NC home owner shoots burglar sex offender
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Don’t mess with an old guy. That’s good advice and a message that an Ann Arbor, Michigan criminal got loud and clear last week when he made the mistake of crawling into a 77-year-old man’s house through a kitchen window. “I don’t look for trouble,” the homeowner said. “It found me.”

When he heard the criminal, the man went to investigate.

Face to face with his intruder, he yelled and then pulled out his pistol.

“I got off one shot at him. I hope I scared him, but I missed him.”

He may have missed, but the sound of the gun firing was enough to change the home invader’s mind and sending him diving back out through he used to enter the house. The elderly gentleman is unharmed and told a reporter why he opened fire.

“Cause he was younger than me. No doubt stronger than me. I am 77 years old and it was in my house and I defended myself and I’d do it again,” he said.

‘Nuff said.

Remember, folks, that all the smartest people assure us that no one needs a gun. They’re only likely to be used against you. Instead, you should dial 911 and wait for police to get there and handle the situation.

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    • That was Broward county, where Fort Lauderdale is located.

      That’s just north of Miami.

      That case wouldn’t have gotten that far where I live, Polk county. The DA wouldn’t have even bothered with a charge.

      It’s going to take some time ‘educating’ folks like that the new reality of the post ‘Bruen’ 2A landscape.

      Fortunately, we have some folks investing the time doing the educating, like this fellow :

      (In this video, YouTuber lawyer ‘Attorney Tom’ comments on YouTuber ‘Armed Fisherman’ suing the cop who hassled him while he was fishing)

      Watch the cop’s face as he is being ‘Pro Se’ deposed :

  1. .40 cal posted about this incident on another thread, a couple of days ago.
    He’s on top of this sh**.

  2. A modest proposal.

    Every person over the age of 18, should be required to attend, and graduate from a government-approved de-escalation training course (including regular re-training).

    Those trained can directly intervene in any confrontation that would otherwise result in a physical response to violent crime, or attempted violent crime.

    Such a program would greatly reduce the pressure on police to respond to potential crime, leaving them free to address actual crime. An added benefit would be reduction in the need for the populace to arm themselves with a weapon; providing an alternative that would better address root causes of so-called “crime”.

    Dealing directly with persons who chose crime as a social response to inequity would have the opportunity to reassess their life choices, and abandon unhelpful behaviors.

    With a majority of the people able to defuse potentially violent, or criminal activity, the benefit would be a more understanding and supportive society focused not on punishment of crime, but long term prevention.

    • Look up the “Violence Interrupters” program in Minneapolis. It is nothing but a money grab and sinkhole by the left masquerading as something useful as most of such programs are.

      The “non-profit” running the program feeds salary to the group and founders and they profit. The programs never work. Cities come up with a new fad to deter violent crime. Another “non-profit” steps in. Lather, Rinse, Repeat…

      • “Look up the “Violence Interrupters” program in Minneapolis.”


        The program doesn’t work, because it is based on only a handful of people. My proposal applies to every person in the nation. And the only expense is born by the US govt, for training, tracking, reporting. The “program” is everyone, not some money-corrupted organization lacking universal application.

    • Is it April 1? Am I in a time warp? All my calendars says it is May 30. Has May 30 become the new Fool’s Day and I missed the memo? Has Sam been taking LSD again? Those two posts are so based in unicorn fairy dust that I can only surmise that Sam is delusional or that post was written tongue-in-cheek.

      • “I can only surmise that Sam is delusional”

        You can’t go broke betting on that.

      • “…or that post was written tongue-in-cheek.”

        Sam’s tongue is riveted, bolted, epoxied and super-glued firmly in his cheek.

        But it’s loads of fun to watch people *explode* with indignation to his comments… 🙂

    • HA HA HA HA, LOL, LOL ROLFLMAO. This isn’t a bad idea though. Lots of stupid people will sign up for it and them go out and get themselves killed thus reducing the number of stupid people in the world.

      • “This isn’t a bad idea though. Lots of stupid people will sign up for it”

        We aim to please, so you aim, too, please.

    • Sam, it would be better used if many individuals learned self-de-escalation techniques.

      Not everything is worth getting angry over and nor is it a direct assault on your personal pride and honor that requires such a response.

      • “Sam, it would be better used if many individuals learned self-de-escalation techniques.”

        Maybe, but where’s the fun in that?

  3. Did the home owner have a permit? Was the home owner a member of a Gun Rights org? Was the home owner white and the perp black or was the home owner black and the perp white? Unfortunately such pathetic obstacles to The Second Amendment seem to be fine and dandy with some people.

    • he was having broiled permit for lunch, he’s a faithful follower of brother john birch and they are both mulatto.

  4. Articles like this prey on the paranoia of the warped far right. Reality is very different as study after study over the decades has proven that you are are TWICE AS LIKELY TO BE KILLED when a handgun is present in the home and most of the people killed (83%) are women.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, YOU can get statistics to say anything you want if you skew then right. I suggest you learn something about firearms before opening your mouth.

    • dacian apparently has “right” and “left” confused. His version of “reality” is la la land.
      “you should dial 911 and wait for police to get there and handle the situation.”
      Should read, you should call the undertaker to pick up your body!
      I am 80 and I certainly can’t fight or run, thus leaving few if any other choices.
      Oh! I forget the left/anti crowd expect me to sacrifice my life for their feelings.

      • The PD in my town prides themselves on their 16 minute average response time which I understand is better than the national average. That isn’t when Officer Friendly knocks on your front door and inquires if everything is hunky dory, that is when Officer Friendly reports on his radio that he is on scene and awaiting backup to arrive.

    • How can you tell when dacian is lying? His fingers are on a key pad.

      He tells these long winded whoppers about all the guns he owns and has experience with and then he tells everybody that guns are too dangerous to be owned.

      Mental illness is all he has.

    • “Reality is very different…”

      Yes, but it’s refreshing. You should try it some time.

    • If the presence of a handgun doubles your chance of being killed, then you, your antifa troop, and criminal associates need to find a safer method of collecting donations and redistributing wealth to those less fortunate.

      Or we can leave lots of handguns in your residence to exponentially increase the chance of you being killed.

  5. @Man with no name
    “And the only expense is born by the US govt …

    As it should be, eh?

    The legislation could prohibit govt from funneling money to “private” organizations. Haven’t worked all the details, but first the outline must be implemented. We don’t want alt-right, KKK, MAGA, and deplorables to get their hands on any of that money.

    We do want every person 18 and older in the country to be trained in de-escalation and social therapy, so they can willingly s—tcan the notion that shooting attackers is some sort of constitutional right.

    We’ve done guns for over 200yrs, and violent crime continues to grow. As President Kennedy once noted (regarding the “Cold War”), “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war.” Talk, talk, is better than shoot, shoot. To quote Spock, “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.”

    And think of all the people who would make bad choices without being trained and certified in negotiation. Learning de-escalation skills benefits not only the potential, or actual, attacker, but the would have been victim. Imagine.

  6. glea he;s safe; the selective publishing of every maniac loose with a gun is dishonest at best; they never remind people of the 350,000,000 other citizens that die not shoot someone over the weekend; nor do they mention often enough these very necessary legal uses of firearms !

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