Reno Police Rule CCW Shooting of Would-Be Rapist ‘Justified’

Reno police ruled that a late-night April shooting was justified after learning that the so-called “victim” (the dead guy) tried to sexually assault two women before being shot. Initially, cops had arrested the shooter, claiming that she had been drinking. Further investigation determined her actions justified. Josue Oconitrillo, 29, displayed poor victim selection instincts when […]

Philly Inquirer Columnist Surprised to Discover Reponsible Gun Ownership is for Everyone

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…guns are for everyone. Everyone who wants one and can own one legally. Race, color, religion, sexual orientation…the Second Amendment has no restrictions, qualifiers or competency tests.   View this post on Instagram   Link in bio for the story 🖤 – I want to thank @jenicearmstrongdailynews […]

Texas Legislature Wants to Clarify Law Allowing Guns in Churches, Synagogues

After attacks on churches in Charleston and Sutherland Springs, synagogues in Pennsylvania and Poway and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, more houses of worship are taking their security much more seriously. In fact the shooting at the Poway, California synagogue was cut short because, after the shooter’s gun jammed, a congregant charged the shooter while […]

Joe ‘Buy A Shotgun’ Biden Opens 26-Point Lead Among Dems

Six weeks ago, we covered Creepy Joe Biden’s intention to join the race for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020. Sure enough, the king of gaffes, plagiarism and inappropriate touching has entered the race and The Hill reports he has surged to a big lead among Democrat voters. Days after announcing his presidential candidacy, […]