Gear Review: Air Armor Tech Inflatable Long Gun Case

In 2017, Air Armor Tech released its innovative line of inflatable rifle cases. These offer the same level of protection as a hard case, but in a lightweight package that rolls up into a sleeping-bag-sized package. I’ve had this T&E sample for 18 months, which is longer than we usually take to test products, but […]

Gear Review: USA 1SHOT Pistol Brace

By Anner So there I was, minding my own business, searching for a 10mm pistol caliber carbine (PCC) for less than Kriss Vector street price.  I’d had my fill of sourcing parts for an AR pistol build, only to find that reliably feeding 10mm into an AR-15 platform is a giant Dremel-abusing PITA.  Upon Stumbling […]

Gear Review: Bore Boss Bore Cleaner

While I was at Academy Sports grabbing some ammo, I noticed the Real Avid Bore Boss hanging on the shelf. Bore cleaning ropes like Hoppe’s more famous BoreSnake are simple, quick and effective ways of cleaning your barrel. What really makes The Real Avid Bore Boss stand out is its packaging. The cleaning rope wraps […]