. I have stuff I've bought on my own, vintage tools and potions I inherited from my gun-loving uncle and other dribs and drabs I've picked...
Swampfox Saber 5X Prism Optic

Gear Review: Swampfox Saber 5X Prism Optic

During my time in the Marine Corps, our optics of choice were Trijicon ACOGs. These were 4X fixed power prismatic optics. At that point, I thought this was the best option for infantrymen. With...
Shield RMSc Micro Red Dot Sight

Gear Review: The Shield RMSc Micro Red Dot Sight

The micro-compact pistol market has gained lots and lots of steam in recent years. Small guns with higher capacity go a long way, and part of that micro-compact appeal is the modern capabilities they...
The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols

Gear Review: The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols

What is the Flux Raider? That's a good question. It's not a firearm and not exactly a pistol chassis like the Roni. It's something between a grip module and a pistol chassis designed for...
Tyrant Designs GLOCK two piece 2-piece sight

Things That Don’t Suck: Tyrant Designs Two-Piece Iron Sights for GLOCK Pistols

You won't find a lot of fans of the standard iron sights on GLOCK pistols. There's nothing wrong with the...they're perfectly functional. But they also seem to be one of the first things that...
Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader

Things That Don’t Suck: Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader Shotgun Shell Carrier

Have you ever had an idea you thought was utter genius, something no one has come up with before...only to find out later that, yes, it's already been done? That's how I feel about...