Minneapolis Police Tell Citizens to Give Up Their Property, Give In to Criminals

This is a natural result of hamstringing and defunding police departments. We’ve seen a similar situation in Seattle when the chief of police notified businesses that, given new prohibitions on the use of less lethal tools, Seattle cops are virtually helpless in stopping property crimes. Business owners are therefore on their own. Cities like Minneapolis, […]

Trace: Number of Officers Shot, Wounded and Killed Has Fallen As Violent Crime Has Been Reduced

Take this for what it’s worth. The original study cited here by Michael Boomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generation operation relies on the clearly biased and frequently inaccurate Gun Violence Archive. In a study published in Criminology & Public Policy on July 20, Nix and Sierra-Arévalo analyzed fatal and non-fatal shootings of police officers between 2014 and 2019. The […]

LAPD Officer Who Shot and Killed a Suspect is Under Scrutiny Because She’s Also a Competitive Shooter

[The bodycam video of the shooting starts at 5:23. Bystander videos start at 9:16.] [Officer Toni] McBride’s decision-making will be broken down and analyzed, shot by shot. The LAPD’s use-of-force policy says the officer’s judgment will be assessed “from the perspective of a reasonable Los Angeles police officer with similar training and experience, in the […]

South Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper Endorses Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff…No, Really

The South Florida Sun Sentinal newspaper has done a lot of very good reporting over the years detailing the travesty — the cascading series of failures at all levels — that was the Parkland shooting. Regarding the performance of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, they wrote about school resource officer and “Broward coward” Scot Peterson, […]

New York City Black Leaders Call on Mayor to Put More Cops Back on the Streets

As we’ve noted time and again since the entire ‘defund the police’ movement gained traction and began to be implemented around the country (Minneapolis, Seattle, Oakland, San Diego, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, even Norman, Oklahoma), the biggest casualties of limiting, restricting or outright eliminating law enforcement in the cities that go that way will […]

Michigan Man Shot and Killed by Deputy After COVID Mask Dispute Stabbing [VIDEO]

VIDEO IS SENSITIVE IN NATURE: Eaton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Involved Shooting. The Michigan State Police 1st District Investigation Response Team is investigating the deputy involved shooting that occurred on Jerryson Drive in Delta Twp, Eaton County on July 14. pic.twitter.com/733H2iOhCa — MSP First District (@MSPFirstDist) July 14, 2020 From the AP: A Michigan sheriff’s […]

Shannon Watts Announces Moms Demand Action is Also Anti-Cop

There was already a strong connection between the movement against police violence and the movement against gun violence; some “Mothers of the Movement” like Rep. Lucy McBath have devoted their efforts to the broader gun violence prevention movement. How has the recent movement for racial justice affected the movement against gun violence? Police violence is gun violence […]