Security Strategies For Your Church Safety Team

As I wrote almost a year ago, every church should have one or more good guys with guns protecting the flock. Every synagogue, temple and mosque. Anyplace people gather to worship should have a ballistic response ready for the worst case scenario. Does yours have one? It should to improve church safety. The first step […]

“We Are the Church That Shoots Back,” Says Pastor Tom ‘Flathead’ Iddings After Vandalization

The Broken Chains Biker Church in Taunton, Massachusetts, is not your typical house of worship. Fueled by its mission to “Reveal Christ to all people in a non-traditional way” and “Gather together in rockin’ worship,” the church is oriented around people who come from a variety of colorful backgrounds – especially bikers.  “We started this […]

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Used ‘AR-15 Style Rifle’, Handguns to Target Congregants

The man who opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue this morning reportedly used an AR-style rifle and multiple handguns to murder at least eight and wound six more including three police officers. LIVE: NBC News Special Report: Authorities give latest update on Pittsburgh synagogue attack. — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 27, 2018 According […]

6 Great Surplus Guns For Home Defense

Surplus guns offer a whole lot of value for money, as you can get a lot of bang for just a few bucks. Granted, there are some real turkeys to avoid out there, but there are also some incredible bargains…great guns that’ll run all day that can be picked up for a relative pittance. You […]

Pink Pistols Joins Operation Blazing Sword

Big news from the LGBTQ community: Pink Pistols has united with Operation Blazing Sword. The two pro-gun, gay gun owner-oriented groups have joined forces to promote, educate and empower gays in America under the leadership of Erin Palette (pictured above). After all, armed gays don’t get bashed. Pink Pistols started almost twenty years ago.  Its […]