Are Democrats Serious About Prosecuting Gun Crimes?

We all know the Democrats want to impose more gun control upon law-abiding Americans. They no longer hide that fact at all. But not everyone knows the same Democrat party seems less inclined to imprison criminals for illegally possessing guns. And when bad people with guns commit violent crimes and don’t go to jail, they […]

After Nationwide Power Cuts and Looting, Venezuelans Regret Giving Up Their Guns Even More

Before Hugo Chavez took a dirt nap, he enacted the Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law.  It banned everyday Venezuelans from owning guns or ammunition, and confiscated those that were privately owned. More recently, as the inevitable effects of Bolivarian socialism have wrecked their once-prosperous country, Venezuelans have wished they had those firearms back […]

[VIDEO] Remember, Guns Are Not the Answer

We’re constantly told by all the smartest people (see here, here, here and here, for instance) that guns are not the answer. But that probably depends on the question. (Video possibly NSFW) If the question is how an individual can defend herself or her family against an attacker who would do her or them grievous […]